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    Grace Echos

      I just received my order of samples and a full 30 days of  “the Five Masters”.  To determine which blend will eventually be my “go to” for microdosing, are there any recommendations about how I would try the blends? I also ordered Inner Peace and Brain Booster, along with the Amplifier. Are there any suggestions as to how to rotate these? Daily? Weekly?

      Thoughts? Thanks!

      SoulCybin Moderator

        Hello, Grace.

        Great question! Thank you for your post and sorry if we took a bit too long, but here we are! 🙏🏼

        The best way you could try these blends would be to choose one of our protocols and one of the blends and try both for at least 2 weeks, ideally more, so you can get a feeling of how a certain combination of protocol + blend feels.

        To have a better understanding about the protocols you can choose, please read our (FREE) Microdosing Guide, which you’ll find very useful for other reasons too. You can get it here.

        Once you choose and try a protocol and one of the blends that you got for some weeks (one or two months would be best to try it properly), and after at least a week of not having any psilocybin (break), you can choose to do the same protocol with another blend, or the same blend with another protocol, and then keep rotating every 1 or 2 months (+ break) to see what fits you best, or, if you found something that you feel is really beneficial for you, then (why not) you can stick with that protocol+blend combination.

        Lastly, please keep in mind that, to use the Amplifier, you should take it 30 min before any blend that you choose to combine it with, and that this will amplify the effect of the psilocybin. We recommend you to try the amplifier only after having tried the capsules for some time withOUT the amplifier, and AFTER a break, so you can feel it’s effect properly.

        Always with an intention, with caution, with respect, and with humility.

        I hope this helps!

        Please let us know if you have any further questions! Take care and have a wonderful Friday and weekend.

        In Service,


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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