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SoulCybin Moderator

    Hello, Marita!

    Sorry for taking this long to reply, it is our intention to be more Active and Present from now on in the Forums 🙂

    Did you already have any Ceremonial experience, or with microdosing? You’re welcome to tell us more about them.

    Either way, it’s important to understand and always have in mind that, in order to have the best possible experience (the most beneficial four ourselves and all beings, that is), an essential key is to have no expectations at all, no attachment towards any kind of experience in particular (or as least that we can, maybe better said). And we could also add that this principle applies to meditation and other areas of life.

    We encourage you (and anyone reading) to take a thorough look to our Ceremonial Guide, especially before the first ceremony or ceremonies you might have on your own.

    We wish you all a wonderful weekend, thank you for your participation in the forums!


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