They just blew me away with their service and customer interaction. I’m an emotions teacher and began including this option in my work – as I see microdosing as a “next level” tool to help people who may be having a challenge in breaking out of their incessant thoughts and dissociation.

It’s admirable that the Soulcybin Team has navigated the perils of offering this vital medicine. They proved their integrity and perseverance to me earlier this year when I did not receive my order in a timely manner. I know they were being “pulled through a knothole” on so many fronts, but they respectfully kept me in the loop letting me know where my order was in the pipeline as it was being processed. Whenever I contact them I know I will hear back in good time. All of this is remarkable service in the face of challenging circumstances.

My students and clients really like their product line. If you’re new to this, I advise purchasing some 50mg and 100mg bottles, which will allow you to titrate up as you experiment with the dosages to find your “sweet spot”.

For those just beginning to embark on this journey, a good reminder is to start low and go slow to respect your body, mind and Soul. But simply by embracing this medicine you are already communicating to your subconscious that you are longing to gain control of your Inner world to live a better life … and that’s part of the magic!

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