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    Hi Bernice,

    Leslie and GB gave you already such a great answer! Thank you!!

    We’d love to share a bit more about finding the right dose, and what kind of protocol you could use. First, I think our Microdosing Guide will most likely come in handy:
    Microdosing Guide

    An average dose that works well for most people, is 100mg. The intention is for the mushrooms to work on a subtle (yet significant and profound) level, whereby you’re still perfectly able to function and commit to all your daily responsibilities. Some who are very sensitive (most often women) might need less, perhaps 50mg. Others might need a bit more – perhaps 150 or 200mg. The only sure way to know for sure, is to experiment.

    We always recommend new members to start out with several Sample Packs of different blends and dosages, to discover what works best for you. If you’d discover that 50mg works best, for example, and you also have 100mg capsules, then you can always choose to open a 100mg capsule and simply take half by mixing it with water or tea.

    Anyway, we want to remind you that each body reacts differently to this medicine and self-observation is very important to define what is best for you. Therefore, we recommend that when you try it, to make sure you observe the effects, creating a space of calm and attention to your own process.

    The results of this treatment are not always visible after the first dose. This is a process that requires intention and a serious commitment, because although the medicine is doing its job in our body, ultimately it’s our will, effort and our intention that will define the results.

    Here are some common intentions, and the blends we would recommend for each:

    Spiritual Self Discovery: Inner Peace / Adaptogen Blend
    Creativity: Inner Peace / Brain Booster
    Emotional Healing: Adaptogen Blend / Inner Peace
    Coping with depression/anxiety: Adaptogen Blend / Inner Peace
    Work/Focus: Brain Booster / Adaptogen Blend
    Recreation/Connecting with Nature: Inner Peace / Adaptogen Blend

    We would also encourage you to take advantage of all the wonderful information and resources that we have on the website:

    It is important to know this is a process and you are building a relationship with this medicine. Considering that the medicine interacts with everything that we do, including but not limited to what we eat, what content we watch, how much time we spend on social media, what kind of medications or supplements we take, how much alcohol we consume, and so forth.

    Please feel free to share more questions here or to our support email:

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