The Five Masters – “Nature’s Gift”


The Five Masters microdosing blend is a culmination of nature’s most potent healing mushrooms: Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus), Reishi (Ganoderma lingzhi), Chaga (Inonotus obliquus), Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) and our SoulCybin Proprietary Blend* (Psilocybe cubensis), selected for their unique properties in cognitive enhancement, immune system fortification, and holistic harmony. Learn more about this blend below.

*Our SoulCybin Proprietary Blend is an exclusive strain that we are constantly perfecting.

Available in 50mg and 100mg microdoses. Select your dose below.

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Description and Ingredients

What is the Five Masters - "Nature's Gift?"

In an era of fast-paced living, where the hustle and speed of modern life threatens our inner peace and physical vitality, we’ve reached deep into the heart of nature to bring you a solution.

The Five Masters – “Nature’s Gift” is an experience, a journey, and an offering. It’s our homage to the traditional wisdom of ancient civilizations, a culmination of nature’s most potent healing mushrooms.

Our SoulCybin Proprietary Blend is mixed with concentrated Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Chaga, and Turkey Tail mushrooms, all selected for their unique properties in cognitive enhancement, immunity fortification, and holistic harmony.

This blend is designed to be a remedy for your stress, a boost to your immunity and a balance to your entire nervous system.

Available in 50mg or 100mg microdoses.


Lion’s Mane

The Lion’s Mane mushroom is a beacon of cognitive rejuvenation. It stimulates the production of nerve growth factor (NGF), crucial for sustaining neuron health. It’s known for helping to heal the nerves. But its magic doesn’t stop there; Lion’s Mane also bolsters the autonomic nervous system, offering relief from anxiety and depression, and aiding in stress release. Its rich antioxidant profile not only provides a consistent energy surge but also ensures vitality at a cellular level, supporting a balanced nervous system.



The Reishi mushroom is nature’s elixir for longevity and robust health. Revered as the “Mushroom of Immortality”, it is a testament to its unparalleled immunity-boosting prowess, fortified with antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Its adaptogenic nature not only ensures a serene equilibrium, helping the body and mind navigate through life’s stressors with grace, but also actively contributes to stress release.


Hailing from the birch trees, Chaga is a bastion of cellular protection. Its staggering antioxidant content ensures that cells remain shielded from harmful free radicals, directly boosting immunity health. Beyond that, Chaga is instrumental in balancing the nervous system, ensuring both mental and physical equilibrium and playing a crucial role in stress release.

Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail, with its medley of hues, is emblematic of the spectrum of health benefits it offers. Packed with beta-glucans, this mushroom amplifies the immune system. Concurrently, its inherent properties nurture gut health, ensuring a harmonious microbiome, which is a pillar of good health & vitality.  The holistic benefits of Turkey Tail don’t end there; it also plays a pivotal role in maintaining a balanced nervous system, promoting overall well-being and stress release.

The Proven Power Of SoulCybin Benefits

94% of clients surveyed saw improved quality of life at average 6.2 out of 10 in just the first 1-2 months!

98% of clients surveyed with depression saw improvement at an average 6.4 out of 10!

100% of clients surveyed saw improved quality of life at average 7.1 out of 10 in just the first 3-4 months!


Ceremonial chocolate

Since using the ceremonial chocolate about a month ago, I have more energy and motivation and I’m not doing computer games. All of this was part of my goals/intentions.


calm. reliable. trustworthy.

It’s taken me years to get to a point where I could get myself off my antidepressants — they saved my life, I’m not at all against pharmaceuticals! — At this point in my life, I felt that I needed something more profound and felt called to try microdosing. I spent hours reading and researching providers and SoulCybin came recommended. I chose to utilize their offerings because they felt to me like the calmest and that felt trustworthy and reliable, which isn’t a minor consideration. I didn’t want hip or cool, I wanted someone I could trust. The demeanor of the organization has been consistently calm and reliable and that permeates every interaction with them. It matters because I think it absolutely contributes to my experience with their offerings and how microdosing has helped me.

It is still hard work but any personal growth involves hard work. But SoulCybin will make you feel supported in that work, and that isn’t trivial.


Ceremonial chocolate shared healing

Here is a two for one review!

I have been microdosing for about a month,  and soon after I started I saw the ad for the ceremonial chocolates. I was enjoying the benefits of the microdosing sample pack, feeling much more relaxed and less anxious. I knew my adult daughter was also having emotional issues, and I let her have the last few microdoses I had left. She too felt an improvement in her mood.
We decided to do the ceremonial chocolate together after a few days of thoughtful and prayerful preparation.
That day will be in our memories forever! I know I experienced an entire universe within myself that was a rediscovery of the joy and love I had denied myself for so long.
Time became non-existent. I came out of it not only with a deeper love for myself and my daughter but also a renewed creativity that I haven’t had since my youth.
Basically, I feel alive again! Thank you for this wonderful benefit!

My daughter’s review is below.

The mushrooms were phenomenal. My mind and soul experienced a phenomenon in a whole different galaxy. SoulCybin has woken me up inside to something greater than anything I’ve seen outside. This journey I have started from the key you’ve provided through this natural supplement is very much what my life needed to facilitate change, growth, and encouragement to follow the beautiful, brave, and bold butterfly that has cracked through her shell and guides me to be a happier healthier self.

Kay O.

Ceremonial chocolates

I love how they affect me and open my mind to becoming more aware and freer of obsessive thoughts, which frees me more from suffering. I have had healthier moods with less depression and anxiety

Jerrold Fields

Game changer

I have been microdosing for a few months now and definitely have noticed a huge improvement in my depression, anxiety, and communication skills. So when the ceremonial chocolates were offered, I jumped on it. I decided to do my ceremony on the day of the solar eclipse to harness all the energy that was buzzing around. What a wonderful experience! I feel I received further healing through the ceremony and will continue to spread the word about this amazing medicine.


An enlightening experience in the train station

It was a great experience to take a small dose of the ceremonial blend while I was in the train station waiting for my train to take me to see the April 8, 2024 solar eclipse. I took it on an empty stomach and then ate some sandwiches an hour later as I thought that hunger would make the experience uncomfortable. It wasn’t until about 2 hours after dosing that I started to feel the magic of the dose. I couldn’t help but look at the lights in the ceiling and make shapes out of the patters I was seeing in the light. On a couple of occasions I meditated and had an epiphany of sorts that told me that I can become strong if I control my anger. My feelings of anger seemed to go away and were replaced with pleasant memories and images. I feel that this was a decent experience to pass the time as my mind benefitted from it quite well.


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In a world where psilocybin microdosing is becoming well-known as a valid and effective form of therapy for helping with depression, anxiety and creating an overall sense of well-being and presence, SoulCybin pioneers a unique approach to bring the greatest impact of psilocybin in your life.

Not only can psilocybin be used as a tool for higher mental performance, and bring a deeper peace and serenity within... but above all, bring a greater connection to yourself, all life, and a feeling of being alive that we all seek on a soul level.

We merge a grounded, scientific and professional approach, with a spiritual, shamanic, conscious awareness that uplifts the Body, Mind and Spirit.

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