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SoulCybin Moderator

    Hey there, dear and awesome Members!

    Sorry we are taking this long to reply, it is our intention to be more Active and Present from now on in the Forums.

    Awesome that you’re enjoying our Brain Booster Blend, Zachary!

    And for Marita, and anyone else reading resonating with her request, we very much encourage you (and anyone intending to start a Microdosing Journey, or that has already started), even more so if it’s with us, to read our (FREE) Microdosing Guide. You’ll find lots of very useful information there, regarding mushrooms, microdosing in general, as well as some specific guidance regarding our benefits.

    I hope you find this useful and clear! And please let us know if, after having read it, you still have some further questions 🙂

    Take care you all and have a wonderful weekend!


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