This video shares Michael Pollan’s – author of “How to change your mind” – conversation regarding the spiritual power of psychedelics, with a more profound insight on psilocybin through his personal experience with it.

Michael Pollan, like many other journalists, scientists, and doctors, has been researching a lot about the power of this medicine and how it can positively affect the brain in several ways, answering the curious question: How to change your mindset?

Through sharing this video and writing these words, we also aim to make a positive impact by sharing more about what can be a life-changing tool in your life. You can also join the private membership association to connect with like-minded souls who are on the same self-transformative path.

Michael Pollan starts his inspiring conversation with a very interesting question…

How do we use nature, and how does nature, in turn, use us?

He shares profound insight on how most people constantly use plants to change consciousness, giving the simple example of sipping on a cup of tea, having chocolate, drinking coffee, or even smoking a cigarette.

He aims to make us take a step back and remember how we are constantly connected to and dependent on nature without even realizing it.

When did people start using psychedelics?

Although there is a tendency to believe that the use of psychedelics only began in the 1960s, South American cultures, Mexican tribes, and ancient Greeks have all used potent plant medicines like mushrooms and ayahuasca for thousands of years.

People tend to get confused, as in the 1960s LSD was invented and psilocybin started to be more popular in western countries because of Maria Sabina’s wisdom, a Mexican curandera who used mushrooms as a potent medicine to heal people.

What power do psychedelics have, according to Michael Pollan?

After digging a little deeper into when and how psychedelics started to be used, Michael Pollan shares more about his curiosity about the power they hold when he finds out that psychedelics can help deal with the fear of death and severe anxiety caused by terminal illnesses such as cancer.

How can that ever be possible?

To answer these questions, Michael Pollan decided to interview patients who went through the process of healing their anxiety during cancer, and the responses amazed him.

In particular, he shares the story of an interviewee who recently healed from ovarian cancer, but was living in constant fear that the cancer could possibly come back. She decided to embark on a self-transformative journey and have an experience with psychedelics.

People have different experiences and see different things while on psychedelics, but what this woman saw was a black mass under her skin, which represented her fear. She dealt with the fear by observing it, feeling it and finally shouting at it to leave her body. The black mass immediately evaporated.

How was Michael Pollan’s experience with psychedelics?

In the video, Michael Pollan admits that he had never been a spiritual person but had a lot of curiosity about what a spiritual experience could be.

Also, looking at something only from a scientific perspective may be too limiting, as scientists can’t penetrate consciousness.

So he tried psychedelics to fully live the experience himself and experiment with his own consciousness with the magic of psilocybin.

“It gave me a distance from the ego in an afternoon that I could have felt in years of therapy.” – he shared.

His trip gave him a taste of egoless reality.

What is the point of experiencing something so magical if you have to go back to reality afterward?

He was left with the mystical depth of experiencing an egoless reality but with the struggle of having to come back to the egotistical reality we all live in.

“Now that you have had a taste of it, you can cultivate it.” – The guide that stood beside him during his psychedelic experience suggested meditation to cultivate what he was able to feel and experience while tripping on psilocybin, finding a more objective universal feeling of consciousness through stillness.

So what is spirituality, according to Michael Pollan?

Michael Pollan ends his conversation by confessing that he had never truly understood spirituality until he experienced psilocybin.

He had always believed that spirituality had something to do with the supernatural and the absence of science.

But what he experienced with psilocybin was a very deep spiritual experience – egoless.

Because only when we let go of the ego and connect with something bigger than ourselves, whether it’s nature or universal love, can we truly be egoless.

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