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Dosed – The Trip of a Lifetime is an inspiring movie that shares the story of Laurie, a 53 year old woman who was given 6-12 months to live after being diagnosed with colon cancer, and decides to embark on a mushroom therapy journey.

Laurie chooses mushroom therapy as a way to face the fear of death and to live her supposed last days of life with her family with peace of mind and heart…

Though, what happens after the mushroom therapy is amazing, and absolutely motivating!…

“A movie everyone needs to see! An amazingly well-done second chapter to the original Dosed, with a new story but similar subject matter. The culture around psychedelics is shifting, and this film is a crucial piece of that shift. Get your tissues and get ready for your heart to burst open. You will feel all the feels!” – Review by B. Goresky

We invite you to keep reading to find out what happens in Laurie’s life, and to be inspired by a real-life experience of someone who chooses to face the fear of death through the healing power of mushrooms.

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So, Who is Laurie?

Laurie is a middle aged woman, born and raised in Canada, one who is happily married and a mother of four.

She is a woman like many others who, after having experienced common life joys, such as getting married, watching her kids grow up and dreaming of becoming a grandma… gets shocked by a diagnosis of colon cancer.

On what apparently seems just to be another normal day, she is suddenly shocked out of normalcy and given six to twelve months to live. Her life immediately takes a different turn – from an average woman who casually lives her day to day life – to an anxious, desperate, incredibly sad, and fear-driven woman.

Her days become gray, fearful, and stressful.

But one day… she is presented with the opportunity to try mushroom therapy with the hope of being able to deal with her angsting distress and hopefully live her last days in peace, while enjoying her last moments with her family without the constant fear of death hunting her.

She has nothing to lose, so… She Begins The Mushroom Therapy

What Is Mushroom Therapy?

Mushroom therapy is the use of psilocybin to treat a variety of mental health issues, including addictions, depression, anxiety, OCD, and psychosis. It’s one of the many psychedelic therapy modalities being researched.

Does Mushroom Therapy Work?

Mushroom therapy can be absolutely effective and life-changing when done following some guidance and safety rules.

It is important that mushroom therapy happens in a safe environment and with specialized therapists who will follow the patient along the way by setting the ambience, choosing the correct music and being there whenever it’s needed.

When mushroom therapy happens in a safe and secure environment, it will surely create a wave of incredible healing and transformation!

Laurie’s First Mushroom Therapy

Laurie’s first mushroom therapy involves the intake of 3-6 grams of dried psilocybin mushrooms (a 6 to 8 hour trip duration).

The trip allows for the connection to deep areas of the psyche that were disconnected before. 

Before starting it’s important that:

  1. The patient meets with the therapist to build trust
  2. They both talk to understand what they want from the experience (by working on the intentions)

Before her first mushroom therapy session, Laurie journals and asks herself a few questions, analyzing what she wants to work on during the trip.

The intentions she sets are:

  • to let go of the fear of death
  • to let go of anxiety
  • to let go of anger
  • to attract more peace

After sharing her intentions out loud with the therapist, she takes her first dose and the mushroom therapy finally begins.

“You have to face whatever comes out”…she is told by the therapist, and after ten minutes she already starts feeling the psilocybin’s effects.

At the end of her mushroom therapy session, Laurie tries her best to put into words the shocking and extremely deep experience she faced, saying that:

  • First, she started seeing kaleidoscopic colors
  • Then she felt lost and floating in the universe
  • Her lostness made her think of all her family and friends
  • All of a sudden it all became dark, cold and scary
  • She asked herself “Is this what it’s like to die?
  • She finds herself alone and scared in a forest
  • A woman appears beside her and starts holding her hand
  • She understands she’s being guided by her grandma
  • Everything suddenly transformed into light and beauty
  • She senses a rush of warm light and peace
  • She feels in heaven
  • Then she hears someone crying and realizes it is her
  • She is crying out grief, sadness and pain
  • She is seeing herself living the pain cancer has been causing her
  • She lives waves of fear and joy, sadness and peace
  • Until she reaches a boat where she experiences interconnectedness
  • There she feels a real connection with the universe
  • She begins to find true meaning to life
  • At the end she sees her husband and her kids
  • She experiences a deep knowing that they would be ok, even if she dies

This is what Laurie experiences during her first mushroom therapy with the hope to remove the fear of death, anxiety, and the depression she’s been dealing with since months.

Fear of death

One Year After the First Mushroom Therapy

After one year, Laurie has been through 7 chemo sessions, but she is still in great shape.

Few of the benefits she notices are:

  1. She has no fear of death anymore
  2. Her anxiety seems to have disappeared
  3. People comment “You don’t even look sick” when they see her
  4. She is more drawn to nature

Though, a few months later…

Laurie Receives Some Bad News

Unfortunately, Laurie’s positive attitude seems to fade when she receives bad news from the hospital: the cancer has expanded and she needs to get operated on again.

She had already been operated on twice, and she describes both operations being incredibly painful, draining, and also not very useful in actually shrinking the cancer.

After the first mushroom therapy session, she understands that life is just a fleeting moment in time, and she would prefer to live it as it comes, without the need of getting operated on again.

Though, this news does discourage her, so she decides to partake in another mushroom therapy session.

Laurie’s Second Mushroom Therapy

Psychedelics are mind manifestors – what comes forward sometimes is hard but if you welcome them and go towards them they can transform.

For the first mushroom therapy session, Laurie’s main question was: “Are my husband and kids going to be okay without me?”

For the second mushroom therapy session Laurie’s questions are: “ Will I be okay if I don’t survive? Is there an afterlife?”

Her intentions are set and clear.

The guides blindfold her and put some music on while they hold her hand and sit beside her – Laurie’s journey begins… and it’s very different from the other one.

She mainly describes feeling three stages:

  • heaven on Earth
  • the love for her husband
  • the afterlife

Heaven on Earth

She felt the urge to stop crying – whether she lives or not, she understood that heaven is right here right now and she doesn’t need to die to reach it. It’s her purpose to create heaven on Earth, heaven throughout her existence.

The Love for her Husband

She felt a very profound love for her husband. Whether she would die or not, she felt a deep sense of oneness with him that cannot be separated by the physical – he is part of her whether she’s on Earth or not.

The Afterlife

During her mushroom therapy, she saw the afterlife while sitting next to a peaceful stream. She felt content in that place without any negative thoughts. She watched her kids being happy and healthy – and that made everything even more beautiful.

Everything you need is inside of you. The journey is yours and I’m letting you go.” – she was repairing to herself

She describes this mushroom therapy as a religious experience – deep, meaningful and life-changing – feeling in the presence of God, while embraced by a deep knowing that everything is fine, and that she’s going to be alright.

The mushroom therapy allowed her to understand that nothing else matters rather than the present moment – what matters is that she lives for today while appreciating everything that she has in the now.

With this understanding, the fear of death, together with any depression or anxiety that it can cause, automatically disappear – as they don’t belong to the present moment.

Mushroom Therapy: a Life Changing Experience

At the end of this inspiring documentary, Laurie shares that her life has been even better than what it was before, since she was diagnosed with cancer, mentioning that the journey she has been on was a gift.

This is because, thanks to mushroom therapy, she has learned what to give energy to and what not, listening to what is inside and overcoming the fear of death by living in full presence.

As of the conclusion of filming the documentary Laurie has outlived her original prognosis by 4 years…

Her most recent quarterly scans show her cancer is still in remission.

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Are You Wondering How to Overcome the Fear of Death?

If you were so drawn to Laurie’s story, then there must be a reason!

Whether you are incredibly fascinated by the medical and therapeutic power that psilocybin can have, or you tend to have fear of death…

We are here to support you!

We aim to share inspiring stories like Laurie’s with the hope to spread the voice on this powerful medicine and to help you to feel less alone while dealing with your fear, anxiety, depression etc.

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*None of the information shared on this website is shared as medical, legal, or professional advice. If you have any concern, consult your licensed physician.

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