Neuroscientist Anil Seth shares all about conscious reality in this video, shedding light on ways to perceive consciousness through our embodied selves.

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What Is Conscious Reality?

Anil Seth starts his speech by analyzing conscious reality.

Many believe consciousness and intelligence might be related, but they’re actually very different things.

Conscious reality happens when we intentionally experience the world around us and the one held within.

Consciousness is a kind of controlled hallucination that happens with, through, and because of our living bodies.

What Are The Properties Of Consciousness According To Anil Seth?

  1. The experience of the world around us
  2. The conscious self

The experience of the world around us:

This type of consciousness is all about how we perceive the outside world through smells, feelings, perceptions…

The perception of the outside world is a kind of hallucination. If hallucination is an uncontrolled perception, then the perception of the present moment is nothing but a hallucination.

If we realize this, we can understand that we are actually hallucinating all the time.
But if we agree about our hallucinations, we call it reality.

The conscious self:

This consciousness is the individual’s experience of being.

The experience of being oneself is also a hallucination controlled by the brain.

As individuals, we experience many different ways of being:

  • Bodily self
  • Perspectival self
  • Volitional self
  • Narrative self
  • Social self

How Does The Brain Generate The Experience Of Being A Body And Having A Body?

Even the experience of what our body is, is a controlled hallucination of the brain.

This is because we experience the body not only from the outside, but also from within.

We experience the sense of being a body from the inside, and without even realizing it the brain is constantly telling the body what is happening through a perception called interception.

Although we have diverse perspectives on our internal and external bodies, the majority of our experiences as embodied beings are firmly rooted in the biological processes that keep us alive.

When we fully develop this concept, we may begin to realize that all of our conscious experiences are governed by the same mechanisms—predictive perception—that are fundamentally motivated by the need to survive.

We experience the world and ourselves with, through and because of our living bodies.

Anil Seth Ends His Speech Sharing Few Implications:

  • We misconceive the world and ourselves (Understanding this might help in psychiatry)
  • Being human is way different than being robots as they don’t experience consciousness (Robots can never replace flesh and bones)
  • Each person’s inner universe is unique but all grounded by biological mechanisms shared with other living beings

A greater comprehension leads to a larger sense of delight and a deeper understanding of our interconnectedness with nature.

Do you aim to reconnect with your conscious reality and with the immense power of nature?

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