I’ve struggled with chronic depression & anxiety my entire life, so I’ve been taking antidepressants and anxiety medication daily to manage the symptoms for years. Since my body metabolizes medication quickly & builds up a tolerance to it easily, I’d either have to switch medications or up my dose every 6 or so months. As you can imagine, this built up to a pretty high dose of medication that I’d have to take daily to even “function”.

Not only that but because of the type of medication I was on, there were REALLY bad withdrawal symptoms if I didn’t take my medication first thing in the morning. If I missed a dose, it’d take a few days to feel okay again. Which is why I knew there had to be another/more natural way.

I had honestly accepted the fact that I’d rely on medications my entire life to feel “normal”. But after this transformation, I’ve realized I wasn’t even living life fully.

The results have truly been life-changing.

Microdosing not only made it possible to wean off my prescription medications completely by taking away any withdrawal symptoms, but it AWAKENED me.

It wasn’t until microdosing that I realized I hadn’t been FEELING feelings and emotions fully before. (For example, I never felt REALLY happy and I rarely cried). I didn’t notice these things when on my medications because it had been so long so I guess I was just used to it.

Now, I feel SO balanced and centered. Microdosing has awakened my ability to FEEL feelings, process life’s problems with complete clarity, and live a fully present life

I didn’t realize I was living on auto-pilot until I started my microdosing journey. Now, I’m actually LIVING and enjoying life to my core! I can’t recommend this natural medicine enough. It has woke me up and helped me live this beautiful life fully for the first time in my life.

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