Ecstatic Dance

Have you ever considered using dance as a form of meditation?

Or considered exploring the art dance to heal yourself?

How about combining the energy of ecstatic dance with the benefits of microdosing mushrooms?

This article will provide you with more, in-depth, explanations on how to engage in ecstatic dance while microdosing to unlock the hidden connections within yourself that will allow you to fully engage with your soul, and liberate your mind. It will also make you look at dancing through a different perspective, allowing you to see this art as a form of  medicine.

Our goal is to remove your doubts, assist you in your expansion, and finally – support you in freeing yourself through the use of our sacred medicine.

Let’s dig deeper into Ecstatic Dance: What is it exactly?

Imagine… a spontaneous, mindful, and choreograph-free expression of movement and flow – that’s what ecstatic dance is.

Usually it takes place in a sacred, secure space where you can openly express the depths of your inner self, connect, and interact with Source through the art of natural movement. It can be done in large groups, small groups, or even in a personal space on your own.

During a group experience, It is also possible to find events with musicians who perform live music, with things like guitars, flutes, etc., allowing you to feel the live power and resonance of the instruments. There are, however, also times when a DJ will play a specially created DJ set with sounds and beats that will allow you to transcend the physical world using your own instinctive and natural art of dance.

Dance is a beautiful way to express yourself, and it may also be utilised to amuse others, this is why is often viewed as a performing visual art. 

But in this case, dancing is not necessisarily a preforming visual art. It has nothing to do with putting up a show, being successful, or achieving anything.

Ignore the dance classes where you are required to analyze the perfect alignment, poise,  and movement quality in the mirror. 

Forget about the clubs where you need to drink to gain the confidence to move your body.

Forget everything, and begin to see dance in a whole new way by taking a completely fresh approach.

Consider ecstatic dance as an embodiment practice, as a special place where you can heal yourself while also being allowed to embody your lively, authentic, and genuine self!

If you experience an ecstatic dance event under the sacred power of mushrooms, your whole being will have a more profound connection with both your body and soul – even before beginning to shake and move, the medicine will allow the experience to feel more potent than you would feel otherwise, allowing you to have a deeper experience and an opportunity heal yourself through the expression and the liberation of the soma

So what exactly occurs when you dance?

Dance can serve as a bridge between the physical and the non-physical world. 

It is the ideal fusion of the material reality and the spiritual realm.  

Dance allows you to disconnect from the mind through the connection of the body, merging with different sounds and sensations.

It is a powerful technique for enhancing your connection with self. You might discover that you’re able to release tension, keep up your fitness and flexibility, manage your stress, and—most importantly—enjoy yourself!

When you dance, everything—the wonderful, the bad, the uneasy and the uncertain—are all something that you can just be present with. – out of your mind and into your body 

You begin to move and vibrate energy throughout your entire body. 

You start to dance your way through it all. 

Through the suffering, sadness, and pain. 

You dance joyfully, passionately, and wholeheartedly. 

Yes, as those insecurities eventually disappear, you actually end up dancing your way through it all without even realising it.

And It feels even more wonderful, when in a group dance, that you can meet other brave people across the dance floor who resonate with your energy in new and unique ways. 

While swaying in harmony to the beat, the collective will transcend time and space.

You’ll feel a connection between your breathing, your feelings, and the music.

While dancing, we become aware of our interconnectedness with the universe and the humanity we share.

What exactly occurs when you consume mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are a special type of medicine that contain psilocybin – this activates serotonin receptors in the body that have the power to awaken deeper, unexplored spaces held within your subconscious.

It’s a very powerful medicine that, when microdosed, can be taken in different forms: in capsules, in chocolate, dried or brewed in tea.

When you intake mushrooms you begin to feel euphoric, awakened, peaceful, alive… allowing for a connection with hidden parts of yourself.

It is absolutely essential to consume them with intention and awareness – knowing that it is a powerful medicine that has the gift of giving you answers you’re looking for, finding deeper connections with your body and soul, and creating the energetic space to process trauma and heal.

Now, imagine combining these two powerful medicines… ecstatic dance and microdosing mushrooms!

Dance and microdosing are, by itself, two incredible medicines… but when combined they can create miracles.

The merging of the physical and the non-physical.

Consuming mushrooms during ecstatic dance can help process trauma, release anger, help you while feeling stuck or even provide some support when suffering from ptsd panic attacks.

The medicine will help you navigate through the trauma, analyse it, witness it, observe it and observe yourself…

And allow for a deeper energy of release overall.

Dancing will help you shake it all off.

When having a traumatic experience, a traumatic memory or when triggered by trauma, the body may react in many different ways: panic attack, trembling, freezing, closing off.

While moving your body through dance (remember, ecstatic dance is a type of dance which doesn’t require you to learn any choreography – so it is essentially a mindless exercise) you help your inner self remove what your soul is processing while utilizing the power of mushrooms.

It is a fun way to process, heal and navigate through your inner depths!

The only place from which we can create what we want and who we are is from a space of emptiness.

It is true that meditation is challenging. It is certainly hard to practise, and involves much more than just closing eyes and crossing legs. 

It requires an enormous amount of tenacity and persistence.

You must first overcome the discomfort of being alone with your own thoughts, feelings, and concerns before you can fully feel content and at rest in the present moment. However, once you do, everything flows much more smoothly, and you might even escape this world and enter one of peace, brightness, and serenity.

What part does dance play in this then? How can I dance with the same sense of peace?

By being amused. 

By relying on your body’s wisdom.

By experiencing more happiness.

Letting go of that body contact, allowing yourself to truly experience your core, and developing a relationship with your inner consciousness. As the energies of the group and your individual powers combine to create potent waves, your life may literally change through the experience of this movement.

Ecstatic dance events have to conform to certain rules; for example, it is often not permitted to use a phone or record any of the events. This is done so that participants can fully express themselves without being concerned about what others may think.

Allow yourself to relax while letting nature, community, and your body guide the way.

Heal yourself

Benefits of Ecstatic Dance with Microdosing Mushrooms

Ecstatic dance seems really great, don’t you think?

It is a very meaningful exercise that has the potential to both support our healing in addition to being a lot of fun. 

Being on mushrooms and ecstatically dancing can be a truly life-changing event.

So let’s investigate in greater detail what the benefits of this dance practice are.

  • Typically, it occurs in a non-discriminatory environment
  • It is a physical and mental workout
  • It helps you to let go
  • There is no dance routine to learn
  • You can communicate with your innermost self
  • It helps you process trauma
  • It is stimulating
  • It powerfully combines with microdosing

Let’s now elaborate on these points a little bit.

Typically, it occurs in a non-discriminatory environment

You don’t need to worry about learning choreography or about people staring at your movements. 

Ecstatic dance unites everyone in a rhythmic space where awareness rapidly grows, allowing everyone to connect with a higher source.

Before joining something more powerful and stronger, everyone will unplug. Nobody will even think about observing you or forming an opinion. 

Of course, things might always change. We never know who we might run across because people come in all different colours, shapes, and sizes. However, ecstatic dance events frequently unite like-minded people who are dedicated to their own personal development.

It is a physical and mental workout.

Similar to yoga, ecstatic dance enables you to communicate with your body and authentic self. 

When you dance ecstatically, you can feel the power of letting go of rigidity and the benefits of a good workout, such as breaking out in a good sweat, having your heart beat faster than usual, and sensing dopamine saturating every cell in your body. 

Combining your physical activity with your emotional and spiritual growth is so valuable.  

When you participate in ecstatic dance, you will use every single part of your body, and it will feel amazing!

It helps you to let go – 

and we all struggle to let go. 

To be able to communicate our emotions is much harder than we ever expected. 

Though it is much easier to expose oneself when we dance, and it is through release that we can truly let go. Whether it is a sensation of joy, fulfilment, love, or one of sorrow, suffering, or even both, if there is a feeling we desire to get rid of… dance will be like your best friend, patiently waiting to give you the most adorable hug and reassure you that you are now safe to fully feel, and protected.  

The combination of dance and microdosing will grant you the chance to truly let go and feel lighter thanks to the safe haven maintained within you – two powerful medicines that will make you fly with your feet on the ground.

There is no dance routine to learn

Many people are terrified of performing, learning and remembering routines, or experiencing odd movements. But none of it will be brought to your attention by ecstatic dance, especially with the support of mushrooms, which allow you even more to disconnect. 

It only allows the spirit to communicate and is completely free. It also doesn’t involve the use of the brain. There is no pressure to perform, to be exceptional, or even for your movements to be flawless. 

It is the most unrestrained type of dance there could be, especially when done while microdosing.

You can communicate with your innermost self.

The medicinal value of mushrooms makes the interaction between your body and innermost spirit during meditative dance even more potent. 

You are allowed to have a quiet time of intimacy with your body and soul. 

You are allowed to be absolutely devoid of any masks or public personas you may have adopted, including any preconceived notions, assumptions, and thoughts you may have about yourself as a result of this physical connection. 

You are allowed to stop thinking for a while and focus your energy only in areas that are yet unknown. 

Your true voice will speak to you in a way that only you could comprehend when you dance, making it the best dialogue you’ve ever had between body and soul.

It helps in processing trauma 

It doesn’t matter what exactly you’re going through. Experiencing ecstatic dance while microdosing, can help heal yourself, even when dealing with intense trauma. 

 It doesn’t matter what stage of trauma you might be in, or if you are dealing with suppressing anger, psd panic attacks, depression or a broken heart… microdosing will allow you to dig within yourself while analysing deeper versions hidden within and dance will grant you access to let go of everything you are experiencing with much more ease and freedom.

It is stimulating

Through body-soul communication, we let go and engage in togetherness, inward exploration, learn to let go, feel pleased, and feel unified, gaining a greater sense of freedom, openness, and transparency.

There will be no time to suppress any kind of emotion.

Freedom results in emptiness, and emptiness gives us the ability to transform into anything we choose and everything we were ever meant to be by reclaiming our authenticity and our connection to source.

It powerfully combines with microdosing

Microdosing and dancing go hand in hand as one enhances the other. 

Yes, microdosing on a daily basis can already be a super powerful medicine, but when it is enhanced by the ecstatic power that dancing donates to the body and mind it can truly be life-changing and an experience that will be hard to forget.

Also ecstatic dance events are great without any microdosing, but with the power of magic mushrooms running in the system it will be so much more fun, meaningful and transformative.

Together, they create the perfect combination for a fun time and an incredibly awakening and transformative experience

transformative experience

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