What’s Coming Next
A Powerful Prayer is Taking Shape..

Beloved One,

As you know, we are here, to support you, so deeply, in the very return to your deepest essence, of Peace, Presence, and the Liberated Being, that you already are…

Helping you, bridge the gap, between the intensity of chaos and pain; all that is falling away, and being released…

All the emotions that arise, and all that is being transformed, from the deepest depths within us…

The fires of transformation, burn away, so much in our lives, and we are left, with the ashes, of all that was important to us… being lost.

What do we do?How do we handle this?

Will it ever stop?

Our Next Offering For Your Heart
Why We Need It

We recognize, there is so much that is happening, within the world, and within our own selves…

And this process of “walking this alone”, often leaves us feeling simply lost, struggling, almost like we’re in water, gasping for air, just trying to make it through…

The Problem Is

We often feel so alone in this journey.

As we are waking up, and the illusions of the world, are losing their grip on us…

As we’re starting to see, what we were “taught to want” isn’t actually what resonates as TRUE and REAL for us anymore…

Through this deep shift, of “what was”, and this new spaciousness of what is being birthed

There is a space of simply feeling lost, confused, and alone…

Truly, You’re Not Alone

We understand, the very process you’re going through, so deeply.

And you’re not alone.

You’re going through the simply symptoms of a Soul that is Awakening…

Remembering… WHY it is here…

Beyond the ideas that society has convinced you of, there is something deeper, that is emerging…

And this very Essence, of Who You Are, that is waking up –

Is exactly why these words resonate, at the depth that they do…

We Belong Together
(Why Society Keeps us Apart)

A part of “the System’s strategy” for “maintaining control” over consciousness, and human beings lives, on such a mass scale…

Has been to SEPERATE us. To keep us APART and training us to “do it alone”.

(Think about it, we’re even celebrated for “not asking for help”, and being able to “do it ourselves”)

This is all but collective conditioning, which plays its role in keeping us WEAK. Together, we are strong. Apart, we crumble.

We touch on this, to simply point out, that there is a deep need to come back TOGETHER.

How Are We Doing This?
The Return to Tribe

There are truly so many ways we’re doing this.

Even in these very words, there is a collective field that is being activated, as we all wake up, heal, and do this work, together…

Giving space and making it easier for everybody else to follow in the same collective energetic current…

We are truly giving back so much to humanity, in all we share; through walking this path together, sharing this medicine, Ceremonies, and so much more to come…

Above All
Remember This

It’s not about WHAT we do.. it’s about WHY we do it.

In everything we share, offer, and create for you; at it’s core, it is all here to bring us back to THRIVING TOGETHER.

What’s Coming Next
Our First Collective Program

In the grounding of this Prayer, we are putting together a Live, Daily, Mediation and Breathwork Program for you.

That means, every day, live, you can join us in a Collective Field that we open and hold space for…

To support each of us, in grounding a more consistent daily practice.

Which ultimately, will ripple out into every area of your life; bringing more peace, joy, ease, grace, and connection within, that ultimately, will give you all you truly want and seek, at the deepest level possible.

We’ll share more about this soon enough, and what it can really give you, on a practical, tangible level.

But before then, please, can you help us?

Please Help
We’d Love Your Support

In order to make this new program the best that it can be for you, we’ve made this survey.

And we would love to ask you, to please take a short moment, click here, and fill out this simple survey for us.

So we can make this program the best that it can be for you, and our entire community.

Exciting Times Ahead

We’re so excited for all we continue to build and create for you.

This is just one “rung up the ladder” towards deeper community, sharing, and togetherness, that is the answer our Hearts have truly been wanting and seeking.

One by one, we’ll continue to share more with you, how we are making this a reality for you. (So many incredible things coming. Truly!)

For now, you can get excited about this beautiful new program we’re about to launch for you –

And please take a moment, to answer this short survey here.

Your time and energy towards this is so deeply appreciated!

Thank you!! More to come, soon!

In Sacred Service,
~ SoulCybin

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