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Psychedelics And Consciousness Episode 5: Psilocybin: The Magic of Mushrooms

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This Psychedelica documentary shares the beauty, the power, and the magic of mushrooms.

What is the mysterious world of Psychedelica trying to teach us?

We want to share this sacred knowledge to inspire you on your journey of self-transformation through this powerful medicine.

Are they drugs?

Are they safe?

Are they a key to heaven?

We hope that this video and our words will help you find the answer if you’ve wondered about the power of psilocybin mushrooms and asked yourself one of these questions.

Think about the fact that because magic mushrooms grow in cow manure, our ancestors have treasured mushroom’s magical effects for a very long time, since many people and religions have revered and followed these creatures.

How can mushrooms not be mystical and magical?

It is said the magic of mushrooms can survive galactic travel, floating from unknown distant worlds into our planet, species, body, and subconscious mind.

Many people assume that because of their intriguing traditions, the Mayans were the first to use psychedelic mushrooms in ceremonies. One of the first women to use mushrooms as a medicine to assist in the healing of internal wounds was Maria Sabina, a medicine woman from central Mexico who consented to being recorded during her rituals. At the same time, she used them during her ceremonies. Her vision of mushrooms was strictly medicinal, but when people started noticing their incredible power and sharing them with Western culture, the response caused a lot of controversy.

So, what is the magic of mushrooms?

The magic of mushrooms is that they can give similar results to LSD or DMT, enfolding you in a psychedelica reality but with a much easier complexity that can last longer – up to six hours!


Each psychedelic molecule, called tryptamine, is structured in a way that triggers specific neurotransmitters in the brain. Serotonin allows human consciousness to assemble a consensus reality that we typically inhabit.

Psilocybin mushrooms break down the rigid perception of normal waking consciousness, reminding us that deeper states within our inner selves exist and that inner healing is possible.

Therefore, human consciousness is not static but rather in continuous, evolving motion.

How can they help with healing?

The magic of mushrooms can be so vast. One of the many benefits of psilocybin is that they have therapeutic effects. It is shown that they have helped with trauma , PTSD, addiction, depression, and anxiety.

The healing that psilocybin provides goes beyond physical mechanisms. It is not just the body receiving healing, but the whole being (never forget we are much more than we imagine!)

Here comes the difference between pharmaceutical meds and natural medicines. Natural medicines like psilocybin have been shown to address the cause of the symptoms, generating a ripple effect in many spheres of life, in contrast to the majority of pharmaceutical prescriptions that simply address the symptoms and frequently almost hide them.

People are now using the magic of mushrooms more than ever in a medicinal way – a low dose of therapy and a high dose of spirituality—to heal and process trauma.

What else?

Psilocybin is also used to experience death and return from it. They awaken deeper layers held within the subconscious and rouse existential questions about life.

Psilocybin mushrooms provide a unique doorway to exploration!

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