I found SoulCybin while researching microdosing several years ago. I did not believe it was real and or legitimate when I first found it. I went to Trust Pilot and became 90% sure it was real and so took a chance and ordered multiple sample bags of nearly everything. I was so happy and relieved when I received my first order shortly thereafter.
I have successfully used microdosing for life long depression. It did not happen over night but over a series of months and then years my depression fell away leaving me a much happier, confident and just better person. I am currently using the infused honey at very low dose for maintenance.
My husband recently had a stroke which severely impacted the left hemisphere of his brain. His neurologist says using psilocybin may help reestablish neuro pathways in his brain, I intend to try this if he continues to deteriorate.
I have found SoulCybin to be honest and the medication to be very consistent. I can’t give a higher recommendation. This is real and so very life changing.

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