Sacred Invitation: Our Next Collective Ceremony and Prayer – March 30th, 2024 – Starting 11am CST

If you are reading this page, then you are probably called to our Ceremonial Chocolates.

If you are still in the process of deciding if they are for you, we invite you to read both these pages, before reading this special invitation and article below.

1. The Healing Power (+Importance) of a Psilocybin Ceremony

2. Our “Soul Retrieval” Ceremonial Chocolates Offering Page


The Power of Collective Ceremony


This page is here to describe something to you, that is a very powerful and guided Vision, around what we are here to truly share with these Ceremonial Chocolates

Not only are these chocolates here to open your heart, and help you heal at such profound depths within yourself, beyond words…

But above all, we are here to hold a powerful Collective Ceremony and Prayer, WITH the use of these Sacred Chocolates

What is that?

Let us share more below…


Sidenote: This is Not Mandatory


Just to be clear –

This Collective Ceremony, is not “mandatory” for your experience with these chocolates.

If you want to have your own ceremony, in your own space, time and energy, then you are absolutely welcomed to, and of course, you will still receive something so beautiful, profound, meaningful, life-changing and important, for your Soul’s path…

And –

If you interested in participating in our next Collective Ceremony, then you are absolutely invited, and this page will help you understand more clearly, exactly what that is…

What is a “Collective Ceremony?”

We truly believe, nothing like this has yet to occur on this planet…

And that gives this an even more sacred, powerful importance, to really understand how special this invitation really is…

Basically –

We were shown the Vision to bring us together in a Collective Ceremony, where we all open our Ceremonial Space together, have medicine together, and unify our intentions and prayers in a Collective, Communal manner, that will not only support every single person IN the ceremony…

But above all, the Collective Whole.

(Btw – read this guide, to learn how to open the space for your own Ceremonial Journey)

Nothing Like This Has Been Done Before

Through the power of Technology, and these fast-changing times;

Where CONSCIOUSNESS is emerging within our Hearts, faster and broader than ever before in history…

Where even the socio-political environment is accepting Plant Medicine as a true and valid path of healing

We now have the opporunity to UNITE in PRAYER unlike we ever have; even with plant medicine.

The POWER of this can barely be described in words, but we will do our best in this article…

We Are An Awakening Race

In the past, there would be a single human waking up, becoming enlightened, or finding the highest levels of Self/God-Realization…

Imagine Buddha, or Jesus, as single examples, in a world of human unconsciousness, where Consciousness was birthed, at a level unlike anything that was present in that time…

Now –

It is not just a single human, or a single individual, that is Waking Up

It Is Our Entire PLANET

You and I, are the founding frontiers, or the first-wave, of this Collective Awakening…

Over the generations to come, we will see, wave after wave; generation after generation…

Birthing and bringing higher levels of Consciousness and Liberated Self-Awareness, unlike anything we have ever seen on the planet…

Our Work Isn’t Just For Ourselves

You and I are called to walk this path, do this inner work, heal our hearts, and open ourselves…

To higher, deeper levels of Truth, Freedom, Love & Liberation

That are NOT just for our own Selves. Not just for our small individual lives…

But truly about something SO much bigger.

We Are Paving The Path

Just as the Masters; the Buddhas & the Boddhisatvas have walked before us –

Paving the Path of Consciousness; the Return to the Self and the Liberation beyond the human pain and suffering…

The Freedom of Love, uninhibited, uncontained; and the return to our Purest Innocence, that lives beyond the chains of “right and wrong”…

Just as the Masters have walked their paths, making it easier for You and I…

So too, are we paving the path for the rest of our planet to also WAKE UP.

As You Liberate Your Own Heart…

As you open the doors to the most beautiful, ineffable freedom and connection to your own Self…

As you start to release the pains and shames, the guilts and judgement from the past…

As you begin to realize, remember, and re-awaken to the essence of peace that lives so deep in your heart, which this Sacred Medicine will bring you back to…

As you truly walk the path to HEALING and REMEMBERING the Essence of Who You Are…

You unconsciously give permission to everybody else around you; and make it immeasurably easier, for every single one of us on this planet, to come to the same Realization, that you Return to…

Even if people don’t say anything, the LIGHT that emerges from your Being, as you walk this path and truly say YES to a Freedom beyond the pain, struggle, drama and suffering…

Even if they judge you on the external, or say what you’re doing is wrong…

There is something deep within –

That is INSPIRED, truly and deeply, beyond words or understanding, by what they will see OPENING within you…

As You Come To Peace

As you heal, and you open your heart, wider than it’s ever been opened before…

As you let in the Light of the Infinite Creator to breathe into you, open you, and take you to places that are simply ineffable and beyond any words or explanation…

As you say YES to this journey beyond words, and the infinite healing that you will only KNOW how deep it can go, when you experience these Sacred Chocolates for yourself…

As you reach new depths within your own Self…

You are healing the planet.

“Heal Yourself. Heal The Planet.

For it is not the world that needs healing. It is people.

And as we as people heal, the world will know Peace.”

Imagine This…

We truly believe, nothing like this has ever been done before.

Imagine, 500 + people, coming together…

In prayer, with sacred plant medicine, all over the world; especially the United States…

Imagine us, all connecting with a Unified Prayer, Vision, and Intention…

For what we as individuals are here to receive, and above all, what we are here, to offer to the Collective Whole; for the highest and truest benefit of all, across All Life Everywhere.

Imagine a grid – made of light, like a Metatron’s Cube, that surrounds the Earths…

And every single one of us in this Collective Ceremony, act as a Pillar, a Connection Point, where we are all connected, and GROUNDING this Light onto, into and within our Planet…

Can you feel the power of this?

Imagine, that we are all elevating our Consciousness into the highest states of which Plant Medicine can bring us…

(Note: If this is your first time in Sacred Ceremony, then these words can only act as a guide; but the DEPTH of how TRUE and REAL your Consciousness RISES and MERGES with the Collective One and the Infinite Source, is simply something that exists beyond words, yet is more REAL than anything you may have ever experienced…)

As we all step into these Elevated States of Consciousness, and PRAY, Offer, Ask, and Direct our energies, vision and awareness towards a specific focus and intent…

We are making this more REAL and grounding this on the Planet in ways that you can only FEEL the POWER of, for there is no explanation other than when you live this yourself, and FEEL what is truly happening through you

We Are The Guardians of a Coming Age

If you are called to these words, then understand, that you are an important pillar, member of a family, guide of light, and anchor of consciousness…

That are the very Guardians and Stewards of an Awoken Humanity, that is in our very hands…

WE are the ones, who have the work to CUT THE CHORDS –

From the pain of the past, the unconsciousness, the wounds, the shadows, the dark history of all humanity is and has been…

To LET GO of the pains we’ve received from our parents, that we still hold within our own Inner Child…

We are here to REDEFINE who we ARE –

And in doing so, create an utterly new Race of Man and Woman.

Disconnected from our darkest shadows and collective wounds; but a race of Beings who have evolved beyond this, transmuted the darkness, and lives as a new extension of all we can be, at our highest expression possible…

Unlike anything else this planet has seen –

We are the Guardians, and the Stewards of this new Heart-Centered Living, that is being birthed within our very own Hearts as we speak…

When We Stand For Something Greater

When We LIVE for something BIGGER than just our “little selves”…

We receive gifts of beauty and grace beyond measure.

And not only will we receive all we’ve ever asked for…

But we will also bring something immeasurably beautiful and important to the planet at large.

One Person’s Work Is Everybody’s Gift

When one person heals, they are releasing the pains of this collective wound, that exists in them and through them, but is not “theirs alone”…

Meaning, every pain and wound we have, it is simply a fractal; a reflection of something that lives in the Collective Memory of our humanity.

And if it is arising within you to be released, it is because you are being asked to heal that on a Collective Level, for our people and our planet.

As you release and move through certain energies, pains, wounds, traumas…

You release those energies from yourself, and are equally doing this for the Collective Whole.

And as one person heals, you are healing this not only within yourself, but every single person around you; and on the planet, as far as you could imagine.

When We Pray and Open Ceremony Together

We are collectively tapping in to the healing energy of every single person in that Ceremony.

So when one person heals and releases deeply-stored, ancient energetic charges, the same gift of healing is passed on to every single person in that ceremony.

The collective tie, and union that we all have together, is like that of a cell in a body; we are all a part of the Mother Earth, just as all our cells are a part of our human body.

And as we each heal individually, especially when we open Sacred Ceremony together, as one person heals, the ripples of that healing reach as far and deep as you could even imagine, within every person in that ceremony.

We are all energetically connected, not only in every day life, but especially in Ceremony.

So we receive profound gifts of healing, from every individual who is in this Collective Ceremony, doing our work for us all…

Our Next Collective Ceremony

The next Collective Ceremony we will hold with our Ceremonial Chocolates, will be on:

March 30th, 2024

(We expect hundreds of people to join us for this Ceremony…)

How This Will Work

This is the logistical outline of how to participate in this ceremony.

1. Donate for Your Ceremonial Chocolate here, if you can really feel your heart saying “yes” to this

2. 1-2 Days before the Ceremony, Watch Your Email

Prior to the Ceremonial date, we will share an email that will hold information on the exact time, date, prayer and guided process, for you to follow and join us in this Collective Prayer

3. Read and Follow our Ceremonial Guide

Before our Ceremony (at least 2-3 days prior) we invite you to read this Ceremonial Guide.

On the day and time of our Collective Ceremony, follow the guidelines within this page, to enter this profound energetic river and sacred portal that we will all open, and step into together…


Breathe Deep.

Let go.

And as best as you can, follow the guided instructions that we have provided with you.

Don’t overthink it.

Just allow yourself to go into your journey, and as-called, see and feel the rest of us in this Sacred Circle, all together, praying, and holding this space together…

All of us in not only own individual journeys, but also all tied together by the Prayer of the Heart, that we have all opened the ceremony with…

(More on this to come, prior to the Collective Ceremony Date above)

Key Words of Advice

The only thing you can do to “control” your experience…


So breathe deep.

And let that be the wind to your sail, that allows you to move wherever you are meant to go.

Imagine – like you have a sailboat, and the depth of your BREATH, is what allows you to move this sailboat across the infinite ocean of consciousness that awaits you…

As the medicine comes in, and you allow the infinite wisdom of Psilocybin to show up and guide you…

Remember, that the only thing you need to do is BREATHE.

Make your clear intentions, offerings, and opening of the space before hand…

And from there, let go.

Let the profound magic and wisdom; the deepest gifts of healing and heart-opening from this Sacred Medicine, bring you to where you need to go…

Let go of expectations, and know you will always get exactly what you need…

Nothing less, nothing more.

This Is Your Official Invitation

If you feel called to be a part of this with us –

Please, join us.

This is a prayer, an offering, a gift for our Humanity and our Collective Whole, unlike anything we have ever had the ability to do, until now…

And the gift of this Vision was an inspired download to us, as the family and stewards of this medicine, who hold our work with this all in the highest sacred regard –

For You. For your Heart. For your Wholeness –

For the Collective Whole; to be returned and rebirthed to the highest liberated states of existence that are simply awaiting and destined for us…

Please, be a part of this with us.

The power and importance for us to gather and offer, in such a profoundly impactful & important way, goes beyond any words that can be expressed;

Only FELT, when you are in the Power of this Collective Ceremony with us…

We truly look forward to having you there with us!

Click here to claim your Ceremonial Chocolate.

And we will share more, soon enough!

– In Sacred Service,


Real Deal!

I am happy to report that the products I have received through SoulCybin are as advertised and have enabled for me a long-overdue healing journey. I am grateful to this company for taking such care with my orders. Delivery was timely and accurate, except for one minor instance that they corrected right away once I brought it to their attention. It is obvious that the staff at SoulCybin care about their clients. I am very happy to count myself among those.


Life Changing!

My wife and I began using the Inner Peace and Adaptogen blends a couple of months and the results have been life changing. I’m a much more balanced and happy person and my frequent mood swings have all but disappeared. Highly recommend!



I was very skeptic how I would respond to micro-dosing, but I am so happy I took the chance. I have found this medicine gives me mental stamina and supports my current work in therapy. Not only am I responding better (calmer and more grounded) to situations but also I am able to mentally process emotions with less turmoil.
Thank you very much for this magic.

Vella Stephens

Found my center

I never knew that there was such a big hole in my being. I felt the way I always had, not depressed, but never exactly happy. But when I microdosed I became aware that I had never been quite whole, and what a difference! You don’t know what you don’t know, and until you feel the wholeness of your being, you don’t know what things could be like.

Elizabeth Kafka

Amazing Chocolates

The sacred chocolates were amazing. My husband and I were very blessed and grateful to have purchased these chocolates. We had a great ceremonial experience with these sacred plant medicine chocolates. I can’t wait for you all to create more. I really wish these could be readily available to purchase on your site with your other sacred products. We love, love, love those chocolates.

Andrea M

Deep Gratitude

I ordered the ceremonial chocolates with the intent of having them for my first macro journey. Hubby spent the day with me as the chocolates took effect. They were beautifully packaged, and you can tell a lot of love went into them. During my journey, I kept feeling deep gratitude for access to this medicine. Hoping to order them once offered again.

Dana H.




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