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    Dear Melanie,

    We want to start by apologizing for taking this long to reply. We’re a small growing team but we are getting more organized lately, and we’re now determined to be more Active and Present in the forums, as well as replying to the emails asap, without sacrificing and still even improving the quality of our support.

    Is there any updates that you would like to share about your situation? Have you started microdosing? Did you talk with any doctor about this?

    As Emma mentioned (thank you, Emma!) it would be best if you indeed talked with a professional. To consult with your trusted physician and discuss a possible dose reduction before starting the microdosing treatment. It would be ideal if a medical professional gives you the go-ahead.

    From what you tell me, if you have already taken that first step with antidepressants, you must have already overcome some big obstacles. Psilocybin helps restore a chemical balance in the brain and in the nervous system which can be a huge step to leaving the Prozac.  It’s important to remind you that we are not medical professionals; although our expertise is psilocybin, we cannot give a definitive answer about possible reactions or side effects.

    Nevertheless, we also want to encourage you to consider other additional tools to deal with your anxiety: breathwork works wonderfully to handle stress and anxiety, yoga is always a wonderful support and definitely praying and meditating will always help to restore the inner balance. Healthy eating and exercise are super important as well, as well as healthy relationships and maybe a 1 o 1 coach is a good idea as well. I hope these recommendations make sense to you!

    We would love to hear from you and how are you feeling. We’ll be here in case you need us.

    Please take care and know that we wish you all the best!



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