This poem is a profound reminder, of the Light you hold, especially in the darkest or hardest of times…

You are the light in the dark
A brilliant bright spark
The world calls, a sacred hark
To mark the start, of all apart

Becoming one, true to the sun
No matter where you are
How near or far
To your heart, let’s remark –

You are the light
Forget the sight
Of that without
The master you are

No need to seek
To others for
Praise or guidance

You’re far from weak
True power you are
The infinite is near n far

Deep within & without
The master is where you start
Here in the seat
Let me repeat –

You are the answer
Of all you seek

The light you are
The guidance is in your heart

Even when it’s dark
Remember the sacred spark

The fire that blazes
Clearing all the hazes
Confusion and fog
The misty smog

You pierce right through
For you ARE the light

Remember this sight
Of you as the sun
Shining bright
An ineffable might

True power within
Bringing love to fear
Patience to anger
Forgiveness to hate

We are the answer
We’ve been waiting for

So what’s In store?
In this mystic lore

This play we play
The games we say
We see right through
The judgement too

Kindness and compassion
This is the teaching
Of the ancient weaving
Now we’re believing

Remembering and piercing
The collective veil
On the cosmic sail

The ocean of spirit
Our boats in the winds
Forgiving our sins

Loving ourselves
Our humanity too
Holding our hearts
In all that hurt

We’re growing through
A cosmic growth spurt

Be kind to the one
You are closest to
Meaning, loving you
In all you’ve been through

To those who cross us
Forgiveness, is the toss up

You decide
Drink poison in anger
Or let go and be free
Compassion for you and me

In our humanity
We are the wounds
The pain, hurt and trauma too

But the question is –
Can we love it all
As you would, me and you

So let’s bow to it all
Don’t delay nor stall
Crumble all the walls
No need to fall

We rise from the ashes
Clean our wounds n gashes

Wipe up, stand up
We’re on the up n up

The light is getting brighter
Now we remember

The pain lead us to this
The darkness is our gift

So we can shine right
Truly bright
All in all
One love in sight

I am you, and you are me,
The light is free, in all we see

The lighthouse we seek
We are the meek

Humble and devoted
To expand this light
For the sacred fight
Where two become one

Duality on the run
What’s left –
Is the one true sun

Shining in the dark
This, a holy restart
Claim and remark
Where to find the truth

Right here, at the start
Deep within, your heart


After reading this, please take a moment to sit, pause and reflect.

What stood out to you?

What rings in your heart?

What feels like a message, that resonates and speaks to you?

Thank you for being Present with these questions.

May this piece serve You in your journey to reclaim the Light You Are.

Always, in all ways – especially in the hardest of moments. Your Light is there, simply awaiting to be discovered.

In Sacred Service,
~ SoulCybin

*None of the information shared on this website is shared as medical, legal, or professional advice. If you have any concern, consult your licensed physician.

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