How To Pay For Your Order Using Zelle

is a popular, safe and easy-to-use payment service to make instant email transfers for your order.

Zelle is often integrated with many major banks’ online platforms and mobile apps. So you could easily send a Zelle payment securely and directly from your online banking.

Important Note: We cannot accept Zelle payments from debit/credit card, only direct bank transfer.

1. Find Out If Zelle Is Built-in To Your Online Banking / Bank’s Mobile App

Click here to visit Zelle’s website, and do a search for your bank.
– If your bank is listed, go to step 2a
– If your bank is not listed, go to step 2b

2a. If Your Bank Has Zelle Built-in To Their Online Banking / Mobile App:

– Log in to your bank’s online web banking, or mobile app.
– Look for a “Send via Zelle” button (or something similar)
– Press that, and when it asks to enter the name and email address enter:

First Name: Awesome Core
Last Name: Service LLC

Note: Please put your Order # in the notes
Kindly DO NOT use the name SoulCybin or make any reference to the specific products in your Zelle transaction,  in order to maintain our privacy and keep this medicine available to all who need it.

– Proceed to send the payment
– Once sent, reply to your Order Confirmation email, and let us know you have sent your payment

We will reply, confirm receipt, and let you know when your order is shipped with a tracking number.

2b. If Your Bank Does not have Zelle:

Unfortunately, We cannot accept Zelle payments from Debit/Credit card, only direct payment transfer.   

If your bank does not offer Zelle, please get in contact with us. We’re here to support in any way we can.

That’s it, you’re done!

We will keep you updated on the status of your order, during important milestones such as:
– when payment is received
– when your order is shipped

Anything else, we’re always here for you!

~ The SoulCybin Team

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