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Merkaba Saint

    I can attest that I’ve done a few ceremonies on my own, and they have been very deep and incredibly personal. I don’t worry about “how I’m reacting, or what if I’m too loud or look goofy if anyone else is there”. You can be yourself, with yourself, in your own space.

    Go into it with a positive, respectful mindset and trust in the medicine. Set your intentions prior, and be confident that it will give you only what you can handle. Few tips: for the sake of not having to get up and bounce around, make yourself a snack or a meal prior and leave it in the room or nearby so you can access it after your trip. Have a bottle of water nearby, in the event that you get thirsty(you will..), and make sure your space will be quiet and interrupted for at least 6 hours. Put on some good music (soffeggio tones or the recommended spotify playlist), maybe you might want a blindfold to go deeper.  Most importantly, go with it. You will be surprised at the things you will find out about yourself, w/o being nagged or unintentionally interrupted by someone who just doesn’t “get it”.

    But overall, follow your gut. If you do need to have someone on standby, make sure it is someone you trust.  Hope this helps.

    Be brave and enjoy!

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