I started in Nov 2023 with 200mg Inner Peace “The Awakening”.
Then Jan & Feb 2024 I increased the Inner Peace to 250mg.

I’ve tried 5 days on, then 2 days off in my initial micro-dosing.
I’m currently trying the every other day in micro-dosing.

It’s taken 3 months to start to feel the effect.
But like anything else that is natural and holistic it takes at “least” 3 months before beneficial effects start to appear.

I am starting to feel so much more calm, centered, and at peace.

I stopped ALL pharmaceuticals in 2017 as they darn near killed me, doing nothing more than making me sicker ON TOP of the side effects of each RX.
I started using medical cannabis: both THC as well as CBD.
Those “kinda” helped on some days, and not so much on other days. But it was far better than taking harmful toxic chemicals that pharma passes out like M&M’s.

My Occipital and Trigeminal Neuralgias are starting to reduce in severity and frequency.
The severe nausea and violent vomiting that would last a good 12+ hours, where I couldn’t even keep water down, has become far less frequent.
I don’t have to lose 24=72 hours per episode bedridden in extreme pain anymore.
Combining the Inner Peace with a Meditation Practice I’ve been engaging in daily for the past couple of years has been phenomenal.

I can see why the big pharma (with the FDA/CDC doing their bidding) has made this “illegal” because it’s competition to them as they are NOT in the business to make people better because their methods do NOT cure NOR give a good quality of life to people.
PLUS this medicine offered on SoulCybin actually HELPS people FEEL BETTER while being much more natural and organic!

I highly recommend the Inner Peace 250mg for severe chronic debilitating neurological pain.
It’s made a world of difference to me.

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