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SoulCybin Moderator

    Dear Emma,

    First of all, sorry about how long we took to reply to your post. We’re a small growing organization, and we were not able to do everything as we would’ve liked. However, we’re now getting more organized and determined to be more active and present in the forums, so thank you for your patience and understanding!

    Regarding your question, it’s possible to take a ceremonial dose alone, but that’s better to do after having done some ceremonies with other people that you trust and feel safe with, or at least with one of those people close to you, so you can reach out to them if needed!

    We highly encourage you to read our (FREE) Ceremony Guide to make the best out of your ceremonies. It’s truly a valuable resource that you should take advantage of!

    Please let us know if you have any further questions, and feel free to contact us 1 on 1 via

    Take care and we wish you all the best!

    With love,


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