In this video Elon Musk, the remarkable inventor of Tesla and SpaceX, shares a short speech with his view on edible wild mushrooms that contain psilocybin.

This article and video have the purpose to shed some light on the benefits of medicine, in specific the beneficial and medicinal power of edible wild mushrooms that contain psilocybin – the compound found in the so-called “magic mushrooms”.

These magical edible wild mushrooms are gaining more and more respect not only from important doctors and psychologists worldwide, who, after profound research, recognize their incredible healing power, but also from remarkable men such as Elon Musk.

In fact, in this video, he shares how he supports psychedelics as he truly believes they could help treat post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), trauma, depression and anxiety.

He also mentions that it seems they can be working better than medicinal treatments. Through his speech, Elon Musk recognizes how both the natural and scientific world can have their pros and cons, while acknowledging that the beauty and power of edible wild mushrooms that contain psilocybin also resides in the fact that they’re magical effect is completely natural, rather than being lab-made.

Lots of research suggests benefits of the medicine, such as that psilocybin mushrooms can be more effective in neurological treatments than traditional medicine – this is because traditional medicine only masks the problem, but the psilocybin molecule found in some edible wild mushrooms has the power to fully dive deep into addressing the problem (you can check out this video too, to understand how psilocybin can rewire the brain).

By digging deeper into the benefits of this medicine, you are one step away from your self-transformational journey!

Through this video and words, we hope to give you more insight and motivation to join our private membership association – a membership filled with benefits, like-minded people and inspiring guides to help and support you throughout your psilocybin journey – you can also check more blogs, video and podcasts, to answer some deeper, more specific questions on psilocybin mushrooms!

You are one step away from your self-transformational journey!

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*None of the information shared on this website is shared as medical, legal, or professional advice. If you have any concern, consult your licensed physician.

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