In this video Rosalind Watts, a clinical psychologist, shares her point of view on the power of using psilocybin to heal patients who suffer from depression. She believes it can revolutionize mental health and she explains why.

If you suffer from depression, have a close one who does, or simply would love to be more educated on coping with depression… this video and words are for you!

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Rosalind Watts, like many other psychologists, started digging deeper and researching more cures for coping with depression.

People who suffer from this mental illness usually try to cure it with antidepressants, talking therapy or group therapies but most of the patients who embark on these healing journeys find a wall that they’re not able to bypass and still have to deal with their sickness without life-changing results.

Rosalind Watts shares a few examples of patients who, after trying many traditional methods to cure depression, try psilocybin and are finally able to be depression free.

So the question arises:

What does this mushroom know that we don’t & what does it do that we can’t?

To answer these questions, Rosalind Watts together with other well known psychologists and psychotherapists, start an intense and in-depth study of how patients who suffer from severe depression could heal through psilocybin therapies.

The studies showed so many positive results. As opposed to conventional treatments like antidepressants and talking therapy, psilocybin was having positive effects on the patients, with depression going down but also staying down.

Antidepressants – They are pharmaceutical pills that need to be taken every single day in order to kick in; they have unpleasant side effects and it takes a lot of them to work, and they’re a palliative treatment, not a cure.

Psilocybin – It’s a natural cure that allows an immediate reduction, relief that lasts for months without side effects, and works on the root causes rather than just suppressing symptoms.

What exactly is depression, according to Rosalind Watts?

Depression has not been fully understood, as no one really knows what causes it.

People who suffer from depression have given different explanations for their own feelings – some describe it as an inner prison, others like a negative bubble, and some claim to feel as if they have a sack on their head that prevents them from seeing the world as it is.

Depression is a complex mix of so many different factors and has different effects for different people. That’s why, despite lots of studies, there has not been a conclusive cure that has been found, as it is not possible to only test and treat.

Rosalind Watts answers the question: What is a psychedelic experience?

Psychedelics allow the unconscious mind to become conscious.

Most of the important material that has been put aside within you emerges, and it doesn’t only allow you to see it, but to embody it too. Memories, emotions, sadness, pain, love, fear—whatever has been hidden emerges and demands you feel it.

It can be incredibly painful and incredibly beautiful.

So, how can coping with depression be possible?

Coping with depression is never simple, and it will be different for each person.

Rosalind Watts shares some responses from the people they’ve interviewed during their studies six months after taking psilocybin.

From the interview, it seemed like the patients were having mainly three types of experiences:

1- Visiting past traumas

2- Having Insights about life (Ex. noticing negative patterns and how to change them)

3- Experiences of harmony, connection and unity

Sometimes patients experienced all three in one session.

Rosalind Watts was a normal therapist before becoming a psychedelic therapist and the way she had always worked with patients that suffered from depression was by talking to them and guiding them to finding more self-love, compassion, healing, etc.

What was the major difference? – The healing process was all coming from her.

With psychedelic therapy, healing comes from the patients. Psilocybin makes the patients go on their own journey of healing. Psychedelic therapy can be extremely powerful and transformative because the lessons come from the most accurate therapist there is: the patient itself.

What did the patients say psilocybin did after six months?

1- Inner Unlocking

From being blocked to being liberated.

From avoiding emotions to accepting emotions.

Society sees suffering as a weakness that can make people put their emotions in boxes, encourage them to suffer in silence, or live years of hurt without having the resources to heal.

In the psilocybin experience, patients were able to process these things – psychedelics make you experience going through ALL the emotions, and many people cry for the first time in years.

“We saw in six hours what we would often see in six years of therapy.”

2- Outer Unlocking

Going from disconnection to connection.

Depression traps you in the mind, locking you with constant negative thinking. It is a slow disconnection from the people you love and from your own identity.

Psilocybin starts a process of reconnection.

It allows you to make sense of your thoughts and turn on lights in what seems to be a dark place.

It grants access to the connection between senses, identity, and other people.

A few patients connected with spiritual principles for the first time too.

From being trapped to being unlocked, expanded, and free

Rosalind Watts believes psilocybin can revolutionize mental health like no other medication can. This is because neither pharmaceutical medications nor talk therapy go to the heart of the pain as much as psilocybin.

She concludes her talk with the most anticipated question:

So, can magic mushrooms unlock depression?

The answer is no.

It’s not the mushroom that unlocks depression, it’s the patient.
The mushroom just shows them the key.

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