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SoulCybin Moderator

    When we are sleeping the subconscious has the space to manifest what conscious had been recording all day long every day of our lives, so when taking a microdose this could be amplified, showing us what is there and wants to be expressed…

    Therefore, everything we see, do, hear, and think (especially before going to sleep) will have a significant impact on our dreams and the quality of our rest when we go to sleep.

    Trying to relax the body completely and choosing carefully what you say to yourself in your thoughts, will definitely make a difference. If you are curious, you could try doing this on a night without a microdose and/or on a night with a microdose and see what if you notice any difference. It takes awareness and practice to do this, but the results will make it worth it!

    There is a little book by Neville Goddard, “Feeling is the Secret”, that talks about the influence of the conscious over the subconscious and how to use it for sleeping. Highly recommended!

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