I started my microdosing journey around a month ago and needed a reliable vendor. I found SoulCybin mentioned on a website and am so glad I did! The products are consistent and reliable, and I get mine within a week even from the other side of the country! I am still toying around with the correct dosage for me but the effects I feel from microdosing are tremendous.

I have been an opiate addict for 20 years now, but have taken a maintenance medication for the past 8 years. Since I started psilocybin I have cut my daily dosage of this maintenance med in half and plan on stopping completely when the time is right. I’m also working to taper down from my anti-depressant with the help of this tool and so far so good! 👌🏼

The way this medicine helps me is that it keeps me grounded. It pulls me back into my own body and I am more able to focus on the task at hand rather than all the worries I’m usually consumed with. It quiets the storm inside my mind and helps me feel motivated to tackle daily tasks.

In just a short month this medication has improved my mental health and also helped me begin a much-procrastinated physical health journey. I feel motivated to “get myself together” again so to speak. I’ve started jogging a few miles a day again, making healthy eating choices, and meeting my daily water intake goals.

It’s hard to believe that plant medicine can have such profound effects, especially considering the changes in my mind/body are so subtle, but psilocybin is changing my life in tremendous ways.

I’m so glad I gave microdosing a chance.

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