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      Hello, dear member (and anyone reading this)!

      Sorry for the delay in our reply. We’re quite good with emails and chats but we still definitely have some improvements to make on our timing regarding the forums.

      It’s generally advisable to microdose in the morning on an empty stomach, and not eat anything after one or two hours later.

      Probably you wouldn’t feel an effect the following day if you take a bit in the evening. Perhaps you take a higher dose, but that can also affect your sleep (maybe for the better, though).

      The effect is a bit different from microdosing with capsules, but quite similar still. It’s best if you try for yourself what are the differences in your unique mind and body, as long as you do it carefully and with respect.

      These are general recommendations, but of course it can change from person to person.

      Please read our Microdosing Guide (disregard the dosing test though, we’ll update it soon) for more information on how to make the best out of your microdosing experiences: https://bit.ly/sc-microdosing-guide

      I hope this helps!

      If you have any further questions or comments, don’t hesitate to share them with us here or via email at support@soulcybin.org, or via chat Mon-Fri 10am-3pm EST.

      Thank you for participating in the forums, and we wish you all the best!




        Hello dear member,

        We have three benefits that only contain our SouCybin Proprietary Blend:

        1.The Inner Peace (it also contains ginger root extract, but nothing else, to aid with the digestion of the psilocybin), available in 100mg, 200mg, 250mg, and 350mg microdose capsules.
        2. Our yummy Microdose gummies, available in 100mg per gummy microdoses.
        3. The Sweetness of Life Microdose Honey; 1/2 tsp = 62.5mg microdose
        3. Our Ceremonial Blend (available in 400mg capsules). Since this benefit is intended for a ceremonial dose and not a microdose, you can open the capsule and only take 1/4 of the capsule to see how you feel on it first.

        To learn about each additional ingredient in our Five Masters, Adaptogen, and Brain Booster blends, simply scroll down on the benefit pages for each offering to where it says “Description / Ingredients.” There, you can click on each title to read details about why each mushroom and/or herb is added to our blends and their unique properties.

        It is normal to respond better to one blend over the other. Your perfect blend might be 1/2 capsule of the 100mg Inner Peace, or one gummy. For some members, the synergistic blends with other mushrooms and herbs are truly what works best for them! 🙂

        Hope this helped!

        SoulCybin Moderator

          Hello, dear members!

          We got this question (the one in the initial post) via email as well so here is part of the reply we sent via email:

          I don’t recall the specifics of the podcast, but if he mentioned 1-2 mg as a dose then he’s very likely talking about the psilocybin itself, and not the psilocybin mushrooms.

          When we talk about 50 mg as a low dose, we’re talking about 50 mg of dried mushrooms which is what is present in the capsules we provide.

          The specific amount of psilocybin inevitably varies a bit from mushroom to mushroom, but it’s stable enough to be measured in this way. If you make some more research about mushrooms you’ll see that it’s very common to measure it by mg and grams of dried Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms. 5 g (5000 mg) is considered a very high dose (usually called “heroic dose”), around 1,5 – 2 g. is usually the minimum for what is generally called a “ceremonial dose” or “macrodose”, and microdosing generally is done with 50-350 mg.

          The thing is, how much a dosage affets each person, besides generalities mentioned above, changes from person to person according to not just their BMI and other physical general aspects, but also to psychological sensitivity, given by multiple factos.

          So we suggest you try different dosages (and blends, unless you already know which one you want). You can do this with our sample packs:

          ☯️ Free samples bundle (x2): https://soulcybin.org/benefits/free-samples-bundle/

          ☯️ Three sample bags pack: https://soulcybin.org/benefits/sample-packs-3-bags/

          ☯️ Five sample bags pack: https://soulcybin.org/benefits/sample-packs-5-bags/

          ☯️ Eight sample bags pack: https://soulcybin.org/benefits/sample-packs-8-bags/

          This way you’ll be able to see for yourself how much is too little or too much for you. Also, if you still haven’t, I highly recommend you read our Free Microdosing Guide: https://bit.ly/sc-microdosing-guide

          As to Jen’s comment:

          To be extra clear: the 100 mg (or whichever dosage we primarily show, from which you guys can choose from) states the amount of psilocybin mushroom (dried and ground) present in each capsule. Hence, the other ingredients present in each blend (such as ginger root in the Inner Peace, or lion’s mane in the Brain Booster, etc.) are NOT included in this dosage that you read and choose from.

          I hope this helps clarify these questions!

          Please let us know if you need anything else, we’re here for you!

          In Sacred Service,


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          Nicholas Blake

            If I remember correctly, DMT is metabolised into psilobyn. I wish I could tell you where to find it,  but I’ve only had it twice myself in Chicago many years ago. Once was smoking it on a cigarette… where you get a very short, mild euphoria with closed eye visuals of 2D geometric patterns. A few weeks after that, I received some psilo capsules that were coated with DMT. Now that, was a BEAUTIFUL, profound experience!  It was also my last. I couldn’t find psilo anywhere,  until now.  I’m so excited to get it as my depression is literally ruining me.


            In reply to: Rotating Blends

            SoulCybin Moderator

              Hello, Grace.

              Great question! Thank you for your post and sorry if we took a bit too long, but here we are! 🙏🏼

              The best way you could try these blends would be to choose one of our protocols and one of the blends and try both for at least 2 weeks, ideally more, so you can get a feeling of how a certain combination of protocol + blend feels.

              To have a better understanding about the protocols you can choose, please read our (FREE) Microdosing Guide, which you’ll find very useful for other reasons too. You can get it here.

              Once you choose and try a protocol and one of the blends that you got for some weeks (one or two months would be best to try it properly), and after at least a week of not having any psilocybin (break), you can choose to do the same protocol with another blend, or the same blend with another protocol, and then keep rotating every 1 or 2 months (+ break) to see what fits you best, or, if you found something that you feel is really beneficial for you, then (why not) you can stick with that protocol+blend combination.

              Lastly, please keep in mind that, to use the Amplifier, you should take it 30 min before any blend that you choose to combine it with, and that this will amplify the effect of the psilocybin. We recommend you to try the amplifier only after having tried the capsules for some time withOUT the amplifier, and AFTER a break, so you can feel it’s effect properly.

              Always with an intention, with caution, with respect, and with humility.

              I hope this helps!

              Please let us know if you have any further questions! Take care and have a wonderful Friday and weekend.

              In Service,



              In reply to: How many chocolates?

              SoulCybin Moderator

                Hello again, Jane!

                I’m sorry but what do you mean with the Ceremonial Box? We only have the Ceremonial Blend (which isn’t chocolates, but capsules with ground mushrooms), and the Ceremonial Chocolate.

                Please let us know if we’re missing anything or if that’s clear enough!



                SoulCybin Moderator

                  Dear Karen and Retired Engineer (amazing name btw 😅)

                  Thank you for your post and comment! Sorry about this delay; it’s been a hectic month, but we’re now determined to be more active and present in the forums.

                  It can happen that we get really sleepy for several weeks, perhaps because we’ve already been quite exhausted (or stressed?) for a longer time period but which we ignored before.

                  It happened to one of our colleagues that the first two weeks with the Brain Booster Blend he was very tired and then he realized he was pushing myself going out and meeting people too much, for example.

                  Since the Lion’s Mane in our Brain Booster Blend has a bit of an energizing effect (but absolutely not like caffeine, for example), then that might be a better blend if the sleepiness persists after several weeks. It could also be about the dose; you can try a lower one by getting a new bottle or by breaking the capsules and mixing it in a tea when it’s not too hot.

                  Also, after completing a whole cycle of 4 weeks, we recommend having a break for at least two weeks to avoid the build-up of tolerance to psilocybin.

                  Although mushrooms can be an incredibly valuable ally and tool in our process of healing and transformation, they can’t magically do all the work for us. It’s really beneficial to the process that we simultaneously commit to eating a healthy diet, regularly engage in some type of physical movement or exercise, spend time in nature, and engage in a spiritual practice.

                  What’s also important to keep in mind is that it can sometimes take time for microdosing before one starts noticing the beneficial shifts. Please make sure to give it some time and space.

                  Lastly, we can’t recommend and encourage you enough to read our (FREE) Microdosing Guide, which we created specially for our members to make the best out of their microdosing journey and our benefits. Please don’t forget to read it thoroughly, it’s a really valuable resource.

                  Thank you all for your commitment towards your well-being. We wish you all the best, always.




                  In reply to: Shelf Life?

                  SoulCybin Moderator

                    Hello there, Daniel and dspjones!

                    Sorry about the delay; it’s our intention to be more aware, Present and Active from now on in the forums. It’s been a hectic month but we’re getting more organized. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

                    If stored in the fridge, the medicines will maintain maximum potency and freshness if you use them within 3 to 6 months after having opened the bottle / jar. Just make sure they don’t get wet, because then the capsules can break down.

                    When you store them in the freezer, however, the shelf life can be extended up to 12 months (or more) with very little deterioration in the active alkaloids.

                    We hope this helps! If you have any other questions, please let us know. We’re always here for you.

                    Take care and we wish you all the best,



                    In reply to: Ceremonial Chocolates

                    SoulCybin Moderator

                      Dear Jessi,

                      Thank you for sharing your experience.

                      It is indeed possible that the bupropion is having an effect, of course. It is always preferred and strongly recommended to take the mushrooms / capsules on an empty stomach, and with no other medications (especially the ones that are made to change how your mind works).

                      Also, please remember that microdosing shouldn’t have a noticeable effect in the moment, but rather after days, weeks or (in some cases) even months.

                      If you still haven’t, we strongly recommend that you (and anyone reading) read our Free Microdosing Guide, which is a very useful resource to understand and make the most out of any Microdosing Treatment, and guide you through them.

                      We hope this helps! Let us know if you have any further questions (especially after having read that Guide).

                      Thanks a lot for your participation in the Forums, and we wish you all a Peaceful Present.


                      Marita Nogueiras

                        Damn! I want this! I just weened off Celexa which I have  been on for years and thus withdrawal is no joke! I want to start microdosing! Purchased and had a few capsules here and there but nothing consistent.  Now that I am off SSRI want to take this seriously !  I need help with what to take!


                        Topic: Eye of the Tiger

                        in forum Testimonials

                          I’m a relatively new SoulCybin customer, having placed my first order in January of this year. I ordered some of the Inner Peace 350 mg capsules and started microdosing for the first time, mostly to help with mental health issues (depression, anxiety, and ADHD) and healing from childhood trauma and a history of bad relationships and fearful avoidant attachment.

                          When my order came, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it included a complimentary crystal from SoulCybin. The gift I received was a rose quartz, which is traditionally associated with love and compassion (including self-love) and opening the heart chakra. At first I thought it was just a coincidence that I happened to receive that particular crystal, but in hindsight it was a message from the mushroom guides and a sign of what was to come.

                          Earlier this week, I decided to use my remaining Inner Peace capsules (7 total, equaling 2.45 grams) to embark on a ceremonial journey. This was only my second time taking a macrodose (the first time being nearly two years ago, when I was gifted mushrooms by someone who knew I wanted to try them). I experienced a lot of anxiety during that first trip (though ultimately had a positive, cathartic experience), so I wasn’t sure what a second trip would be like.

                          I set my intention for healing and guidance, and found that it was much easier to surrender, trust, and let go this time, which led to me having a truly transformative experience. This sacred medicine provided exactly what I needed at this point in my life, and I’m still integrating the many lessons learned from it and incorporating the insights into my daily life.

                          At one point during the early part of my journey, I had to take a bathroom break, and, as I was looking in the mirror, I saw myself as a badass warrior, as a fierce tiger, and as Kali (bringing destruction to clear the way for rebirth). One of the biggest lessons I learned from the mushrooms is that I am a goddess, a divine being who chose to be embodied here on this earth (just as we all are, even if we don’t always realize it), and that I am deserving of love (which is all around us) and worthy of care (by both myself and others).

                          The mushrooms kept telling me not to forget this time, and, days later, they are still speaking to me and reminding me. Today I received my second SoulCybin package (a bottle of the ceremonial blend capsules and two jars of the new honey), and guess which crystal I received? The tiger’s eye, symbolizing the tiger I saw myself as in my bathroom mirror. I laughed as soon as I saw it, and all I can say is thank you to SoulCybin and the mushrooms, for helping me to heal and see with more clarity and feel more alive and joyful.


                            I travel with them all the time.  In the bottle, they come in – inside my carry-on luggage.  Never an issue.  But I suppose it may be “technically safer” just to put them in your checked bag.  Perhaps micro-dosing has calmed my anxiety down quite a bit.  When I first got them, I was also a bit apprehensive, but my experience with pills/pill bottles/medicine and the TSA is that they don’t check any of that stuff.  Especially if you just throw it in the same bag as other “legal” meds.  The last trip I took to Denver, I came back with 7 THC vape carts clearly labeled with the strain, the potency, and a nice little weed leaf on the outside of the package.  Walked right through with not even a second glance.  Was I lucky, perhaps? But with the microdose capsules, I doubt seriously you will have any problems.


                            In reply to: Equivalencies?

                            SoulCybin Moderator

                              Hi M. D’Isigny,

                              Each capsule of the Ceremonial Blend bottle contains 400mg of dried mushrooms. That being said, 12 capsules are equivalent to 4,8g of dried mushroom. You could take 12,5 capsules if you want to get to 5g exactly.

                              I hope this helps!

                              SoulCybin Moderator

                                The difference could be the potency of the strain you have used vs the one we use for our capsules. It’s hard to compare, but if what you have been taking was Golden Teachers, it shouldn’t be much difference.


                                SoulCybin Moderator

                                  Hi China Villalta, do you remember what was the dose of the capsule you tried?

                                  As Terrapin mentioned, there are other factors that can influence your sensitivity to this medicine. We would suggest trying again perhaps taking 2 capsules on an empty stomach.

                                  Please feel free to write our team via email support@soulcybin.org for more support on this!

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