Being a retired military and government worker (U.S.), my stress levels, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other ‘isms’ were kicking my butt. Then I read about how microdosing could help.

SoulCybin has been really honest, trustworthy, supportive, and kind. I feel safe in my transactions and my experiences have been nothing less than transformative.

As an older person, I have some cognitive issues and microdosing has really helped with that. I also have incredible walks down long distant memory lanes. Sometimes a scent or a picture will suddenly bring forward something I had experienced as a child; a memory I have not accessed in many many decades.

The memories are full on; sounds, smells, textures – it is all there.

And, my anxiety and PTSD are much much better. Depression, what is that?

So very grateful to have found SoulCybin when I did; as a government employee I would not have been microdosing.

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