Vibration Frequency

The art of manifesting involves deliberately selecting your thoughts and emotions in order to create what you desire in life.

It works for anything, whether it be love, wealth, or health!

Why? Because ENERGY constitutes every single component of the physical world.

And, each atom of energy holds a unique VIBRATION FREQUENCY.

These notions are crucial to comprehend if you want to master manifestation and attract everything you want in life.

If you’ve been looking for an in-depth, clear, and science-packed guide, 

We’ve got you covered.

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Throughout this article, you will finally learn the reason WHY you need to raise your vibration, how to keep it HIGH and how to get over ANY manifestation blocks.

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Are you ready to vibe high?

Vibration Frequency Explained

The Quantum Physics of Manifestation

From the atoms in your body – to your thoughts and emotions, everything in the universe is made up of ENERGY.

What quantum physics scientists have recently discovered is that each particle of energy vibrates at a distinctive rate ー known as FREQUENCY.

The “Law of Vibration” depicts this principle.

Everything is constantly in motion, and each element expresses its UNIQUENESS based on the frequency of its vibration.

Additionally, the “Law of Attraction” teaches us that “like attracts like”.

And you can learn more about the Law of Attraction for Beginners here…

but combining both laws together, you must vibrate at the SAME FREQUENCY of that which you want in order to manifest it into your life. 

You will discover exactly how to do it in this in-depth step-by-step guide. 

To start with, let’s discuss the main element responsible for your level of vibration frequency — YOUR EMOTIONS.

And if you would like to understand the nature of the law of attraction – you can read more about that here

Raise your Vibration

Your Emotions Hold Creative Power

Feeling Is The Secret

Feeling is the secret” to bringing your wildest dreams to life, as per the title of one of Neville Goddard‘s best-selling manifestation books.

Here is why…

Human beings are gifted with the faculty to feel a vast array of EMOTIONS as an instinctive response to their environment.

When a pleasant or happy event happens, we automatically feel delightful and joyous.

When an unpleasant event occurs, on the other hand, we feel fearful and depressed

Therefore, we can righteously say that good emotions are a major brain indicator of positive events, and vice versa.

From this perspective, the art of manifesting relies on feeling positive emotions derived from favourable happenings.

PRIOR to them occurring in the physical realm.

Your brain will then assume that something wonderful is happening to you ー RIGHT NOW. In fact, it does not know the difference between your imagination and reality.

As a result, if your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND has been imprinted deeply enough, your inner thoughts will finally manifest in your external world ー YES!

Now let me tell you why you must be in a HIGH VIBRATION for it to successfully occur.

Why you need to raise your vibration frequency

Dr. Joe Dispenza is a world-renowned neurologist known for his groundbreaking studies on the science of manifestation and his expertise in quantum physics and epigenetics.

As per his research, POSITIVE emotions like gratitude, happiness, and love, move at a HIGH vibration frequency. 

That’s notably why you may feel “high” and a deeper sense of well-being when ingesting psychedelic substances like magic mushrooms. In contrast, NEGATIVE emotions such as anger, fear and anxiety, vibrate at a lower frequency.

In this regard, raising your vibration means altering your own frequency rate to match that of elevated emotions, which is inherently associated with positive end results.

The latter is then drawn to you like a strong and powerful magnet.

As a result of the frequency match!

Sadly, the majority of us aren’t currently living our DREAM LIVES for the same reason.

We maintain a continual low vibration frequency because of the STRESS and pressure of daily life, which draws more of our worries and troubles to us.

Thankfully, there are some extremely effective tools at our disposal to support us in overcoming our negative thoughts and circumstances.

Here’s how to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION no matter what obstacles may be facing you!

Ways to Raise Your Vibration Frequency

8 Powerful Ways to Raise Your Vibration Frequency

Enjoy life: If you are asking yourself “how do I raise my vibration?”, there is nothing more effective than to do what you LOVE, such as painting, dancing, going out for a walk or listening to music – things that can truly support you in allowing all your worries to vanish from your mind!

Love Yourself: Beyond romantic relationships, this one is crucial to create anything you desire in life. In order to receive what you want, you shall first raise your self-worth and sincerely feel like you now fully DESERVE IT.. 

To do so, show yourself appreciation on a daily basis; celebrate your small wins, cook yourself healthy meals, and compliment yourself … 

The more self-love you feel, the more love you will receive!

Join a Community

On the spiritual road, you could experience a desire to receive more support or guidance.. therefore, finding a supportive group of caring people with the same beliefs as you will ensure you stay motivated and on track all the way through.

Repeat Positive affirmations

Rephrase all the negative emotions you wrote down in step 1 into uplifting and empowering statements. “You are the power in your world!” says Louise Hay, best-selling motivational author.

Feel Gratitude

Expressing gratitude is the pinnacle of RECEIVING. It has one of the HIGHEST vibration frequencies of all emotions. Be thankful for what you have in your life already as well as all your future blessings. Make positive thinking a habit by expressing thankful and cheering statements in front of the mirror, every morning!

Journal everything

In addition to writing the thoughts crossing your mind during the day, spending time to actually journal and get to the bottom of your past traumas and limiting beliefs will allow you to release them from your life ー FOR GOOD.

Spend 10 minutes every night reflecting on your day and how you are feeling right now. 

Be sincere with yourself and discover who you TRULY are.

Meditate daily

When facing difficult situations, quieting your thoughts will be your best ally in achieving PEACE and CLARITY.

Microdose Psilocybin

Ingested in small regular doses, Psilocybin is one one the most powerful NATURAL plant medicine you can use to relieve your stress and anxiety, as well as feel a heightened sense of happiness, fulfilment, and creativity. 

If you are struggling to calm down in meditation or to let go of negative thinking, microdosing will be a GAME-CHANGER for you!

Just add one at a time, and have fun doing it!

It will become more and more effortless for you to THINK POSITIVELY and manifest what you want as you develop new habits and raise your vibration every day!

However, are your manifestations still failing despite trying everything…?

If so, search no further. Here is WHY:

Your energy is blocked at a low vibration frequency — on a SUBCONSCIOUS level.

Here are the most typical manifestation BLOCKS you have to be aware of, along with advice on how to get through them so that nothing can prevent you from fulfilling your DREAM GOALS.

Find Out Why Your Manifestation Is Not Working

3 Blocks Keeping You in a Low Vibration Frequency

Doubts and lack of faith

For manifestation to work, you must BELIEVE in the universal principles as well as your OWN ABILITY to materialize your desires. You can develop unwavering faith in the manifestation process by deepening your knowledge of the science involved and reviewing other people’s success stories. (There are plenty!)

Scarcity and negative mindset

As you know, dwelling on your lack of wealth, joy, love and all of your challenges will only attract more negativity into your life. Now, rather than trying to escape it, the key is to ACCEPT it all as a necessary component of life. 

Adopt a positive mindset that focuses on finding SOLUTIONS FIRST, so you may approach everything with optimism and never stop MOVING FORWARD.

As Epictetus, the Greek philosopher teaches us: 

“It is not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”

If you are struggling with more severe depression, psilocybin therapy can help you heal successfully through the use of powerful natural medicine.

Old habits and attachment

In order to rebirth in a new version of yourself, you will have to accept the death of your OLD SELF and IDENTITY. Some people need YEARS of inner work in order to open up to new possibilities, as it is years of limiting beliefs and childhood trauma that needs to be unwired from the brain. 

Fortunately, there are ways to fasten the process. 

By joining our private membership association – you will gain access to the tools and resources that can truly support you on your journey to raising  your vibration through microdosing psilocybin.

How To Clear Your Subconscious Blocks For Good

The difficulty of manifestation resides in the need to imprint new thoughts about yourself deep in your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, despite what your present reality looks like.

Sickness, a lack of resources, unhealthy relationships…

Any difficulty you may be experiencing at the moment is the result of an internal energetic BLOCKAGE that developed at some point in your past.

The only way to free yourself from it is to confront your childhood traumas and greatest fears through a specific technique called “SHADOW WORK.”

Fastest Method to Raise Your Vibration

The Fastest Method to Raise Your Vibration

The process of healing your past wounds and limiting beliefs through “shadow work” will instantly raise your vibration frequency back to its original state of boundless love and bliss.

That is the most powerful and permanent manifestation technique.

The secret to raising your vibration isn’t about being happy and positive all the time, but rather about LETTING GO of the toxic negativity that is bringing your frequency down! 

You will never be able to unleash your full potential and create true bliss in your external world if your inner beliefs are in conflict with this vision.

Now here are the sad truths…

For many of us, shadow work is a never-ending quest into our darkest memories and past traumas – requiring YEARS of therapy, journaling, meditation, holistic coaching, and painful experiences…

Fortunately, there are other ways to HEAL!

A faster, more peaceful, and PROFOUND method to release yourself from your old chains and shadows ー PERMANENTLY.

Microdosing psilocybin is a potent and powerful way to get yourself into a state of mind and being to support your expansion and alignment. 

If you are ready for some real and proven support in raising your vibration, sign up for the free private membership association here.  

Provided directly from the womb of mother earth, this NATURAL medicine opens a new era of self-healing, without chemical drugs, nor side effects,

yet proven results where conventional therapy fhas ailed.

If you have been struggling to raise your vibration frequency and have lost connection with the bliss of life, signing up for the private membership association and working with psilocybin can support you by:

Relieving your stress and anxiety,

relaxing your mind,

healing your past traumas,

awakening your intuition,

and realigning yourself with your highest potential in life.

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