A Note From Our Chocolatier

soulcybin heart chocolate

Dear SoulCybin Friends and Family,

Many moons have passed since I’ve been pondering sharing some of my thoughts and heart with all of you. As I make these special chocolates, I feel closely connected to all of you, your experiences, your healing, your expansion, I feel it in my heart. To have the opportunity to touch your life in this way is a priceless gift and I humbly bow to all of you.

I wish to commend you for the courage that it takes to embark upon a soul exploration such as partaking of the ceremonial chocolates. It takes great bravery to surrender your control on “how things are” to meet a plant medicine that has the ability to affect your consciousness and heart, in unknown ways.

A little about me

Psilocybin mushrooms found me when I was 19 (26 years ago) and now I know they saved my life. I had just been through a severely traumatic and devastating life experience, the gravity of which some people never fully recover from. I moved back to my hometown, and some of my friends and I began sharing mushroom journeys together in nature. In the forest alongside a sacred river near the coast, we went on these adventures every single weekend for many months, during which my brain was completely rewired from the trauma response patterns, and I was able to reestablish my original essence of joy, connect to the purest Source of Love, and grow back my ability to move forward with my life, free to meet each moment with a fresh unfettered spirit.

Years later, I found myself as a single mother living in Hawaii. I was invited to assist a medicine woman in her cultivation of the Golden Teachers strain, and I began to develop a deeper relationship with these magical beings; the mushrooms. I became a student, a humble servant to these beings, who have the capacity to affect our minds, hearts, and bodies in such a way as to assist us in shedding false beliefs, which in turn aids us in liberating ourselves from worn out patterns created by wounds of the past, and to evolve into our truest most loving selves. This capacity to affect our consciousness in all the personal ways that each of us experience, and to show us exactly what it is that we need to see and feel, is beyond comprehension. I’ve been making these chocolates ever since.

A little about the chocolate making process

Over the years, as I began to also study herbs and plant medicine, the recipe evolved to include the ingredients in these chocolates today. I find that adding the other medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs helps the body, mind, and heart assimilate the medicine and the experience with more ease, and offers a softer place within, lending to a greater ability to “lean into” whatever it is that we are experiencing during a psilocybin journey.

It is of utmost importance to me to provide the highest quality ingredients. Everything that I use is always organic, ethically sourced (cacao and cacao butter), and sought out for its exceptional quality.

One fun example of this is the blue lotus tincture. These specific lilies are grown in a pond up on top of a mountain ridge about 30 minutes from where I live, by a woman who is fully devoted to bringing Blue Lotus into the world. She tends the ponds and bottles all of it herself. I’ve never come across a more potent and effective Blue Lotus tincture. It’s quite expensive, and I don’t need to include it in the chocolates. But I choose to do so for a number of reasons. One being, the long lost legend, that in Egypt not only was blue lotus partaken during prayer rituals, but it was also combined with magic mushrooms. It’s difficult to find reference to this ancient art, and I only happened to learn of it during my season of apprenticeship with an elderly medicine woman in Mt. Shasta, California. She taught me the special way to combine the 2 medicines, and the result of this blend creates a unique effect within the central nervous system. The legend is that combining these two medicines opens a golden codex in the helix of DNA strands, as well as assists in opening the pineal gland. I’ll offer that here for you to explore for yourself. What I will say is that when I began to add blue lotus to the chocolates, everyone who partook noticed the shift in the energetics, perhaps subtle, yet vast.

When I make a batch of chocolates, I first tune into my heart and breath, get into the meditative state, fill my heart with love, and open my field to the prayer that is coming through for each of you. What happens next is almost indescribable. It’s like a gentle wind of energy and information whirls from the sky down through the ceiling, like a portal connecting the prayer to the hearts and minds of all who will partake. As I gather the ingredients to mix, I often feel and sense this information. It’s different every time. There’s often a “theme” for each batch, or a general avenue of assistance we are all asking for. Or sometimes every small batch has a different tone. I’m also guided to the specific music to play, and every word spoken while making them is intentional.

A loving offering from my heart

When I was invited to provide these chocolates for the SoulCybin family, little did I know what was in store for my own personal growth.

Before getting into that, I’d like to share a little bit about the SoulCybin team. The people who make up the SoulCybin Team truly care about YOU. This is real. To be a part of this team, is to be a part of a family consisting of some of the most open hearted loving individuals that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in my life. Just wow. Each and every person, from the founder, to the customer service, the fulfillment team who ship the products, the tech squad, to the cultivators of the medicine, every single human comprising of this family are all such amazing high caliber individuals, who live their life with integrity and devotion, in full service to Love.

Although I am simply a conduit of this offering for your life, in a way for a brief moment, I feel like I have the honor to be like a mother star to each of your hearts, to act as a stand-in Shepherd of your souls, I pray in someway to be a guiding light of love and encouragement. Keep going, you’ve got this! Your highest self is always with you. As I personally hold each heart in my hand and press them into the molds, is often the moment the tears might arise. I am frequently humbled to silent reverence for your courage, for what it takes to continue to open to love, as we walk this path of life amidst the level of confusion and distortion that exist here among so many humans. The opportunity that I am so blessed with to be able to play a small role in your life, to touch your hearts and minds in this way, even as I reflect upon this right now as I type this note, a surge of emotion and tears well up in my heart.

I know that every experience with a ceremonial serving of psilocybin is not always easy or full of roses, sometimes we are asked to face our most difficult experiences and emotions. Sometimes we are met with a well of our deepest pain. And sometimes we are brought to the heart of creation, immersed in indescribable Love. And sometimes it’s all giggles and laughter.

We never know exactly what is in store for us when we embark upon a journey with this medicine, but if we can trust that what we receive is exactly what we need. It is beyond comprehension how this medicine works, yet over time, we can grow our understanding, and integrate all the parts of ourselves into wholeness.

Is in this intention that I would love to share a prayer from ALL of us here in the SoulCybin family. From all of our hearts to yours, we offer this prayer to every single person who partakes of these blessed chocolates.

May you find deeper love, deeper self-acceptance, deeper sense of peace and wellness, deeper release of all the emotions that have not been allowed to be felt. May you experience a deeper integration of all it really means, to be a human, here and now on this planet. Embracing it all with more acceptance, more surrender, and trust, with deeper kindness to oneself, and everybody else.

We pray, for these souls, these hearts and all beings this medicine will touch, to receive more light, softness, grace, and beauty. May we all experience a deeper connection to one’s self, and what that opens and inspires in each of our hearts, and in all those you meet, from this moment and onwards.

May this prayer be a ripple-effect for kindness and presence. May you find forgiveness for yourself and all else, regardless of the circumstance, as we know that this forgiveness is a healing prayer for your own liberation. May you receive all that you need, through ease, grace, love, sweetness, and softness.

May each individual have the tools that you need in order to move through your process. If you find yourself in a challenging situation, may you have the capacity to lean into it, breathe into your heart, feel held by Love, and find your way straight to the home within your heart.

May you be guided and protected by all the Angels, Arch-Angels, Guides, Masters, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, the Awakened Ones. May this space be open now and forever for every person who experiences these ceremonial chocolates, held in Love, and the highest frequencies of the Truth of the One Source. For all those receiving this medicine, for all of us in this family, for all beings everywhere…thank you thank you thank you. May it be so. And so it is.

Your Chocolatier

*None of the information shared on this website is shared as medical, legal, or professional advice. If you have any concern, consult your licensed physician.

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