James Fadiman: The Remarkable Results of Microdosing Psilocybin

In this video James Fadiman shares insights on the incredible results witnessed through microdosing psilocybin.

He begins his speech by sharing his point of view on the medicinal power of nature.

In fact, he affirms that the natural world and natural medicine are always a re-discovery. Indigenous tribes have used powerful medicines such as psychedelics for thousands of years for medicinal, emotional, and spiritual purposes.

We aim to share inspiring speeches like James Fadiman’s one to shed light and awareness on the incredible medicines that nature has shared with us for our deepest healing.

Through our medicine, Private Membership Association, educational words and videos we invite you to dive deeper into a world of incredible possibility, change, and profound awakening.

When Psychedelics were used by Indigenous Tribes Thousands of Years Ago, they were Taken in all Kinds of Doses

A common misconception is that psychedelics need to be taken ONLY in high doses. When psychedelics became illegal, there was a high use of high doses.

Actually, microdosing has incredible, subtle, life-changing properties that allow people to make incredible, remarkable, and long lasting changes.

Most of the research on psychedelics, says James Fadiman, was done on higher doses, not on microdosing.

This is why it is not considered a safe method for healing and growth, but microdosing psilocybin doesn’t give the same effects as a high dose (For example, there are no hallucinations while microdosing).

Research shows the incredible, life-changing effects that microdosing has on people’s daily lives.

All the people who embark on a microdosing psilocybin journey have something in common: They all experience changes in habits that seem to be occurring naturally, not by will power.

Also, no one experienced any side effects, only effective things.

The Main Difference Between Microdosing Psilocybin and Pharmaceutical Pills, According to James Fadiman

Pharmaceutical Pills

(For example, antidepressants.)

Pharmaceuticals allow negative emotions to disappear, but they only mask the feeling, and they don’t allow positive emotions to rise or appear.

Also, pharmaceutical research usually doesn’t go beyond six months, which means there is no chance to analyze if the medicine could be effective on a long basis, or just temporarily.

Microdosing Psychedelics

(For example, microdosing psilocybin.)

Microdosing doesn’t only allow negative emotions to decline, it also works deep within the core in such a way that it allows positive emotions to rise.

Microdosing works in such a way that it naturally makes people happier.

Also, microdosing requires more in-depth research that is lengthened for longer periods to enable long-lasting results.

James Fadiman talks about citizen science, an intimate type of research that requires the participation of the people, for the people.

James Fadiman is a believer that we should return to the indigenous people, understanding their ways of doing, working, and believing.

Just like indigenous people used to do, citizen science is built on working with people, asking them how they felt, and sharing the results.

Are you eager to return to a more natural way of living and try out an incredibly effective, harmless, and powerful way to evolve and self-transform?

If James Fadiman’s speech on microdosing psilocybin got you curious and eager to embark on a new journey of transformation and inner evolution… we invite you to join our private membership association, or discover more about it by reading our educational words and inspiring videos!

Let’s return to our origins!

Original Video From Science and Nonduality

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