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SoulCybin Moderator

    Hello you all, wonderful Members!

    We’re sorry that we took this long to reply. It is our intention to be more Present and Active from now on in the Forums.

    And, of course, we’re also sorry to know you’re having these issues with the payments. Please be sure we totally understand how frustrating it can be. We know it’s not the most comfortable and smooth experience (and sometimes even far from it), but it’s, for now, the best what we can offer, due to the sensitive nature of what we do. However, please know we are doing all we can to take payments in an easy and smooth way ASAP. You’ll get to know about this through our Newsletter (let us know if you’d also want us to post it here in the Forums, please) when it’s ready.

    In reply to Charity’s comment, we want to say that the error you get is because we can only take Zelle payments through banks, not from Zelle directly. Please try any bank that works with Zelle, and the error should be solved. There are several banks that work with Zelle, but here you have 3 that are free of charge:

    Ally –
    Capital One –
    Discover –

    One more thing to have into account when paying via Zelle si to try these 2 recipient options (if the 1st one isn’t working):

    Option 1

    First Name: Awesome Core
    Last Name: Service LLC

    Option 2

    First Name: Awesome
    Last Name: Coreservice

    NOTE: Please always make sure to include your donation number (#12345) in the Memo / Description

    Lastly, if you want to use cards, the only method that we offer that includes that (and the only one besides Zelle) is to donate via Cryptocurrency, and if you follow these instructions it shouldn’t be an issue.

    We hope this helps some people! We have helped many member through email support with this information, so we trust that this will be useful for some here as well.

    If you’re trying these solutions and you’re still not being able to send your payment, please send us an email to, elaborating on the issues you’re facing and attaching some screenshots, and we’ll gladly help you further 1 on 1.

    Thank you all so much for your patience, understanding and perseverance, and for your participation in the Forums!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,


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