Create Your Own Reality

In this article, you’ll learn how to create your own reality, how to focus on manifesting your dreams, and how microdosing can support you in this process..

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is a simple yet effective tool to get you in the right mental state in order to truly liberate any limiting mental programs you might have and fully step into the energy you need to embody in order to create your own reality. 

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How Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

You might have been raised with a number of misconceptions and social programs that trap you in many cycles and prevent you from truly living, attaining, experiencing, and embodying the life that you actually want to live.

Or, you might frequently believe that the life you want could be laid out for you in the form of a nice little box that fits inside the restrictions created by the constricting structures of the world.

For instance, if you want to make money, you assume that you must start a business. And of course, yes, to a certain extent, that makes sense.

And, while there may be some truth in that concept, creation doesn’t always operate in a linear kind of way. 

If you desire something, one of the major challenges you have in designing the life you actually want is your connection to “how” it should be and appear.

You might become so caught up in the notion that you must have the strategy, the concept, and the precise methods to get there…

Believing that in order to get from where you are to where you want to go, you must know exactly what it looks like and that you must be aware of the precise procedures to realize your dreams.

However, there isn’t really one clear, predictive strategy that the mind can understand that will enable you to shape your reality and reach your goals. That isn’t exactly how it operates.

You must first comprehend the error and delusion of the way we have been trained to think in order to begin to transform and acknowledge the bigger truth of how creation actually functions.

You will notice one of three things as you start to realize how wrapped up in the “how” you are:

1. You will become mired in the intricacies to the point where you do nothing.

2. You’ll be paralyzed by the abundance of choices.


3. You will keep on doing and repeating the same things on this hamster wheel that society has designed for you to run on, because you just have no idea where to go or what to do with your life.

But as you begin to awaken, you will begin realizing…

“Wow, hold on… I don’t need to keep spinning the hamster wheel.

My life is mine, and I am the only one who can define and construct my reality.

I can make an effort to bring my greatest goals and dreams into reality.”

Then, you can begin to understand what is genuinely most significant to you.

Then, you can begin genuinely asking yourself:

“What do I really want?”

Understanding The Benefits of Microdosing

Microdosing involves taking about 5–10% of what is required of medicine in order to produce psychoactive effects. 

When done on a consistent basis, microdosing has shown a wide array of benefits, such as experiencing a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Along with a deeper sense of self – and a greater love for self overall.

Many have even felt the dissolution of their own impulsive behaviors and addictions.

Microdosing has also greatly supported individuals in experiencing more creativity and a deeper sense of expansion in one’s perception of life as a whole!

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Determining Your Goals

You might think you need to begin by checking a bunch of boxes, which will take you to the degree, the career, or whatever it is that you believe will make you happy.

Even now, consider asking yourself…

What do I really want to produce?

And for what purpose do I actually want to live?

Which emotions do I genuinely wish to feel more of in this life?

You can begin producing more of it once you are able to define it.

You can channel that feeling to build your own reality and manifest your desires by moving in the direction of that desire after you begin to understand how important it is to embody the sensation you seek. For this, it is important to learn how to raise your vibration.

Because reality is also an energy-based system that responds to emotion at a higher level, creation begins to arise from that place when we start to change our focus to what we FEEL rather than what we HAVE.

You may therefore gather mental concepts of how you want to live, and how you want to feel more of that feeling, when you are emotionally clear about how you want to live.

What causes you to feel greater love if you want to feel more love?

What causes you to feel happier when you want to feel more happiness?

What causes you to feel more at ease if you want to feel ease?

What causes you to feel more purposeful if you want to feel more purpose?

Asking these questions is a crucial step in changing the trajectory and path you have been on, and beginning to genuinely create the direction you desire for yourself.

This is the way to awakening; it is realizing that you are, in fact, the ultimate architect of your reality.

Creating within your spirit and within your soul.

Luckily – tools like microdosing can support you physically, mentally, and energetically to tune into the higher states of being that can truly support you in gaining a greater perspective of your life – and in supporting you in creating your own reality.

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Trusting Your Own Decisions

As you proceed along your microdosing experience, you will be examining the many layers that keep you bound to the life you’ve been leading—it’s vibration, frequency, and density.

The life from which you currently know  –  and which you are also ready and prepared to shift and evolve.

This is an opportunity to change the focus and direction of where and how you let your magic, your intention, and your path – absolutely flourish. 

This is the energy that feeds the spark in your spirit – the one that is always reminding you of your grace and potential.

So consider this…

Where and what in your life are you concentrating on—how do you believe you will achieve your goals – as opposed to just full-body owning what it is that you really want?

What are you actually most eager to encounter?

How do you want to design your reality?

What would it look like for you to truly live out the fullest version of your wildest dreams?

Let go of any of your preconceived notions of how you think it will appear because, honestly, it probably won’t be anything like that.

Additionally, give yourself permission to be more receptive to the countless ways that spirit consciousness is assisting you in this very moment in creating your own reality.

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Manifesting Your Dreams

The Road of Your Heart

In such circumstances, when you feel trapped and stagnant because you don’t know the complete strategy, may these words help you become more conscious of what you might need to accept and let go of – in order to take aligned action.

Even if you don’t know where it will lead you or if it doesn’t make sense, may you follow your heart if what you wish to do feels correct for you.

Although it might be frightening because it will take you into the unknown, it will also take you to the things that are truly meant FOR you.

Truly and deeply devote yourself to what feeds your soul—to the reason you came here, to this life, and to this human journey.

And remember to keep an eye out for any places where you can get bogged down in the specifics of all the options and things to do – the “what” and “how.”

But you can let it be simpler if you want it to – with micro-dosing, you can get to the heart of what truly represents who you are and start doing the things that support those aspects of yourself.

If you are willing to start feeling more and more of that emotion in this moment and in all moments, you can leave the rest to the creation – and trust that your desires will simply start becoming more and more of your everyday reality.

To bring your dreams and your aspirations to life, follow the deepest advice of your soul and your heart.

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May these words gently enter your heart and enter into the truth of your desire as it emerges into your reality at the perfect timing for your uniqueness and your soul.

*None of the information shared on this website is shared as medical, legal, or professional advice. If you have any concern, consult your licensed physician.

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