I have been microdosing for several months and have already testified to the positive changes I have experienced. Recently the ceremonial chocolates became available and I purchased two. I ate one on a beautiful, sunny, dry and breezy Sunday. Before I ate it, I focused on having a positive experience and did 20 minutes of mindfulness breathing, I didn’t read anything about what to expect from a 2.5 mg experience until afterwards so as not to influence what happened.
It was unbelievable. I saw interlocking patterns everywhere I looked, in the sky, bit the grass, in the leaves of the trees. The beautiful geometric patterns slowly removed into animal faces, mostly cats, wolves, and bears. The detail was amazing. I could see each blade of grass as if in hi-def but simultaneously they all blended into the patterns and faces. It was so exhilarating and uplifting.
The only jarring moments were man-made sounds – motorcycles, power yard tools,and the like. But I was able to compartmentalize these away and focus on the pleasing sounds of nature -birds, insects, the wind in the trees. It was profoundly spiritual and unlike anything I have ever experienced before.
My only regret is that I didn’t buy enough chocolates to do this once a month until they are available again! Bless you SoulCybin for providing this wonderful experience to me. I love the sacred medicine and wish everyone could have this experience.

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