Psychedelics have been utilized by many cultures for thousands of years for personal transformation and healing in many different cultures.

Microdosing has been gaining popularity in recent years for the many benefits it offers. It is a life changing journey and it’s deeply important for you to work with a psychedelic that is in alignment with your personal needs.

In this blog we’re going to share with you all of the differences the between magic mushrooms vs acid (LSD), comparing their chemical makeup, effects on your body and mind, dosage, duration of effects, and safety. 

We’ll also discuss how these substances can be used for self-soothing and healing, and provide an overview of different types of magic mushrooms (shrooms). 

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Magic Mushrooms vs Acid (LSD) – A Comparison


Both LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) and magic mushrooms contain psychoactive compounds that alter consciousness, but they differ in their chemical makeup and effects. 


So what exactly are the differences between magic mushrooms and acid?


Acid (LSD) Magic Mushrooms (Shrooms)
Chemical Synthetic compound Natural compounds
Effects Visual and emotional experiences Introspective and spiritual experiences
Duration Up to 12 hours Around 6 hours
Dosage Small, measured doses Often consumed in larger amounts
Time/space Can distort time and space Can enhance sensory experiences
Risk Higher risk of addiction Lower risk of addiction


Acid vs Shrooms: Which is Best for Self-Soothing and Healing?


Psychedelics are being used widely by many for self soothing activities and healing, particularly for conditions like depression, anxiety, and addiction. 

There is no BEST psychedelic with acid vs shrooms, simply only what is best for you!

Acid has been used for its ability to create a sense of unity and dissolve your ego, allowing you to experience a greater connection to yourself and others. Additionally, acid has been shown to increase empathy and compassion, leading to more positive social interactions and a greater understanding of those around you.

Shrooms, however have been shown to create more spiritual and mystical experiences, allowing you to connect with something much, much greater than yourself. They have been utilized by cultures around the world for centuries to reach something beyond the known, whether that be a higher power – or a deeper understanding of the natural world. 

In addition to their spiritual benefits, shrooms have have a range of mental health benefits. They have been used to treat depression, anxiety, and addiction, and have been shown to have improvements in mood and in a general sense of wellbeing. 

Additionally Shrooms are fantastic for ridding yourself of brain fog, as they help to enhance focus and concentration, leading to more productive and efficient work flow and focus.

By microdosing Shrooms you can experience the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics – but without psychedelic effects.

With this, you may experience increased focus, creativity, and productivity, as well as reduced anxiety and depression symptoms – how amazing is that?. 

However, it’s very important to note that not everyone may experience these benefits the same, and proper dosage and setting are also crucial to ensure a safe, positive, and beneficial experience.


The Different Types of Mushrooms vs Acid (LSD)


There are different types of mushrooms vs Acid (LSD) – that can give you unique effects and experiences.

Acid is typically sold in its liquid form or as blotter paper tabs, which are small pieces of paper that are soaked in lysergic acid diethylamide  -and then dried. 

There are also variations of LSD that are even sold as tablets or capsules. 

However, the purity and potency of these substances can vary widely, and it’s vially important to obtain them from a reliable source. As acid is manmade substance, there is more control on the consistency, dosage and results vs with mushrooms.

Shrooms on the other hand, come in many different species, each with its unique effects and characteristics. Some of the popular types of magic mushrooms include the golden cap mushroom and golden teacher mushrooms. These mushrooms can be consumed in different ways, such as raw, cooked, or brewed into a psilocybin tea. As shrooms are nature themselves they are never quite the same based on where they are grown, the other species nearby, etc.

Each type of magic mushroom can also produce unique effects and experiences. For example, the golden teacher mushroom is known for producing euphoric and uplifting experiences. However, the potency and effects of each type of magic mushroom can vary based on the dose, environment, and personal factors.



So What is Best? Magic Mushrooms vs Acid (LSD)?


As we said earlier there is no best acid vs shrooms– just what is best for you. 

So ask yourself – what is feeling most in alignment with my soul in this moment? 

Remember that ultimately, when it comes to making the choice between LSD and magic mushrooms, it comes down to your personal preference and goals.

There is no one size fits all – but instead, healthy suggestions which ultimately support an experiential perspective of what is right for you. 

Nonetheless – finding the right kind of support and guidance is still incredibly important. 

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*None of the information shared on this website is shared as medical, legal, or professional advice. If you have any concern, consult your licensed physician.

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