This medicine, in applying it with the “one day on, one day off” dosing, has unlocked a path for myself that I always knew existed but would keep getting distracted or knocked off course somehow. In putting this medicine in my body at regular intervals, I am able to bring myself back to myself, and what I mean by that is my mind enters a space where I am operating on a level where obstacles are nonexistent. This of course is not solely due to the medicine, I’ve been building towards the life and person I’ve wanted to be for quite some time now. However, the medicine allows only the most pure and optimal reactions that I am capable of, which has provided me with steady, measured growth both mentally but also spiritually. My attitude always meets the occasion like a glove, and even on the days I am not with the medicine I notice enhanced mood regulation and do not ever get “stuck” in feelings or emotions that can come from living in this modern world.

Overall I would say “garbage in=garbage out” and this is an easy opportunity to put something into your body and mind that is truly life-changing if you are in a reasonably healthy and stable mindset already. Even if you are still struggling physically or mentally with something from the past, this medicine will help provide a perspective of growth and letting go which will potentiate any relief you may already be seeking.

I really recommend this medicine, I see plenty of benefits just from the 50mg, but your mileage may vary. I am also very sensitive to the medicine and everyone will react differently. Try a 5 pill sample, there is not much to lose and a lifetime to gain

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