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    After testing the sample packs, I found that the “stoned/dizzy/drunk” feeling tends to happen at the lower doses. I found that, at least for me, I prefer to do a dose closer and up to 500mg because it’s still low enough to function fully, but the dose is high enough that you get past that dizzy drunk feeling that seems to occur at 150-200 mg. At least, it did for me. Perhaps that sensation is your rational mind perceiving the mushroom effect coming on and sort of freaking out. In contrast, your higher mind is ready to see where this goes. The two are fighting each other, causing you to get a bit anxious or panicky at the thought of not knowing what’s coming next in this experience. So I push the dose higher and intentionally “go with the feeling.” After a few minutes (10-30), that nervousness fades into physical bliss, which I can not describe, even at low doses, such as 500 and under. At 1g, with light visuals and an incredible body high that I compare to the feeling of just getting out of the shower and laying in a soft, warm bed, the sensation of dizziness melted away. It was awesome. I’ve not done more than 1.5g in a single dose, but I can only imagine it getting even better. Of course, ensure you pay close attention to set, setting, and intention. I’m so glad I found SoulCybin and grateful for these medicinal marvels.

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