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Outstanding Customer Support and Fast Product Delivery

The SoulCybin team exceeded my expectations with the way they handled my order. I explained in the order notes that my need for product to enable me to continue my microdosing schedule was very important, that I was nearly out, and they caringly responded by sending my order out within that week. Incredible turn around time and it clearly demonstrates their outstanding customer service . . . they read the requests from their customers. So rare and valuable!

Briefly, why I microdose: while working for more than 10 years for one of the big tech companies in the Pacific NW, I experienced major burnout. The stresses of the job, the frequent re-organization of teams and constant worry about being laid off added up thru the years and before I knew it I had slipped into depression. Exercise, eating right, and even meditation was not helping me. I tried psychologists and psychiatrists who put me on big pharma anti-depressant drugs, but none of that worked. I kept getting worse and was at risk of losing my job, marriage and family, who didn’t understand why I was: unhappy, quick to get angry, and disconnected from them nearly all the time.

I decided I needed help, so I reached out and worked with two different Coaches (both trained and licensed in my state), they guided me toward microdosing and it has completed changed my life and outlook. I am happy again.
I see that I have a positive future with many opportunities. I’m back to having the brain clarity, energy and enthusiasm for life that I had back in my 20’s. I have gained back the Entrepreneurial drive that I’d lost, and my relationship with wife and children is back to being great again!

Then, it was just a matter of finding a professional supplier that I could trust. SoulCybin has proven to me that I can trust them.

Thank you.


Being my first experience with

Being my first experience with psilocybin, I only had the personal reviews of others to guide my expectations. The collective input was consistently positive and felt genuine, and so I was drawn to explore microdosing as an expediency for my contemplation practice. Trusting an unknown online supplier was also a risk in this process. I researched online as best I could and SoulCybin was one of the very few resources floating at the top after my safety screen.

I started by using the microdosing sampler packets, focusing the first month on the Inner Peace tabs. I also experimented several times by adding the boosting effects of the Syrian Rue Amplifier. The protocol was the basic 1 tab every other day for 30 days, followed by at least a 2 week break before restarting. I ingested the tab(s) on an empty stomach in the mornings just before breakfast.

Without question, and even after just 1 month of experiential assessment, the microdosing has not only helped to deepen my intentional inner work (especially when boosted), it appears to have also help loosen the previously tight grip of my “default mode network” – a sweet, freeing blessing on its own! The assessment was relatively easy for me as I was critically comparing subjective effects versus trends already established from my contemplation practice (the control).

Recording even the smallest noticeable effects in a log book has proven helpful establishing these trends over time. As an example, a brief, mild stomach upset was only noticed whenever I added the Syrian Rue Amplifier on top of the Inner Peace tab.

I have found this supplier, SoulCybin, very responsible and responsive concerning product quality, service, and guidance. Although it could take a few weeks to receive certain products, it’s become understandable to me now since I truly believe they infuse loving intentionality as an active ingredient in each offering.

As any true teacher or witness will affirm, these products are only tools in service of your intentions, not magic. And now I can add my new voice to the ever-growing testimony that true inner peace can indeed evolve and merge with growing responsibility and profound gratitude. This is not the stuff of mere logic, it’s experiential.

Whether or not you are likewise drawn to these products as a tool of expediency, blessings to you for even considering as it clearly indicates you are already on the path of love, which is freedom.


Real Deal!

I am happy to report that the products I have received through SoulCybin are as advertised and have enabled for me a long-overdue healing journey. I am grateful to this company for taking such care with my orders. Delivery was timely and accurate, except for one minor instance that they corrected right away once I brought it to their attention. It is obvious that the staff at SoulCybin care about their clients. I am very happy to count myself among those.



I was very skeptic how I would respond to micro-dosing, but I am so happy I took the chance. I have found this medicine gives me mental stamina and supports my current work in therapy. Not only am I responding better (calmer and more grounded) to situations but also I am able to mentally process emotions with less turmoil.
Thank you very much for this magic.

Vella Stephens

Found my center

I never knew that there was such a big hole in my being. I felt the way I always had, not depressed, but never exactly happy. But when I microdosed I became aware that I had never been quite whole, and what a difference! You don’t know what you don’t know, and until you feel the wholeness of your being, you don’t know what things could be like.

Elizabeth Kafka

Amazing Chocolates

The sacred chocolates were amazing. My husband and I were very blessed and grateful to have purchased these chocolates. We had a great ceremonial experience with these sacred plant medicine chocolates. I can’t wait for you all to create more. I really wish these could be readily available to purchase on your site with your other sacred products. We love, love, love those chocolates.

Andrea M

Deep Gratitude

I ordered the ceremonial chocolates with the intent of having them for my first macro journey. Hubby spent the day with me as the chocolates took effect. They were beautifully packaged, and you can tell a lot of love went into them. During my journey, I kept feeling deep gratitude for access to this medicine. Hoping to order them once offered again.

Dana H.

Feeling better every day!

My focus & mental clarity has definitely improved with using the Brain Booster blend, but most importantly I’ve noticed a huge difference in my daily mood. I am so much calmer and able to manage stress better than before. I feel like I’m able to handle things that would normally cause me anxiety or distress with ease and composure. I’m thankful for the patience and serenity that this medicine has helped me to harness in my life.

Jessica Wyant

Safe, Fast, Great Communication, and Amazing Product

I was skeptical of zelling money to an online web page, so I bought the smallest sample pack. Email communication was outstanding. Product came as described. I am a newbie trying to cut back on my drinking. All I can say is try them all, they are worth every penny. The different strengths provide different results, so read their recommendations. These will be going in my friend’s stocking for Christmas! Bring on the giggles!!



SoulCybin has given me great customer service, caring messages, and quality products. The teamed reached out to me when I really needed blessings on my healing journey.
I will recommend it to a friend.
I am truly grateful and blessed for a new day.


A return to peace

As my journey with mushrooms rather than pharmaceuticals has begun I am experiencing more awareness and clarity.
I am grateful and encouraged by the power and effectiveness of this medicine.

Denise douglas

Amazing Experience!

The ceremonial chocolate was both mind expanding and healing for me it has helped me to be able to connect more with my family, helped me with work, the use of different mushrooms was very welcoming, it was as if each one was opening my mind in very different ways! I can not express enough how much it has helped me with my severe social anxiety and depression! I absolutely can’t wait for them to be released again!!


Life Changing!

My wife and I began using the Inner Peace and Adaptogen blends a couple of months and the results have been life changing. I’m a much more balanced and happy person and my frequent mood swings have all but disappeared. Highly recommend!


Reliable source for psilocybin

I am a senior citizen and very skeptical when ordering products of this type. It’s always difficult for me to pay in advance not knowing if you’ll ever get it. I was very surprised with the quick delivery and quality of the products. I ordered several sample packs and found them consistent with the descriptions provided. I intend to order more products including the ceremonial chocolate.

I have found a more compassionate and forgiving side to my personality

Lino C

So amazing!

Well this was a really great product and definitely the mix of the mushroom blend with Syrian Roux makes for a longer lasting experience definitely something I want to add to my own mixtures I highly recommend this for anyone who is starting to even the psychonots. In my case I wish I had taken more or had more because the effects were so good and very healing. Would buy again 100%


Such a blessing!

I have used several products from SoulCybin, from all the types of microdosing capsules to the ceremonial blend and the ceremonial chocolates, and every product has been beneficial to my mental and physical health. As someone who had been struggling with alcohol addiction and abuse for over a decade, I needed some grounding and shift in perspective. This medicine gave me both of those and the positive effects continue to affect me in the best way. I have been free from alcohol addiction for over 8 months now, in part thanks to SoulCybin and their sharing this gift with the world. If you have been considering their products, I highly recommend giving them a try. Thanks to all of you at SoulCybin for making this available to us! Much love to y’all! Mo sheacht mbeannacht ort!


Ceremonial chocolates

I had a very insightful experience with these chocolates. I got out of it what I intended and they were delicious! Lately I’ve been using 3.5g of dried shrooms I brew in a tea, so these chocolates weren’t as strong as what I’ve been used to lately. And I space out my ceremonies by 2 weeks. If these are made again, I will most likely need 2 to match what I’ve been used to. So if I had to make a suggestion, maybe have a stronger option available. I’m definitely going to buy again


The exact journey I needed

I purchased the special ceremonial chocolates, not entirely knowing what I was getting into…
What I got into, was one of the most beautiful and transformational journeys I could have had.

It was a journey of healing, and I was able to release trauma that I have been holding on to for years. I came out of my experience so much closer to the human that I’m meant to be.

From being able to release this trauma, I have let go of depression and anxiety, mostly a lot of anxiety and fear that we’re controlling me. I haven’t felt any since.

I owe so much to this experience. I look forward to trying the microdosing, and know I will continue to benefit greatly from it!

This company is doing transformational things. If you’ve been considering trying any of these products out yet, but haven’t, I recommend you go all in and just do it. there is so much beauty that has come from my healing. everyone deserves to feel this peace.

Brittany Eddy

A gift born of The Mother Earth for the healing of her children!

I really don’t even know how or where to begin. First off I want to express gratitude and many thank you’s to SoulCybin for sharing this beautiful medicine with the world! This amazing chocolate has left me speechless and in awe… I can’t express in words the value of this beautiful, amazing gift all wrapped in a heart-shaped chocolate envelope with love and shiny rainbow-colored wrapping perfect for this ceremony. I will mention here that I did read the ceremony preparation emails before the ceremony was held and I’m so glad I did. I am passionately grateful to SoulCybin for that because it made the ceremony so much more calming since I was the only one present during this ceremony. Just remembering the words expressed in those emails helped get me through it all with a calm and peaceful mind. I have to say that I prepared my room as the sanctuary for the medicine to do what she needed to do. I had a setup of candles, crystals, pictures of great saints, books vibrating with living words, a meditation pillow on the floor and on my bed, and I also had the music list suggested in the emails.
Even though I had everything set up in my room, the Mother had other plans for me.. the ceremony ended up happening in the perfect place, my bathroom of all places, yes!! Lol… During the ceremony, she helped me to understand why she chose the bathroom of all places and I can tell you it made absolute, perfect sense. The medicine definitely had a feminine, motherly feel to it, but I cannot go without mentioning her doctors, her living shamans, and the masculine healers. I definitely felt each one of them since they each brought their unique gift to the ceremony. It was an experience of a lifetime, a healing one for sure It was amazing to just be with the medicine, to allow her to flow through your body with ease. She helped me to see things I’d never experienced before, to feel things as they are, and not how I’ve been imagining them to be. I have never felt more alive. My entire body was engulfed in living, moving patterns. Everything was vibrating with life and so much color, a color that was alive and way more rich and deep. The movements of the many patterns that were shown were so beautiful and captivating, none were the same. The healers came with their own music, and my body would move to the rhythm of their song. I knew at that moment I was being cleansed and caressed with such enormous love. I felt safe and allowed the medicine to work through me with no resistance, no fear. She made it known to me that I had nothing to fear, and that I was loved. I felt her presence. She made it known that she was with me through it all. I started out alone but quickly knew I was never alone, she is here always open to the healing of all who come to her. I am left bare and naked, where the word Gratitude is as close as I can get to expressing or pointing to something so much more than words could ever speak.
In Love, Light, and wholeness,
Thank you with so much Love , humbleness and respect,
Sincerely, Lilliam

Lilliam Morales

Truly Life Changing

I was skeptical at first, but after trying a sample of all of the products, I found that the Awakening was perfect for me! I am a multi repeat customer and absolutely love the product.


SoulCybin is legit, great products put together with so much love

For the first time in several years I’ve been able to stop taking ADHD meds completely, microdosing has been having a really positive impact on my life it was noticeable within the first week my focus is better, and my mood, motivation, and enthusiasm with life has changed in a wonderful
The chocolates have given me great insight as to where I fit in the multiverse thank you SoulCybin for your wonderful products made with love as well as your outstanding customer service!


Restoring a deeper meaning in my Life!

I am a mom of a very energetic boy. I also suffer from clinical depression from time to time. These phases of my life leave me feeling bored with existence and apathetic sadly making it incredibly hard to be a good caretaker. I heard from a few friends to try microdosing and soulcybin was the site I came across while I researched all day and night. I’m the type that doesn’t like to jump in to something without knowing as much as there is to know and I had a good feeling about this site. I ordered a few different packages of the samples and my life immediately changed. I finally felt a deeper more spiritual connection to life. I felt more appreciation for the small things that I thought were “boring” and I related to my son so much more. I highly recommend this to anyone trying to improve their quality of life and lift any negative emotions with these products. I feel so much happier and find more meaning each day thanks to microdosing. Also customer service is the absolute best. They answer every question promptly and are very willing to help with anything you might need on your microdosing journey. It’s obvious they care greatly about helping people with this wonderful medicine. Sending a warm thanks to SoulCybin and a big recommendation to anyone on the fence.


Life changing

I am fairly new to magic mushrooms. I am at a loss for words to describe my experience with your chocolate heart, but it was ecstatic to say the least. I felt the presence of the Goddess and all her love, and my boyfriend got a contact high from being near me. One of the absolute high points of my life. Thank you for what you do.

Elizabeth Kafka

I am truly Blessed.

Your products are truly amazing!! I have weened my way off of my antidepressant using them.. I haven’t been this happy since I was a child!! These are simply the best products out there!! I’ve tried a few and not one has improved my well being, the way Soulcybin has!! Thank you for putting so much love into making your products. It shows everytime I take one!! I will always support you. I feel so blessed!! Thank you for helping me accomplish true happiness again.
Namaste 🙏

Beri G


It wakes up my brain, my thoughts are clear and fast! Brain Boost 150mg is the truth.


I’m very pleased with my results.

I’ve begun by taking Inner Peace on a 3 day on/4 days off cycle. I have been on one or more antidepressants for 30 years but since I’ve started this microdosing regimen, I have been able to cut my antidepressant dosage in half! Not only have there been no negative consequences, but I truly feel better than I have in years. Thank you so much for providing this amazing medicine.



It’s been such a spiritual journey that I can’t explain. I have been going through a spiritual awakening and this has helped me through my process, it is a very amazing journey. I will write more I promise. Love and gratitude. The Universe is perfect.


Nothing but self-love

So great. Was a very transformative experience. Recommend for beginners and experienced.

Jay Wilson

Remedy for Creative Work Roadblocks

I deal with anxiety and depression which has prevented me often from getting creative work done. Brain booster brings me to a space where I feel bright, alert and helps me to see different angles to what I am working on. The mood lift really helps to get me up and moving (which often is the hardest part of the process). I’ve been spacing out doses and have noticed that over time it has had a long lasting all around good effect. Also, I swear my sense of smell gets better while i am doing the alternating day regimen. Highly recommended.


Pure Happiness!

I’m a frequent user. I love the clearance it brings me throughout my day.


Best thing I have done for myself

My entire life, I have battled deep depression as a high-functioning person. The past few years have been especially rough – I did extensive research and am beyond happy to have found Soul Cybin and the ability to microdose with your company. I cannot say enough good things about what this has done for my life.
I am HAPPY- I know that everything is going to be okay and I have never felt like that before – my entire life. If you’re thinking of trying microdosing, I recommend it 100% and SoulCybin is the premier way to do this!

Shelley M

Beautiful medicine

I started taking this medicine in 2021 and noticed an improvement in less than a month. Now, I take it as needed and I love the strengthening of my connection with the source !🙏❤️🌎


An amazing erotic awakening

Microdosing has given my wife and I a new outlook on our lives together and provided us with a new sexual awakening. We have had nothing but positive experiences with Soulcybin and they have a longterm customer with us. Thank you for such wonderful products that give such positive experiences.


It’s the real deal!

I was very skeptical when I put in my first order, but now, three orders later, I know this is the real deal. I love how this company compassionately serves, despite obstacles, so that we may have access to this healing medicine. I am in my early 50s and just came out of the worst decade of my life. I had three life-threatening illnesses (meningitis, stroke, brain aneurysm) that stole over 3 years of my life and left me in chronic pain, I watched my husband die at his own hand, and then when I thought I rebuilt my life with someone new and beloved, the pandemic tore it apart. Needless to say, depression is a familiar space for me and I’ve thought about ending it. I did not want to go on SSRIs. Been there, done that, and I don’t feel antidepressants are a solution. This medicine was my last hope and it has not disappointed me. I am holding steady and have even been able to connect with joy and laughter. I have been lifted to a new place that is lighter and airy. I have had one ceremonial journey and may journey again if I feel called to it. For now, I will continue to microdose. Thank you Soul Cybin for bringing me back to life.


Life Long PTSD resolved at 60 – LIFE CHANGING!

I have suffered with PTSD for the majority of my life due to childhood abuse. I spent many years on antidepressants, therapy, and other prescription meds which seem to only cover up the problem and cause additional side effects. After finding SoulCybin and using Inner Peace for over a year now I have none of the issues I have suffered with all my life of 60yrs. No matter whether it’s depression, anxiety, bi-polar, PTSD, OCD, over eating, etc.; I believe whole heartedly this form of treatment will change your life for the better! I highly recommend this company and it’s products!


Continual Flow State of Creation

I’m a music producer. The SoulCybin products, especially Brain Booster, have greatly helped me stay in a continual state of flow during my sessions, while at the same time, allowing me to drill down deeper into the details of the music and the production process itself to the point where I find myself doing really creative things that I’ve never done before. I believe these products are helping me create better music. In addition, my overall mood has been trending more towards happiness and satisfaction in my life and marriage since I’ve been using these products. I now love bringing my wife her morning tea in bed each day, and I’m doing all the dishes with a smile on my face.

Seth Bartlet

180° Difference

I’m left without words when I try explain the change microdosing has done for me. It’s completely revived and unlocked my ability to feel joy, endure hardships, and be fully present and alive. How is it that this medicine hasn’t been available any sooner? I’m truly grateful for Soulcybin.

Steve B

Miraculous Medicine – would have saved thousands on doctors!!!

I spent so much time researching, reading, watching lectures and examining results of clinical and research trials on the benefits and risks of trying micro dosing this medication. Being in the medical field, it was important I know if the benefits out weighed risks. I could not find cases of any permeant or damaging harm to the brain. Quite the opposite , very interesting to watch the neuropathways and neurons that start to communicate, when this medicine is used in appropriate amounts. I can honestly say for myself that after 3 days of the this medicine , I can see and feel a difference in how present I am, and how elevated my mood is. I am enjoying and noticing the simple yet beautiful things in life again, and my son has been more engaging , sensing I am more present. I also didn’t need any prescription meds for the past 4 days, not recommending this, just stating I personally have not needed it. I plan to continue the 3 days with the medicine, 4 days without and speak to my health care provider about getting off the prescribed meds, if they are still not needed at that time. If I had an adult child suffering from issues such as; MDD/Bipolar, etc. I would 1000% try this specific plant medicine over laboratory medicine. Miraculous , and I feel so grateful to have found this loving, compassionate, responsive company to work with. Excellent customer service, time appropriate responses, and well well worth the extended delivery dates ( just for now, I’m sure ! ). Thank you so much SoulCybin, your caring and lovingness for people is evident with each correspondence and each order.


Helping me through Grad School

It took a while for them to get here, but it was worth the wait. I’ve been taking the 50mg capsules to help me with my final assignments this quarter, and I really can’t believe how helpful they are. I’ve always had trouble focusing and at one point was prescribed medication for ADHD. However, those meds just made me feel anxious and like I couldn’t control my point of focus. The SoulCybin capsules just give me a smooth, calm focus and reunite me with my body at the same time. Love them. And so glad that I have access to an all-natural alternative 🙂 very appreciative of the work SoulCybin is doing!


I love this company and product!

This is an amazing company and a great product. This product has helped me through my days help me heal myself and transform my life while I’m battling cancer on chemotherapy for melanoma brain tumors and this product has got me through my days and made me so happy I will continue buying and taking this product and recommend it to all my friends and family


Incredibly Helpful!

Between working full time and raising kids, I find myself incredibly stressed out and have been battling PPD/PPA.


Creating Sweeter Music with a new found Inner Peace

I’m a saxophone player and after taking the prescribed dosage of Inner Peace I’m more aware of the sounds that I’ve been making and now I’m able to create even more.


Feeling Better than I Ever Have

I am using microdosing to aid me in tapering off of antidepressants so I can have a guided psylocibin journey. So far, it has been helpful and I am not having any adverse effects from tapering. In fact, I feel better than I ever have. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s how I feel. Much easier to deal with depressive thoughts, no deep dives into depression. I am using the 100 mg Adaptogen and next time will try the 150 mg to see if it will aid in creativity.


Soul Greatful

These capsules gently smooth out the rough psychic edges that poke and prod in my daily life. They just let life be more real, right now, and less driven by my anxious imaginings.


I still can’t believe it…

I have pain in the left side of my face and jaw due to Trigeminal Neuralgia. It often made me depressed so I thought I would try microdosing. It has been a pleasant energy focused and calming experience.


This is Life Changing!

I was a bit nervous about trying this for my issues, sleep issues, forgetting to eat and also anxiety. I noticed a difference in my mood the very next day after I tried it and with every dose it gets better and better. I was able to cut out so many extra vitamins or pills that I normally would have to take in order to just do normal daily activities. If you are nervous about trying this don’t be. I have had zero side effects and I’ve been using this product for a few months. It is life changing!


A Miracle

After experiencing a crushing, prolonged depression I decided to try microdosing despite having never tried anything even remotely like it. My god, why didn’t I try earlier? This has had such a dramatic effect on my happiness while allowing me to fully function again. I cannot recommend this enough to anyone suffering. Just give it a try. I am so thankful for this product.


Life Changing for relationship

Recently used this with my fiancé and it really helped strengthen our communication and understanding of each other. Brought us closer together than ever!


Uplifts the Mind & Spirit to a Higher Level

This is a good addition to my medicine cabinet, and I’m glad this is now more freely available. Helps to uplift the mind and spirit to a higher level, innocently enough.


Parent Now Motivated with Playful Positive Energy

I started microdosing “Mental Clarity” and even though I had to adjust the dosage and be patient, I felt more positive energy almost immediately. I was able to use my creative energy with less inhibition and play with my kids more freely without feeling the stress of being an “adult” in that moment of play. I urge anyone who has unmanageable stress in their life, depression and anxiety to try microdosing if they have the right medical history for it. Don’t give up and try different doses and dosing schedules!


Mother of four finally found help

I’ve struggled with myself on many levels my entire being. For as long as I can remember. Soul cybin is the only thing that has helped me feel truly happy on a day to day basis. I started out with the sample packs. 3 different kinds at 100 mgs and also the ceremonial blend. I microdose about every 2 weeks and it keeps me intensely creative. For the first time in my life I’m drawing again, painting, , creating taxidermy artwork again, rock hunting and park exploring with my children again. I can finally help my kids with all the home school they are required to do because of covid. I’m the best mom I have ever been because of this medicine. Highly recommend and will be a lifetime customer

Mary Laws

Miracle my family has waited on

I wanted to wait a little before reviewing to make sure the results weren’t just a fluke. I’ve been severely depressed and bedridden the past two years, due to the divorce of a 20 year marriage. I even tried ending my life a few times in which I was rescued. After a week of taking microdoses of 200mg twice in one week, I’m a completely different person. My kids finally have their mom back! Truly one of earth’s miracles.


Great Product

The Brain Booster is a Great Product! I feel it working while repairing my neurotransmitters. It’s a very effective cognitive enhancer, indeed. I am a top executive and it helps improve my mental performance and finding a “turbo powered” version of my capabilities.

R. Duke

This is real medicine

Microdosing mushrooms did wonders for my depression and anxiety! This isn’t just hippy dippy nonsense. This is real medicine.

Jorvo B


After menopause, I had mood swings, fatigue, night sweats, and more. This has DEFINITELY been a positive journey for me. I feel so much better both physically and spiritually.
It is amazing.

Janine Janvier


My friends and I are so thankful for your company and amazing products. The positive changes happened so quickly for me. I first noticed an elevated positive mood and extra energy. After a few weeks I started to notice it was keeping the outside noise out. I was able to stay on task, be creative and sharp. I’m able to have compassion and look at things from different perspectives. I went from 3 cups of coffee a day to now maybe a half a cup max. I have not experienced anxiety or depression for almost 6 months. I am so excited to be a part of this mental health revolution.

Chesley Wilmarth

Filled with empathy and love

About the 100 mg Inner Peace: I wasn’t sure what 1 capsule would do so I set aside some quiet time, avoided eating a large meal and tried one. Within 40 minutes I experienced a very pleasant state, with what you might call “cosmic thoughts and emotions” filled with empathy and love towards, well, everything.
I couldn’t believe this product could produce a feeling so uplifting and yet mellow. At no time did I feel any loss of control or negative anything.
Beyond pleasant. Beyond recreational.


Loving my two sample packs

I got a sample pack of the brain booster and inner peace, both have been pretty good for me and impactful in my day to day life. They’re not immediate cures by any means and the 100 mg inner peace did give me a bit of anxiety(perhaps too strong) but it definitely makes doing the work I need to do for myself a bit easier and that counts for a lot.


Depression Stopped!

After micro dosing for a week I no longer feel the depression that used to drag me down! Thank you soulcybin !


Best Experience of my Sons life!

I sent my Son 3 100MG’s he took one. 4 hours later he said it was the best experience of his life. His brain and mind were so clean and sharp. Now he knows what’s it all about.


Edward Small

Serenity Capsules – Simply amazing results

I am pretty new to micro dosing, these products I use are uplifting, calming, just simply amazing results! I couldn’t be happier, I am a very happy customer, and I would HIGHLY Recommend giving it a try, if you already haven’t. Each blend serves amazing results, especially if your intention matches the blend!!!


Quit Smoking

My micro dosing gave me a different perspective of a view I already had and helped me quit smoking, Thank you soulcybin !


Adult ADHD seems gone

I tried a three months microdosing schedule for my wife who had crippling ADHD. She was a barely functioning adult. After that she was able to get to school, got her degree in electromechanics and is a highly functional adult. ADHD seems to be gone.

Nicolas M

Life changing!!!

Micro dosing has changed my life and for the better. It has helped my music practice. It is also helping me deal with psychological issues . I have found I can control unwelcome thought patterns and Pause before reacting to things . Thank You for making this available for people . The timing of learning of your company couldn’t have been better . I am forever grateful. HH


The Ceremonial Blend is AMAZING!!!

The ceremonial blend was amazing; as powerful as a mushroom eaten whole!

Doug Smith

I’m blown away!

I have had tinnitus from early childhood, worsened by gunfire and machinery, motors, working in the shop and lots of metal grinding with my job. My hearing was terrible.
This is just insane to me, after only TWO doses of 0.2g and I can barely even focus hard enough to hear the ringing, even in complete silence it’s hardly there. It’s burdened me for years and interrupted my sleep, and also can’t hear well in crowded areas with background noise, and I don’t think my hearing got any better but just the constant monotone ringing is damn near gone. This isn’t even why I decided to try micro dosing but just a noticed effect from the last 2 days. I’m blown away!

Martin T

I have hope!

So context here is I am a “high functioning” ADHD with a very successful career but it requires a ton of stimulant meds that create severe and persistent crushing anxiety, and it leaves no energy for my family and personal relationships. I also have a ton of experience with hallucinogens but not as medication, and only in higher quantities.
Took my first microdose today and it was, by far, the most effective medication I’ve ever experienced. It was like all the areas of my brain that are usually so hard to work with just became softer. The anxiety became easily manageable, but it has also increased my ability to focus and process information…. kind of everything. I don’t know if this is sustainable, but I have hope!!


Migraine Relief

I’ve ben dealing with migraines and confusion since I started taking th brain boost, I feel a calm peaceful relief, I feel so much better Thank you so much!


Helped me tremendously

Microdosing has helped me tremendously. From being unable to leave the house and being in bed 20 hours a day, I am now doing 150% workload of courses at university while getting a degree in Computer Science.

Mage L

Helps in more ways than anticipated!

I initially started micro dosing to help me with mind frame around getting off opiates, it was one strategy of several. Not only did it help me get a better / more healthy way of thinking about my road ahead, but I noticed I was choosing things in my day to day that were the “better” choice for my mental, physical, or emotional well being. I noticed I was more of a decision maker, for the right reasons, with micro dosing. I am not a doctor or any kind of professional in that regard, but I shoot straight. I don’t always love the first stage of the psilocybin – I get cold and almost like my body wants to try and warm itself, I just always put a blanket around me before it hits. Then, for me, I go through a small window of feeling tired, when I was getting clean, this was a perfect time to get some restful sleep even if just for an hour or two, but that was me. Don’t get nervous if you hit a stage that isn’t real comfortable, relax, it will adjust and before long, you are calm and in thought. I work to have positivity around me when under the effects because environment can be everything – Set and Setting. I strongly urge you to read the Ceremonial Guide. My personal favorites are Inner Peace, Ceremonial Blend and Amplifier.


Greater Focus

I was skeptical and nervous before trying my hand at microdosing, but wanted to experience it firsthand so that I knew the effects without any middleman or filter. I am glad that I did. I have noticed that I have more energy, and am more focused. My negative thoughts have abated, and I feel more relaxed and at ease with just about everything. I have had a great experience, and plan to continue using these products.


Great product, wonderful customer service

I have purchased product twice. Once sample packs to sample doses and then to order my correct doses. the product was really good and more importantly I KNEW exactly what I was taking. i did have a few questions and found the staff to be quick with answers. A really good experience. i do wish they also sold macro doses for emergency self healing.

Lynn S

Feeling better/more confident

I have not smoked since being on my ceremonial blend, And I’ve been able to hold my head high, I feel better after my experiences! I’m going to recommend this product to my wife. This is something everyone should experience at least once. It definitely gets rid of depression. Love it!


Pleased with my experiences

I have made two purchases now at Soulcybin and am very happy with both transactions. The customer service was very fast and respectful and shipping was easily tracked. I started to use Inner Peace as part of a microdose experience and have found positive change in my overall energy level and emotions. I am happy that I have found Soulcybin and know my winter will be so much better!

Nicole Stevenson

Amazing for healing trauma

I have been microdosing the products from SoulCybin for the last few months. For the last 7 years, I had been committed to healing from previous trauma and in guiding my body, mind and spirit into a deeper state of peace and clarity. These products have helped me immensely in releasing deep cellular trauma and in facing aspects of myself that are not always comfortable. Microdosing SoulCybin products has helped me to experience a deeper and more embodied level of support that allow me to feel connected and held by Mother Nature herself.


Great product

First order came fast and quality of product was great!!

Todd Truesell


The Brain booster was something very different than I was expecting, in actuality I enjoyed that particular blend the most. It had me mentally stimulated in a way I can’t truly put into words, but I would say it made me want to pursue mathematic equations when I don’t even like math.

Joseph Pangelinan

Love it

Recomendet 100% Thank You ❤️


Mind changing

I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety for many years and have been taking prescribed meds to try to deal with it which have many side effects. So I started looking for a more natural way to deal and feel so I could heal instead of numbing my feelings with prescription pills. I heard about micro dosing n thought to myself this is exactly what I’m looking for So as I was researching micro dosing and how to grow mushrooms lol soul cybin popped up w good reviews so I decided to order a sample packet first just to try well it got lost in the mail. Customer service was excellent and they sent me a new packet no questions asked. Well the day after I got my sample pack the one that was lost in the mail for a month came so I had 2 weeks of trial n I love it. I feel like I’ve stepped out of my haze and see things so much clearly now . I’m not going to lie it was rough weening/detoxing myself from pain meds, anxiety and anti depressants but I’m starting to feel like me again with the help of soul cybin and so happy I decided to try it.


Truly Transformative

The power of microdosing is beyond words, though I will do my best to honor the wisdom within the experience. I have suffered from depression that I have cycled through many times. I have done my best to find my life’s purpose, eat healthy, do Tai Chi, meditate, and do as many self-betterment practices as possible- journaling, practicing gratitude, and more esoteric practices within Taoism. These practices within Taoism of going with the flow of life actually drew me towards microdosing in the first place, and I delved into microdosing before trying SoulCybin’s products. So, I had a base understanding of what I was getting myself into with plant medicine and its beautiful, transformative, mind-expanding effects. I chose to get the sampler packs to be able to try a bit of every product they have. I have taken the inner peace and brain booster capsules. The inner peace capsules I took out in nature and truly felt at one with all that is around me and had a profound day of inner transformation and realization of my purpose here and unity with the universe. I also enjoyed the brain booster capsules, as I feel extremely focused, though open and receptive to what is going on around me, enjoying every aspect of my experience. I highly recommend these products to anyone looking to expand their consciousness and heal.


Thanks for being there

Great product. Thank you all for being there I will be ordering again for sure👍☺


Relieved depression/ Improved cognition

I sampled all 3 blends and loved them all, but decided to go with Brain Booster. I suffer from depression and brain fog so this really seemed like the right fit for me. After 4 weeks I noticed a huge improvement in my mood. My depression was virtually gone and I just feel happier and more energized. Also my mind feels more focused and I have more ease finding the words I am looking for. I definitely feel that my concentration has improved overall. My brain really came alive and I’m loving it! And I’m so pleased to have achieved these results with the plant medicine! Give this a shot, you won’t regret it!

Katie D.


My moods typically go south at the end of October. This yer was much the same. Having read about microdosing and the apparent success people seem to be having with offfsetting depression, I thout Id give it a go.
I am happy to report it is wrking for me, and with no wierd side effects, or residual problems. Easy as pie. I started off with small doses and up’d them over time to where i felt the most positive gain over the follwing days. I did try the syrian rue as well with positive results.
Im a beleiver now. Natural positive energy, a clean head so work can flow as expected, and no more winter blues as I wait 6 months for the sun to return. Winter is flying by now!
Thanks to the team. Give thanks, and praise.

Bill in Boston

Life Changing

I have been microdosing for a little over a month now and I can tell you the positive impacts and benefits were noticeable almost immediately. As someone who has suffered from anxiety and mild depression for most of my life, the biggest game-changer has been the ability to turn off negative emotions such as sadness or anxiety or anger. Also, just a greater appreciation for the world around me.



I have been way more productive on the brain booster “mental mastery”. I honestly was skeptical at first, but this stuff really works!


Great Results

I am going through a divorce and wanted to try micro-dosing to see if it would help with emotional rollercoaster I’ve been on. It has helped quite a bit. It has helped me be introspective and look at myself and try to find peace. I feel much better-less emotional swings and having acceptance. Worked for me!

Steve H

a brave new world

Soul Cybin is legit. This product helps unlock doors you didn’t even know were there.


Great so far. Adaptogen.

I like the Adaptogen blend. So far I’ve been micro dosing every 3 days. It helps with my mood and depression. Thank you.

Joey A

Meaningful relief

Thank you for a quality product!
I’ve experienced a fair bit of stress this year like so many of us. A combination of business stress and social isolation manifested as a deepening depression. I’m more than pleased with nearly instant relief from your product, without intoxication or other side effects.
I’ve already made my second order and am singing your praises to my immediate circle of friends. Keep up your good work. Thank you, K.

Keith, San Diego

Professional Product

When I first received my purchase I was impressed with the professional packaging. I continue to sample the product. Happy to have found a source that I feel comfortable with. Thank you!

Teresa Petersen

Wonderful experience

My wife and I tried the Ceremonial Blend and had a wonderful experience. Soulcybin’s customer service was amazing, since this was our first experience I had several questions and they were very responsive. The quality of the product as well as the dosage was perfect for us, we plan to make another purchase soon! The Ceremonial Blend was very relaxing and had a profound and positive impact, the effect it had on us was very gentile and wonderful.

Tim M

Great exciting product!

I am a mental health therapist and just learning about the benefits of psylosibin therapy with people who live with anxiety, depression, PTSD and end of life prognosis’. My personal experience with Soulcybin microdoses affirmed this. Thank you.


Amazing product I highly recommend

I’m on chemotherapy for 2 years now and these have definitely improved my attitude motivation and life all around, along with these and lions made mushrooms and turkey-tailed mushrooms I have shrunk my tumors in my brain and my body and I am one of the longest living melanoma survivors at the huntsman Cancer institute

Brett Jeppson

Transformative Beyond Anything Else I’ve Experienced

I’ve been coping with clinical depression,various other issues, and dissatisfaction with everything for several years now, and been put on many different medications, treatments and therapy, including Ketamine. Despite all of this, I still felt a sense of disconnection from my own life and a deeply rooted unhappiness and confusion with everything. This fantastic medicine has allowed me to shed all that kept me from enjoying life and doing the things I’ve always wanted to do. Not only that, but it’s helped me to feel comfortable with mortality and the human experience in general. l cannot express how much this medicine changed my life, I could not more highly recommend anything to anyone in a similar place. If you haven’t yet, give yourself this opportunity. You will not regret it.


An alternative to psychotropic drugs

Micro dosing at 250 mg has been extremely effective for me. My schedule is dosing one day then two days off. I suggested trying the sample packs like I did to gauge what dosage is the best for you. The most gratifying benefit of psilocybin is no side effects such as the laundry list that comes with medications such as SSRI’s.



I purchased “Inner Peace – The Awakening”, and I had a really excellent experience. It was my first purchase with this company, and I was surprised at the effects. After taking each dose, I felt more able to deal with stress in my life. I also felt more compassion and I felt my emotions more deeply. I am very pleased with this product, and I will be purchasing again.


I feel so much better

This past year has been very tough mentally. Although I was able to keep my job, I was forced to work from home. i was excited about it but came to realize very quickly that i am indeed a people person. I began down a very dark path. I was so depressed and anxious about nearly everything in my life. I even had a plan for suicide. During this time of darkness, I watched a show on Netflix called The Midnight Gospel. In the show they mention micro-dosing. I had heard of this before, but it was then i decided to really dive into it. I did all the research i could possibly do, the only thing left was to try it on myself. At first, I was going to try and grow the mushrooms myself but then what if it didn’t help me? and what if i did all that work for nothing and was out all the money I’d put into it. Some how, I stumbled on Soul Cybin. THIS IS PERFECT I thought! and it has been. I love it, I feel better, my attitude on life is MUCH better, I am finding joy in things Id used to love to do again. I do find myself napping on the days of my doses though. they’re not small naps either, they’re 3 to 4 hour naps. VERY vivid dreams, sometimes strange, sometimes sexual, but never bothersome. I’ve enjoyed this experience tremendously and am looking forward to continuing.

Celinda Linscott

Amazing products

I was skeptical going into this purchase, but decided to give it a shot. I am happy to say it was all well worth it and I will be a long time consumer here! Products so far have all been better than expected!


An absolute godsend! Almost immediate relief

An absolute godsend! Almost immediate alleviation of depressive thoughts and a break in the vicious downward thought processes! Absolutely worth every penny; I love that it’s all natural as well!!

Also, noticed a nice increase in out-of-the-box thinking/creativity!


At long last, relief and healing!

I have been fairly heavily medicated for the past few years for severe depression and PTSD. I am a fire captain, paramedic with 20+ years of built up trauma from the job. I have been seeing a therapist and psychologist for treatment for several years. The medications have done their job, taken the edge off, but there are quite a few, less than desirable side effects. After much research, I decided to give microdosing a try. I have been microdosing for the past two months, and, after experimenting with the different blends, have found my blend and dose. I am proud to say I am no longer on my prescribed medications, I have more energy, no side effects and I feel all around better than I have in years. I highly recommend these products and the mindful strategy they suggest to anyone. I have referred several friends and colleagues to this product line and will continue to do so.

I sincerely want to thank everyone on your team. You really are changing lives.

EJ Hinterman

A truly enlightening experience.

My goal is for spiritual growth. I have not used the product except in an environment that is conducive to those ends. In doing so, I have found a new sense of focus, purpose and determination with life overall. A new joy, that is lost in the doldrums everyday life. It is a 4-hour vacation from the stress and problems and has no side effects. It has not solved any problems, but rather, allows for the digestion of problems, issues, and life in a peaceful tone.



Thankfully the Universe led me to SoulCybin. I’ve been resistant to decades of medication, various therapy, and my condition have worsened. I was at the point of giving up all hope, I felt defeated. Along with another type of psychedelic therapy treatment, I have been microdosing and the effects have been life-changing. No depression, no anxiety, no suffering. It’s genuinely so profound and I am starting to live a quality life each day. I feel loved and cared about by SoulCybin.
Highly recommend this kind, wonderful, reputable company.


Turned My Life Around

I am 35, I have struggled with trauma, depression, anxiety since I was a child. I used drugs and alcohol to cope for years. I just celebrated 3 years of sobriety and I was still having a hard time getting up every day. I have been on so many antidepressants that I have lost count. Since starting the microdosing I have had a complete 180! I feel more grounded and have such a better outlook on life. Getting up in the mornings is no longer a chore, I embrace it. If you’re asking yourself, is this for me? Take this as the sign you were looking for!

Elisha M.

Micro dosing

I started micro dosing about a month ago, I feel like a light was turned on in my brain! Better moods, less depression without the side effects of antidepressants! LOVE this new being!



Microdosing Psilocybin has helped me see and appreciate the shadow self. Negative self talk has vanished as Ive been able to see and feel that is not who I am. Microdosing Psilocybin has made clear, the narrow path. You will more than likely have no other choice but to choose and strive for perfection after your experiences. I am thankful for all involved in bringing this forth.


Life changer

For years I have battled anxiety and anger and this has helped relieve some of both it is definitely a life changer and my wife has noticed


So much more daily inner peace!

Since incorporating SoulCybin into my life I’ve experience more inner peace and released a lot of judgements or stress, things that used to bother me no longer do. I’m having more in depth and vulnerable conversations, deeper meditations and feel more connected to myself than ever. I’ve experienced quite a bit of healing and more love!

I would highly recommend this to anyone desiring more love, peace, healing and connection to self and spirit!


Stepping Into The Soul

It’s been accurately said that each of us is a soul in a body, not a body with a soul. The challenge, of course, is learning to make the shift from the ego mind to the soul mind a part of our daily life, here in a material world so full of obstacles and distractions that lead us astray from the things that most matter in life.

I’ve spent years on the spiritual awakening path and it’s helped me to overcome in so
many ways. Well, until recently, when my wife’s health began to rapidly deteriorate. It hasn’t been so much a question of accepting the inevitable, but how to best care for her, make her comfortable, and how to make the most of the time we do have together.

The answers to these questions were going to take some soul searching and I knew I needed to get the incessantly chattering ego-mind out of the way in order to focus on the quiet wisdom and guidance of the soul.

And that’s where SoulCybin worked its magic! I’d never tried mushrooms before and the fantastic “how to” guide provided on this website helped me set up a quiet space, how set my intention, and offered great tips for fully embracing my healing journey.

I took the recommended dosage, lit a few candles, and laid down waiting for something to happen. I didn’t have to wait long before arriving *home*. My soul and I spent the next few hours together. Soul did the talking, that annoying ego-mind was silent for once, and I just listened.

When what can only be described as a life-changing experience had passed, I left the room feeling peaceful, centered, far better equipped to deal with my wife’s situation, and truly blessed.

This was my first experience with SoulCybin products, but it won’t be my last. I can’t say enough about the wonderful people at SoulCybin, who would best be described as light workers helping to spread light and love in a world so desperately in need of both.

The products they offer are designed to help people heal from a long list of common emotional disorders using a spiritual awakening approach. And that’s precisely what they do!



I’ve struggled with depression since i was 14. I’ve never taken an anti depressant that was effective. Within two days of taking Soulcybin 100mg, i slept better, was more calm, settled, easy going and happy. My anxiety has all but disappeared. I do 5 days on, 2 off.
I’m very grateful for this product and hope it’s better known soon.
Thank you from me, my family and the bottom of my heart.


Microdosing Psilocybin has changed my

Microdosing Psilocybin has changed my life. I have PTSD and CPTSD and this medicine has helped me breakthrough and heal the subconscious and I am forever grateful for the plants as teachers and all who work to make this available to the people of the earth.

Sarah Elsie, LMT

Anxiety relief

I have been using the Brain Booster 50mg every 4 days. As I am quite sensitive, I am doing a half dose and that is perfect. My anxiety and irritation have lessened. The effect lasts for a few days and my baseline has raised since I started. It is helping in a deep way that GABA and anti-anxiety meds have not touched.


Life changing

Microdosing has changed my life for the better. I have had more progress with it than any pharmaceutical drug or SSRI. Everyone needs to try and experience how amazing you can feel and start the healing process


Great Company good service good product

Thank you Soul Cybin for your excellent product and great customer service. I have placed 3 orders and all have come in a timely fashion.


Balance in a Storm

I have been using SoulCybins products for over a year now. It has reduced my anxiety and helps to remind my body and soul what it should feel like to be present and connected to all that there is on this amazing planet.


New perspective

Good bye brain fog, good bye depression, good bye low energy!! I started taking brain booster 50mg about a month ago, and I don’t know how I’ve made it this long without it!! For all of those on the fence about microdosing, do yourself a favor and try out the samples at least. Thank yourself later.

Dawnee Cochran

Great product!

Overall I am feeling great after my first month of micro-dosing with soulcybin! Some of the benefits I am enjoying are a feeling of peace and contentment with my life, calmer when dealing with the daily hurdles of life, and a clearer head in general. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone.

Jason Williams

Days feel lighter

I have been struggling with anxiety and depression since childhood, and these Inner Peace capsules have helped me more than any prescription drug I’ve been on. Colors are brighter, days feel lighter, and work isn’t so bad anymore. I feel more motivated and optimistic. The changes I have felt are remarkable. Definitely a repeat customer!


These have changed my life!

These have changed my life. I’ve struggled with anxiety and ADHD my entire life. The last few years have been unbearable, but since I’ve started with mental mastery my ADHD symptoms have decreased significantly, anxiety and panic attacks have basically disappeared and I’ve been able to live life. It’s been truly amazing!


Life changing!!

Since I started microdosing, I’ve noticed a significant decrease in anxiety and depression. I haven’t had any episodes since, and things that would typically trigger anxiety for me, affect me much less. I have noticed an increase in my quality of life, I have mentally been able to function much better, and my social life has improved. I am very thankful that this product is available to me, and I only wish I could have found it sooner!



Since starting to use Soulcybin’s micro-dosing formulas I feel like myself again. I am able to live without anxiety and depression being a roadblock. I hated the thought of taking prescription meds with known side effects. I feel much better putting something natural into my body. I am very thankful for this company and will continue to purchase from them.


Front-Line caregiver Relief

Micro Dosing provided the much-needed relief I needed in dealing with PTSD from being a front-line caregiver in an ICU during the pandemic combined with my peri-menopausal mood swings. Relief was immediate! I’m sleeping and coping much better. I now have far more good days than bad days. I have more mental energy left to do the things I enjoy and be fully present. I thank you. My family thanks you. My patients thank you.


Laser Focus

I ran across Soul Cybin as a company by chance. I’ve been hearing about microdosing to help with a number of different areas of life. I have never been one to reach for Rx meds to help me- so instead dove deep into finding more about Soul Cybin as a company and how microdosing can help me in my life. A lot of my colleagues take Adderall to help them focus – essentially legal meth. NOT my cup of tea. I ordered Brain Booster with little expectations. I found myself able to do more easily focus (my job requires a lot of multitasking and my brain sometimes gets confused), able to hone in on what’s important as well as sit for long periods of time with intense focus. Nonetheless – I ordered another bottle and can’t wait to see how it can help me in my professional life.

Thank you for being a great company that not only seeks to share its product but also educates.

That’s a win-win for me!

Nicole M

Soulcybin Team is bold, courageous and caring

They just blew me away with their service and customer interaction. I’m an emotions teacher and began including this option in my work – as I see microdosing as a “next level” tool to help people who may be having a challenge in breaking out of their incessant thoughts and dissociation.

It’s admirable that the Soulcybin Team has navigated the perils of offering this vital medicine. They proved their integrity and perseverance to me earlier this year when I did not receive my order in a timely manner. I know they were being “pulled through a knothole” on so many fronts, but they respectfully kept me in the loop letting me know where my order was in the pipeline as it was being processed. Whenever I contact them I know I will hear back in good time. All of this is remarkable service in the face of challenging circumstances.

My students and clients really like their product line. If you’re new to this, I advise purchasing some 50mg and 100mg bottles, which will allow you to titrate up as you experiment with the dosages to find your “sweet spot”.

For those just beginning to embark on this journey, a good reminder is to start low and go slow to respect your body, mind and Soul. But simply by embracing this medicine you are already communicating to your subconscious that you are longing to gain control of your Inner world to live a better life … and that’s part of the magic!

Becca Williams

Life changing!

I am a believer in the power of this medicine. All my experiences as a teenager left me feeling each time as If I had gone on a journey and brought something back with me. Never before has it been made available to me like this. Now I can continue to have this experience and slow down from the daily grind that’s killing my soul and the assault on my inner peace. I tried the Ceremonial blend up in the mountains alone and had a peaceful smile on my face the whole time. Today I am trying the “Inner peace” blend which is lower key for daily supplementation (with breaks). After The Ceremonial blend, I immediately decided to share this with my boyfriend, sister, and mom. I really feel like you gain an appreciation for the world in a way you just can’t when you’re so caught up in what doesn’t matter. I felt love up there on the mountain. thank you. thank you so much for making this available to us.


Just 2 bottles

I started with a sample of inner peace which caught my attention I then ordered a bottle of the focus and ceremonial blend and I couldnt have been more pleased with the experience! The focus was an amazing coffee substitute (for the most part) gave me a nice little awakening and kept me a little sharper all day mentally. The ceremonial blend was a great dosage to help get into a deep meditative state and wash over you with a real constructive mental outlook on the things I would be focusing on during these sessions! I would come away with the nice after glow affect and would carry the positive vibes for a few days afterwards. I’m looking forward to another order soon!

Trevor Sly

Life changer

I have always been anxious and angry since starting taking inner peace I have found my peace and it’s amazing my wife has noticed the change that has given me


Great Stuff!!

Microdosing has improved my quality of life tremendously. I’ve started walking again and my mood is so much better. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to better their life!


Happy microdosing

I am honored to be able to be a part of this amazing journey with these sacred plant medicines and I now am a person who was able to throw away my pharmaceutical medication in order to get actual mental and spiritual help through the experience of using psilocybin and the Syrian Rue ! I now am able to talk to my mom and have real loving eye contact ! I can now enjoy this beautiful life in a way I never thought possible !!! Please be open minded and love yourself enough to try real medicines that can help you in the long run of life !! Love yourself and much love from me to you as a prior machine gunners in the United States Marine Corps and now a Marine for the winning side with the help of such an amazing medicine ! Much love Aaron Thorne !

Aaron Thorne

Fortune 500

This product has so much benefit not only mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I would without a doubt say I can’t get enough of it. One hundred percent feel if this company continued what I have experienced so far they can change the world! I will keep coming back and want to thank you for opening my soul.


Very good

I ordered the 50mg, 100mg and 150mg. It has helped with anxiety, it helps get deep in to meditation and overall a great product. It’s been a very positive subtle feeling. Recommend to others.


Amazing Results

Started microdosing for anxiety /depression however, I had no idea there would be such profound changes in so many other areas. I have a renewed outlook and joy! Highly recommend.

Tonya SS

Great Product

I’ve been getting Brain Booster and Inner Peace supplements from SoulCybin for a few months now. I love their product . Microsdosing has really helped me with depression, motivation and energy. I have turned several friends onto it. And, SoulCybin is a reliable source for those who have a hard time finding a place to get a high quality and safe product.

debra johnson

Changed my life

My only regret is that I have not known about this healing medicine before now. I’m almost 60 yrs old, had PTSD & anxiety all my life. Microdosing has helped me balance myself enough to get past many old traumas and lead a more peaceful life. So grateful! Mindlifetherapy is a company with a heart & soul; prices are more than reasonable, and the healing that is offered is priceless.

Mimi For Life

Life changing!

Ever since I started taking soulcybin I have expanded my thinking like never before!

Nicholas m

Treatment-resistant Major Depression sent packing!

I have struggled with chronic, treatment-resistant Major Depression and complex childhood PTSD for over 40 years. I am happy to report that I have a new weapon in my arsenal for fighting the black fog. I do many things to manage my condition: psychotherapy, medications, whole-food plant-based diet, exercise, SAD light, ketamine infusions, meditation and prayer. I am having WONDERFUL results with the Brain Booster, Ceremonial Blend, Adaptogen Blend and Inner Peace. My state of mind is better than it has been for over 29 years.
I thank God every day for the existence of this company and the medicine they provide at an affordable price. That sounds cheesy, but it is exactly how I feel. Thank you, MindLifeTherapy!


Microdosing = peace = happiness

I started my microdosing about a month and a half ago and I have had the most incredible experiences in this life! My thoughts are easy on my soul, my eyes are open wider then ever and my heart is so clear I could probley make you a glass house 😍 I tell ya one soul to another please just try the low dose change your feeling, once we change our FEELERS🤪 we change our mind. This will make you not only have thoughts that you can understand and process and the world , nature has a whole new meaning. If your thoughts are should I try this, your answer is yes🥰 life changing and life saving! The Journey blend….. off the hook in love guys thank you love you all sooooo much and again thank you for your prayers your energy and your measures😍😍😍😍


Anxiety, stress and amphetamine recovery

I have been using Soulcybin for about a month. I also ordered the ceremonial blend.
I am 36 years old and was first diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression at 14. I’m also recovering from a prescription diet bill addiction that compromised my central nervous system and may have led to musculoskeletal damage. I’m miserable and in pain for years. I’ve taken every prescription anti depressant out there. All i ever felt was that my personality was being dulled over time.
Just in this short time I’ve been taking this, I’m convinced if it’s magic. I have an open, excited attitude towards life, i have more energy, I’m relaxed and just overall happier. I sleep and wake easily. I’m just shining again.
I’m incredibly grateful for this product and i plan to be a forever client with these results.
My friends and family are already commenting on the change. Thank you.
I have not been paid or coerced to write this. It has really helped me. I am a real person.

Jennifer Campbell

A permanent fan

I’ve went through 2 bottles now 1 ceremonial blend and 1 focus and I couldnt have had a better experience!! The focus blend all but replaced caffeine for me for over a month and kept me positive and sharp all day. The ceremonial blend was a fantastic experience putting me into a very comfortably deep meditative reflective state of mind that seemed to give me an after glow for a couple of days after!! I’m so excited that I found this site and am planning another order soon!!!

Trevor Sly


Microdosing has been a game changer in my battle with PTSD and depression. I take one tablet for two days straight then take 2 days off. Now I just bebop through the day with almost zero chips on my shoulders. The mental pain is still there, but im able to quickly let it go. Microdoseing may of saved my marriage and me. Thank you!


Will Yours Be Next?

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