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    Dear Karen and Retired Engineer (amazing name btw 😅)

    Thank you for your post and comment! Sorry about this delay; it’s been a hectic month, but we’re now determined to be more active and present in the forums.

    It can happen that we get really sleepy for several weeks, perhaps because we’ve already been quite exhausted (or stressed?) for a longer time period but which we ignored before.

    It happened to one of our colleagues that the first two weeks with the Brain Booster Blend he was very tired and then he realized he was pushing myself going out and meeting people too much, for example.

    Since the Lion’s Mane in our Brain Booster Blend has a bit of an energizing effect (but absolutely not like caffeine, for example), then that might be a better blend if the sleepiness persists after several weeks. It could also be about the dose; you can try a lower one by getting a new bottle or by breaking the capsules and mixing it in a tea when it’s not too hot.

    Also, after completing a whole cycle of 4 weeks, we recommend having a break for at least two weeks to avoid the build-up of tolerance to psilocybin.

    Although mushrooms can be an incredibly valuable ally and tool in our process of healing and transformation, they can’t magically do all the work for us. It’s really beneficial to the process that we simultaneously commit to eating a healthy diet, regularly engage in some type of physical movement or exercise, spend time in nature, and engage in a spiritual practice.

    What’s also important to keep in mind is that it can sometimes take time for microdosing before one starts noticing the beneficial shifts. Please make sure to give it some time and space.

    Lastly, we can’t recommend and encourage you enough to read our (FREE) Microdosing Guide, which we created specially for our members to make the best out of their microdosing journey and our benefits. Please don’t forget to read it thoroughly, it’s a really valuable resource.

    Thank you all for your commitment towards your well-being. We wish you all the best, always.



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