In this video professor Roland Griffiths aims to prove how science and spirituality can play well together, as the sensation of the mystical could be a true science.

Science and spirituality can be seen as opposing terms or similar ones, depending on you.

We aim to share this kind of content, give you access to our private membership association and educational words to give you a different point of view and show you how science and spirituality can be absolutely related when observed from a deep and objective point of view.

Keep reading or watch the video to find out what Roland Griffiths’ opinion on this matter is.

Psilocybin can allow people to reach the mystical world and heal from different illnesses…
Under good supervision!

What Is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin is the principal psychoactive component in the psilocybe genus of mushrooms.

Roland Griffiths, together with other professors and medical experts, started research to find out the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of this powerful psychedelic.

For their research, they found a few volunteers from different backgrounds who would agree to try psilocybin.

They divided the volunteers into categories and gave psilocybin to:

  • Healthy people
  • Psychologically distressed cancer patients
  • Cigarette smokers seeking abstinence
  • Long-term meditators

Healthy People:

What could healthy people possibly experience during a psilocybin trip?

All healthy volunteers experienced hallucinations and deeper emotional sensations, but what Roland Griffiths found particularly interesting was discovering that everyone had a mystical experience through the sessions, something most of them had never experienced before.

They all shared the desire to experience a sense of unity, sacredness, interconnectedness, love, harmony, and positivity.

About 80% of the healthy volunteers rated the experience to be among the top five most personally and spiritually significant experiences of their lives.

About 90% of them reported increased life satisfaction, positive behavior change, increased positive mood and better social relationships.

By the end of the day the effects were gone but vivid memories endured.

Psychologically Distressed Cancer Patients:

Volunteers who were psychologically distressed due to cancer showed incredible improvements.

92% of those who received the high dose of psilocybin five weeks after the sessions were showing clinically significant improvements that were still sustained after 6 months, much more than those who took the lower dose.

Cigarette Smokers Seeking Abstinence:

Remarkable results were shown for cigarette smokers seeking abstinence too.

The research proved how the urinary cotinine dropped dramatically and remained down, months after taking psilocybin.

After 6 months, their research graphic showed an 80% of absent rates.

Long-term Meditators:

Most long-term meditators and volunteers have found the psilocybin experience to be remarkable and have reported beneficial effects.

Though none would claim it could be a substitute for meditation.

Indeed, from the research, it appears that, under supported conditions, psilocybin can be very beneficial.

After talking about the data from his research, Roland Griffiths shares some implications:

1- Scientific
2- Medical
3- Mystical


He believes that the tools of science should be used in such a way that allow us to investigate the causes and consequences of psilocybin’s powerful effects


The goal, Roland Griffiths says, is to seek approval to treat patients with psilocybin and make it gain the therapeutic and medical recognition it deserves.


Roland Griffiths believes this might be the most meaningful implication, as he affirms that mystical experiences are biologically normal, but somehow we are wired to fail to experience interconnectedness and unity, experiences that should be the basics of our existence.

Mystical experiences allow you to awaken an indescribable sense of freedom, serenity, happiness, and appreciation.

If You Aim to Embark On a Mystic Journey That Combines Science And Spirituality…

Roland Griffith’s talk on psilocybin is one of the many examples of professors, scientists, doctors, therapeutics who share their knowledge on science and spirituality, with a deeper hint on psilocybin research, with the aim of sharing the wide range of benefits this plant medicine is able to offer.

If you aim to embark on a mystic journey that combines science and spirituality while allowing you to change your life to the better… click here and let’s start this journey together!

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