First of all, I’m 60 yrs old and I’ve battled life-threatening depression since I was about 15 with anxiety mixed in most of the time. I’ve tried therapy, pharmaceuticals, and cannabis, the latter being the most helpful but because of my job, I’m not able to use it.
I’d read about psilocybin and the potential relief I might expect. I talked with a professional and was offered advice and links for sources which lead me to Soulcybin. I desperately wanted to try micro-dosing and I’m so glad I did. After about 2-3 weeks, my depression and anxiety were virtually gone…like I feel normal! I was also having a lot of ocular migraines and distracting eye twitching both of which have also stopped almost completely.
I admit even though I was very hopeful, I was also skeptical about micro-dosing. I’m now a believer!
Thanks to everyone at Soulcybin for your help with my initial purchase (it can be tricky but smooth sailing after the first purchase) and for offering a safe place to buy such a life-changing and life-saving medication!

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