How To Donate With Link By Stripe

Using Link By Stripe, you can conveniently pay with any debit or credit card, while having the security and privacy of cryptocurrency trasactions.  Win-Win!

1. Turn Off Your VPN (If You Have One)

Link By Stripe will not work well with a VPN (virtual private network) turned on, so if you have one, turn it OFF before proceeding.

2. Sign Up For A Link Account

It will make checkout faster if you sign up for a account here, beforehand.

It takes about a minute and you can also signup during checkout!

3. Checkout Through The "Credit Or Debit" Option

Select the “credit or debit” card gateway.

On the next page, a popup from Link By Stripe will open, and you can complete your donation through that window.

You Can Also Watch This Quick Video So You Know What To Expect

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Link by Stripe Requires My Social Security Number During Signup – Is This Safe / Secure?

Yes! It’s actually MORE safe and secure than a normal debit card transaction.  All your details are secure with, which is made by Stripe, one of the biggest companies in payment processing.  On top of that, when you donate for your benefits, the only thing your bank will see is you buying cryptocurrency through Link and will not have any connection betwen your identity, and where that crypto was sent.  In this way it is actual more secure, while still giving you the convenience of a debit card or credit card checkout.

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