I’m going through an exceedingly stressful time of life right now, with having to move my household of 14 years, start a heart-led business and move to where I’ve been dreaming of living. All those are very positive but the clearing, cleaning, and leaving behind process evoke all my fear-based thinking. So, if I amplify what’s on my heart with medicine it can be a little uncomfortable. I’ve found that since my initial ceremony, which literally required me to take a monster dose to let go, my body has become much more sensitive to the medicine since then. Now I’m seeing that I probably need much smaller microbuses than what I’d purchased.

I’m having to find my way with the medicine intuitively and by trial and error. I”m also releasing at the same time much indoctrinated negative thinking about the medicine. Some of it is pragmatically based, most of it is irrational and not serving my best interests and I know that’s just part of active, conscious releasing and making new, better choices for myself.

I’m also seeing that the medicine gives me a powerful opportunity to support my efforts to reprogram a bit of my thinking-feeling patterns. Prior to microdosing, which I’m choosing to do now once a week on a more quiet, less interrupted day (what’s that in the middle of moving!), I can set certain intentions and fortify them with affirmations or mantras of my choosing, from which am shown clear resonances in my life as it moves forward from there, helping me to recognize where I am being guided and supported, and noticing also when I’ve strayed from my path, without judgment.

All-in-all I think it’s important that we share as much as possible about our journeys. Thank you for this opportunity. My life is flowing much more synchronistically in beautiful ways for which I am deeply grateful. But support is very important, and the reinforcement of our togetherness. Thank you!

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