I really don’t even know how or where to begin. First off I want to express gratitude and many thank you’s to SoulCybin for sharing this beautiful medicine with the world! This amazing chocolate has left me speechless and in awe… I can’t express in words the value of this beautiful, amazing gift all wrapped in a heart-shaped chocolate envelope with love and shiny rainbow-colored wrapping perfect for this ceremony. I will mention here that I did read the ceremony preparation emails before the ceremony was held and I’m so glad I did. I am passionately grateful to SoulCybin for that because it made the ceremony so much more calming since I was the only one present during this ceremony. Just remembering the words expressed in those emails helped get me through it all with a calm and peaceful mind. I have to say that I prepared my room as the sanctuary for the medicine to do what she needed to do. I had a setup of candles, crystals, pictures of great saints, books vibrating with living words, a meditation pillow on the floor and on my bed, and I also had the music list suggested in the emails.
Even though I had everything set up in my room, the Mother had other plans for me.. the ceremony ended up happening in the perfect place, my bathroom of all places, yes!! Lol… During the ceremony, she helped me to understand why she chose the bathroom of all places and I can tell you it made absolute, perfect sense. The medicine definitely had a feminine, motherly feel to it, but I cannot go without mentioning her doctors, her living shamans, and the masculine healers. I definitely felt each one of them since they each brought their unique gift to the ceremony. It was an experience of a lifetime, a healing one for sure It was amazing to just be with the medicine, to allow her to flow through your body with ease. She helped me to see things I’d never experienced before, to feel things as they are, and not how I’ve been imagining them to be. I have never felt more alive. My entire body was engulfed in living, moving patterns. Everything was vibrating with life and so much color, a color that was alive and way more rich and deep. The movements of the many patterns that were shown were so beautiful and captivating, none were the same. The healers came with their own music, and my body would move to the rhythm of their song. I knew at that moment I was being cleansed and caressed with such enormous love. I felt safe and allowed the medicine to work through me with no resistance, no fear. She made it known to me that I had nothing to fear, and that I was loved. I felt her presence. She made it known that she was with me through it all. I started out alone but quickly knew I was never alone, she is here always open to the healing of all who come to her. I am left bare and naked, where the word Gratitude is as close as I can get to expressing or pointing to something so much more than words could ever speak.
In Love, Light, and wholeness,
Thank you with so much Love , humbleness and respect,
Sincerely, Lilliam

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