How old do I need to be to purchase SoulCybin products?

You must be 21 years of age or older to receive benefits from SoulCybin. You are required to provide government issued photo identification to verify your age.

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, go to the account/login page. On the login form, click the link that says “Lost your password?” OR, click here to reset your password.

How can I refer a friend?

Anyone over the age of 21 is welcome, but if you send your friend a coupon, they get 20% off their first purchase – plus you get $10 in points!

Where shall I send my emails to get support?

Please send all support emails to (never to any other email address related to your payment or zelle or crypto transfer).


I can’t find the offering I am looking for on the website.

If you are looking for an offering that you cannot see listed, please contact us.

Have a recommendation? We’re always working on new offerings. We love to hear what you think.

Which offering or dosage do you recommend for depression/anxiety/creativity (...) ?

We always recommend new members to start out with several Sample Packs of different blends and dosages, to discover what works best for you. Our Microdosing Guide goes into much more depth about all the supplements we offer, plus how to find the right dose. Please click here to download it.

Requesting Benefits

When will my donation be processed?

We work hard to ensure that donation benefits are typically shipped within 24-48 hours from the time that your payment is received, Monday through Friday.

Shipping time is generally 3-5 business days after that.

Does SoulCybin accept returns?

Yes – you can learn more about our return policy here.

Does SoulCybin offer discounts?

SoulCybin offers points for each purchase with completed donation, equivalent to 3% back.

To earn: Each dollar spent earns you 3 points.

To redeem: Every 100 points redeemed discounts $1 off your order total (not including tax and shipping).

We also have a friend referral program, please click here to find out more!

I keep receiving a "session expired" / timed out error.

This is most likely happening because you’re not logged in. Please make sure you’re logged into your account and then try again. If this issue continues to arise, please delete your browser’s cookies and cache, or try with a different browser altogether.


What methods of donation does SoulCybin accept?

You can donate via Zelle or Cryptocurrency (preferred)!

For Cryptocurrency instructions, please read our how to donate with cryptocurrency guide.

We break it down and make it simple, even if it’s your first time.

For Zelle donations, please follow the instructions here:

If your bank doesn’t connect with Zelle, we recommend easily creating an online bank that does.

The following banks don’t require a monthly fee:


Capital One


Zelle isn't working.

Please take several screenshots of the exact error you’re receiving, and send it to us via

My bank doesn't connect with Zelle.

If your bank doesn’t connect with Zelle, we recommend easily creating an online bank that does.

The following banks don’t require a monthly fee:


Capital One


After donating via Zelle, it says you have to "accept" the transaction/payment first.

Unfortunately this means you’ve entered the wrong information. Could you double check please?

Name: Awesome Core
Last Name: Service LLC


Where does SoulCybin ship to?

SoulCybin ships only within the United States of America.

What is the cost of shipping?

Regular shipping is $11.

How long will it take for my benefits to arrive?

We work hard to ensure that donation benefits are typically shipped within 24-48 hours from the time that your payment is received, Monday through Friday.

Shipping time is generally 3-5 business days after that.

Can I track my benefits?

Yes. All packages are shipped with a tracking number. You can find your tracking number in the donation details on your account page.

What happens if my package is delayed or lost?
Wait at least 10 business days – our experience has been that delayed/lost packages in the UPS get delivered a few days later – if the package is still lost or delayed after that, we’ll replace it at no cost just reach out to us after having waited.  If it is an emergency or rush order please contact us.  Please don’t contact UPS directly – they’ll just tell you to talk to us – we have 100% shipping guarantee

Even if they are feeling rushed to receive it, wait at least 1 week after shipping, if still, we will resend.


How does the SoulCybin points program work?

SoulCybin offers points for each purchase with completed donation, equivalent to 3% back.

To earn: Each dollar donated earns you 3 points.

To redeem: Every 100 points redeemed discounts $1 off your next donation total (not including shipping).

How can I earn points?

Method #1 – Purchase products. Each dollar you spend earns you 3 points.

Method #2 – Review a product (you must have purchased a product to review it). You earn 500 points for each product review ($5 discount).

Method #3 – Refer a friend. Every friend you refer who successfully purchases a product earns you 1000 points ($10 discount).

Method #4 – Write a testimonial. We welcome each user to write a testimonial to – once reviewed you will receive 1000 points ($10 discount) for your testimonial. A testimonial reward is only available once every 6 months and is only available to verified purchasers of SoulCybin products.

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1. This Association of members declares that our objective is to allow the Private Membership Association founders and all Private Membership Association members with a platform in which to conduct all manner of private business with the Association and with other Associations and Association members, keeping all business in the private domain and utilizing the protections guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the Constitution to conduct business in private and to provide a platform for members to conduct business in the private domain under all protections acknowledged and guaranteed by the Constitution of The United States of America, Law Of Nations, Gods Law, and any previous protections guaranteed.

2. We believe that the Holy Scriptures, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the Constitution of the United States of America, the various constitutions of the several states of the union, Law of Nations, God Law, Equity, and the Charter of Rights of Canada, guided by Natural Law of the Creator, guarantees our members the rights of absolute freedom of religion, free speech, petition, assembly, and the right to gather together for the lawful purpose of helping one another in asserting our rights protected by those Constitutions, Charter and Statutes, & Natural Law Principles, in addition to the rights to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, the right to not incriminate ourselves, and the right to freely exercise all other unalienable rights as granted by our creator, our almighty Creator and guaranteed by those Constitutions, Charter, and Statutes.

WE HEREBY Declare that we are exercising our right of “freedom of association” as guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), The United States Of America Original Constitution and equivalent provisions of the various State Constitutions, as well as the Charter of Rights of Canada. This means that our Association activities are restricted to the private domain only and outside of the jurisdiction of government entities, agencies, officers, agents, contractors, and other representatives as provided by law.

3. We declare the basic right of all of our members to decide for themselves which Association members could be expected to give wise counsel and advice concerning all matters including, but not limited to education, physical, spiritual, and mental health care assistance, law, and any other matter and to accept from those members any and all counsel, advice, tips, whom we feel are able to properly advise and assist us.

4. We expect the freedom to choose and perform for ourselves the types of therapies and treatments that we think best for diagnosing, treating, and preventing illness and disease and for achieving and maintaining optimum wellness, as well as the freedom to choose for ourselves any types of assistance which may be made regarding law and any other private business activity.

5. The mission of this Association is to provide members with a forum to conduct business between members in the private domain with the protections guaranteed within the aforesaid Constitution and Charter remaining fully intact.

6. The Association will recognize any person(s), natural or otherwise (irrespective of race, color, or religion) who have joined this Association or any social media group organized, created, or managed by this Association and is in agreement with these principles and policies as a member of this Association, providing said person has not been sanctioned, exercised, or otherwise banned by the association, and will provide a medium through which its individual members may associate for actuating and bringing to fruition the purposes heretofore declared.

7. Membership to this Association, “SoulCybin", and any of its groups may be terminated by the association
SoulCybin Trustees or their designee, at any time, should they conclude that a specific member is interacting with them or any other members in a way that is contrary or detrimental to the focus, principles, and betterment of this Association.

8. I understand that, since The Association is protected by the First Amendment of the Original Constitution of The United States Of America, it is outside the jurisdiction and authority of Federal and State Agencies and Authorities concerning any and all complaints or grievances against The Association members or other staff persons. All rights of complaints or grievances will be settled by an Association designee, committee, or tribunal and will be waived by the member for the benefit of The Association and its members. By agreeing to this membership form I agree that I have sought sufficient education to determine that this is the course of action I want to take for myself.

9. I agree to join SoulCybin, a private membership association under common law, whose members seek to help each other achieve better health and good quality of life.

(A) I am voluntarily changing my capacity from that of a public person to that of a private member.
(B) My activities within The Association are a private contractual matter that I refuse to share with the Local, State, or Federal investigative or enforcement agencies. I fully agree not to pursue any course of legal action against a fellow member of The Association, unless that member has exposed me to a clear and present danger of substantive evil, and upon the recommendation and approval of the Association.

GOVERNING LAW AND VENUE re: disputes or disagreements

These Terms shall be construed and governed by equitable laws according to the Bible. You agree to take all reasonable steps to resolve any issue directly with the concerned party(ies). If good-faith efforts fail to resolve an issue, you agree and accept that any lawful action or proceeding shall be adjudicated by Peacemaker Equity (, and you expressly waive any objection to this venue or any invocation of forum non convenience (another forum or court is more appropriate). Additionally, in the event of any dispute or claim relating to or arising out of these Terms of agreement (including, but not limited to, any claims of breach of contract, tort, or infringement), Member/manager agrees that all such disputes/claims will be resolved by means of arbitration or jury decision adjudicated by Peacemaker Equity.

10. I enter into this agreement of my own free will, in the private capacity as a man/woman, without any pressure or coercion. I affirm that I do not represent any Local, State or Federal agency, governmental agency, non governmental agency or organization whose purpose is to regulate and approve products or services, or to carry out any mission of enforcement, entrapment or investigation to enforce a legal code, act or statute where no man or woman has been harmed. I understand that this will be considered a trespass on privacy and property and I will become immediately liable to pay compensation under this agreement, in the amount of $1,000,000.00 plus $100 per minute the trespass continues.

11. I have read and understood this document, and my questions have been answered fully to my satisfaction. I understand that I can withdraw from this agreement and terminate my membership in this association at any time, and that my membership can and will be revoked if I engage in abusive, violent, menacing, destructive or harassing behavior towards any other member of The Association. These pages consist of the entire agreement for my membership in The Association.

I agree this contract began on the date of my joining “SoulCybin". I declare that by joining this Association and/or the Associations websites and/or social media group(s), I have carefully read the whole of this document and I understand and agree.

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