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    Hello dear member,

    We have three benefits that only contain our SouCybin Proprietary Blend:

    1.The Inner Peace (it also contains ginger root extract, but nothing else, to aid with the digestion of the psilocybin), available in 100mg, 200mg, 250mg, and 350mg microdose capsules.
    2. Our yummy Microdose gummies, available in 100mg per gummy microdoses.
    3. The Sweetness of Life Microdose Honey; 1/2 tsp = 62.5mg microdose
    3. Our Ceremonial Blend (available in 400mg capsules). Since this benefit is intended for a ceremonial dose and not a microdose, you can open the capsule and only take 1/4 of the capsule to see how you feel on it first.

    To learn about each additional ingredient in our Five Masters, Adaptogen, and Brain Booster blends, simply scroll down on the benefit pages for each offering to where it says “Description / Ingredients.” There, you can click on each title to read details about why each mushroom and/or herb is added to our blends and their unique properties.

    It is normal to respond better to one blend over the other. Your perfect blend might be 1/2 capsule of the 100mg Inner Peace, or one gummy. For some members, the synergistic blends with other mushrooms and herbs are truly what works best for them! 🙂

    Hope this helped!

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