“…I’m at peace with my situation and realized my self-worth. And for the first time, I’m looking forward to the future, instead of being hopeless about it.”

– Anonymous

“Microdosing mushrooms did wonders for my depression and anxiety. This isn’t just hippy dippy nonsense. This is real medicine.”

– Jorvo B

“Microdosing has helped me tremendously. From being unable to leave the house and being in bed 20 hours a day, I am now doing 150% workload of courses at university while getting a degree in Computer Science.”

– Mage L

“Been struggling with depression for years. Been diagnosed with bi-polar type 2 a couple years ago. Not only did psilocybin fix my depression, it took my spirituality to the next level. In fact it completely changed the way I see the world now.”


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