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    I travel with them all the time.  In the bottle, they come in – inside my carry-on luggage.  Never an issue.  But I suppose it may be “technically safer” just to put them in your checked bag.  Perhaps micro-dosing has calmed my anxiety down quite a bit.  When I first got them, I was also a bit apprehensive, but my experience with pills/pill bottles/medicine and the TSA is that they don’t check any of that stuff.  Especially if you just throw it in the same bag as other “legal” meds.  The last trip I took to Denver, I came back with 7 THC vape carts clearly labeled with the strain, the potency, and a nice little weed leaf on the outside of the package.  Walked right through with not even a second glance.  Was I lucky, perhaps? But with the microdose capsules, I doubt seriously you will have any problems.

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