living in the present

Have you ever found yourself drifting away from living in the present moment? Maybe because you might have gotten caught in the memories of the past – or you might have started worrying about the future?

Being present allows us to experience joyful feelings – such as happiness, peace, and serenity, but it isn’t always easy to remain in the here and now in today’s day and age…

however – IT IS still possible!

In this article, you’re going to discover what living in the present moment truly means and learn exactly how to practice it in your day-to-day life, so that you can begin live a more fulfilling and joyful life!


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Now let’s delve into the life-changing art of: living in the present moment…!

What Does It Actually Mean to Live in the Present Moment?

Living in the present moment involves the practice of giving your whole attention to the necessary activities, ideas, and emotions that are arising and occurring right now. 

It is about being fully aware – and putting all your attention on what is happening in the here and now, rather than focusing on past memories or projections of the future. 

By living in the present moment through enhanced awareness of both your internal and external experiences, you are able to access the higher levels of consciousness and unlock a deeper understanding and appreciation of the immense beauty of life the life and the magic we experience here on Earth.

As mundane or special as the moment can be, practicing living in the present moment can allow you to fully experience the miraculous gift of BEING ALIVE.

Alas, nowadays everything from our phones to social media, to the pressures of work and daily life, can serve as sources of distraction – disconnecting us from this divine feeling of aliveness…

that is why having strategies and tools to help us stay grounded and connected to ourselves is essential if we wish to experience a sense of true happiness.   

What Does It Entail to Be a Person Who Focuses On The Here And Now? 

We may overcome these obstacles and strengthen our relationship with ourselves by practicing what is called ‘mindfulness’. 

Being mindful does not only consist in letting go and focusing on the here and now, but also in observing the world from a state of complete innocence.

It invites us to pay attention and accept whatever arises in our minds and bodies at any given moment, free from criticism or distraction. 

The point is to take in every bit of the splendor that surrounds you right now.

Observe the world from the eyes of a child, as though you knew nothing and were discovering everything for the first time.

Cultivating mindfulness requires effort and patience since it is not always simple in our overstimulated society. Yet, with practice and persistence,  you will ultimately raise your level of consciousness and discover the true joys of living in the present moment!

So, I invite you to drop your mind for a second and breathe, let go of the weight of the past and the future, and refocus on the here and now… 

the present moment offers incredible potential for happiness and fulfillment!

living in the present moment

The Core Benefits of Living in the Present Moment

There are tremendous advantages to living in the here and now, that can boost your overall life experience and well-being such as:

  • Increased peace of mind and health
  • Higher focus and productivity
  • Greater happiness and fulfillment
  • Increased creativity
  • Opportunity for spiritual awakening 

Peace of Mind and Health

When you are present, you are at peace, and when you are peaceful, you are naturally encouraging being in greater health. 

This is because the main source of stress stems from worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. However, when you truly train your brain to focus solely on the here and now, you will automatically feel lighter and more at peace.

(If you are struggling with incessant inner chatter and anxiety, our “inner-peace” psilocybin blend may help you find serenity with ease.) 

Higher Focus and Productivity

When your mind is all over the place, how can you be productive? Being present enables you to focus on what you’re doing without distractions, allowing you to put your 100% in it, without any distractions. Just like a laser is far more powerful than pure light, concentrating all your attention and energy on one point will automatically enhance your productivity.

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Happiness and Fulfillment

It is very hard to feel happy and fulfilled if you’re constantly imprisoned in the stress of your negative thoughts. When you train yourself to be fully present, you also increase your happiness, as you find joy in the simple moments of life that you likely weren’t noticing before, blinded by clouds of relentless thoughts.

(If you’d like to discover different ways to explore the sweetness of life – try our locally crafted “medicinal honey”, infused with psilocybin’s healing properties and immense love.)

Increased Creativity

Being present opens up doorways to imagination and creativity, as you connect with the limitless realm of your subconscious mind and unlock your potential. It makes it easier to access your intuitive and imaginative faculties, paving the way for the generation of fresh and original ideas that may change your life and the world.

(Experience enhanced connection to your creative power and inner-child with our playfully delicious “magic microdose gummies”.)

Spiritual Awakening

When you are living in the present, you are totally immersed in what is going on around you. One possible result of this is a more heartfelt delight in nature’s magnificence and in your relationship with source through full acceptance of what is here now. When you practice living in the present, you might notice how you start downloading novel pieces of information and awaken to a new level of depth.

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In essence, living in the here and now may increase your sense of well-being and contentment, and allow you to manifest more love and success in your life, effortlessly. You may see and experience the world with more clarity, meaning, and delight, simply by practicing the arts of mindfulness and presence.

6 Powerful Practices For Living In The Present Moment

Now, let’s explore 6 life-changing practices that, if applied on a daily basis, will transform your life for the better and help you reconnect with the hidden blessings accessible in the here and now!

  • Meditating is one of the most powerful tools to cultivate mindfulness and start living in the present. By repeatedly focusing all your attention on your inner-world while quieting your mind’s chatter, you sharpen your awareness of the current moment and your ability to control your thoughts and emotions.

Doing a body scan with your pure consciousness, eyes closed, is a wonderful practice to become more aware of your body and draw your attention back to the here and now. 

If you wish to bring your practice even further through achieving states of deep meditation, check out this article where we explain exactly how to meditate longer with ease and more profound results. 

  • Removing Distractions is key for living in the present moment, as they can keep you from truly appreciating the here and now, whether they come in the form of a phone call, a notification, or an unnecessary task at work. Make an effort to put aside your phone and be fully intentional and present when beginning any endeavor. 
  • Breathing deeply brings your focus back to the here and now and is as easy as taking a few deep breaths. Inhale and exhale slowly while paying attention to the movements of your chest whenever you sense stress or anxiety coming. This exercise  will inform your body that there is no danger, and it will help you feel instantly more rooted in the present moment.
  • Diving into a flow state can be one of the best ways to bring yourself back to the here and now. It can be achieved by simply connecting with nature through watching the elemental forces of the earth, like the dynamic movement of the waves, or the graceful dance of a campfire.
    Enjoying any embodied and creative practices such as painting, singing or dancing can also be incredibly powerful to switch your analytical mind off and lose notion of time.
  • Connecting with plant medicine, whether it’s through microdosing or a stronger dose, is also one of the most powerful tools to bring your being into the present moment. Calming your busy mind with the magnificent support of plant medicine, invites and helps you to embrace the present moment, and connect with yourself and others on a much deeper level. 
  • Cultivating Gratitude is a great method for living in the present moment and enhancing your overall happiness, as it allows you to have a different outlook on life, appreciating even the smallest and apparently more minimal things with a whole other view. To do so, I invite you to involve your 5 senses and take in information through them all, from the sights and sounds, to the smells and textures… and attempt to become ONE with the moment, while keeping your mind on the positive aspects of life.

    You will see that you will stop worrying about the future and begin to feel a profound gratitude for all the blessings and tiny miracles that already make your life so precious and special.

here and now

Embrace The Present Moment to The Fullest

Even though it can be difficult to apply these mindfulness practices on a daily basis, living in the present moment has so many rewards that make it so worth it. When you’re in harmony with the world around you, happiness, joy, and inner peace naturally flow through your heart space and expand outwards onto everything. 

If you tap into your heart and start to listen to its guidance – you’ll most likely soon be able to appreciate the little things in life and start living in the now.

The key is to constantly bring your awareness back to the present.

Don’t worry about other timelines, past, or future as they do not exist in the present moment, but solely in your mind – this concept is not easy to understand as we’ve been conditioned to believe that stressing, worrying and overthinking are all parts of human nature. However, it is merely a choice of how you decide to perceive reality.

You can choose to see every moment as an invitation to embrace the gift of life whole-heartedly, to take a deep breath, and celebrate the magnificence of the world around you. 

This approach generally unfolds amazing blessings and surprises. Once we drop ourselves into the moment and surrender to the present, we start to uncover fresh new possibilities that are available right now

You might start to see or discover things that might not have been visible before, which would give you greater insights and aha moments toward a more fulfilled life – further aligned with your highest potential. The part of you that is free from the limitations of the mind and the ego. The one that remembers its divine, limitless essence.

Psilocybin Microdosing : The Ultimate Tool For Living In The Here and Now

Practicing mindfulness with the help of microdosing can help you not only gain clarity of thought and stay more focused on your tasks, but also enhance your overall brain function, productivity, and overall sense of satisfaction and well-being. 

It can be an absolute game-changer for both your work performance and private life experience.

Especially nowadays, as mindful as we can strive to be, it is impossible to fully eliminate all distractions and stressful factors out of our lives.

That is why we are so passionate about sharing the incredible power of psilocybin mushrooms – especially when microdosed!

Psilocybin is the compound found in the so-called “magic mushrooms”, and it is what allows all the magic to happen within the brain.

When psilocybin is regularly microdosed, it awakens new pathways in the brain which allow you to feel everything around and within you in a deeper, more enhanced way, and consequently, make you feel more present and eager to explore everything new that is unfolding. 

No matter your external circumstances, it can help you feel serene, at peace, and anchor with ease, allowing you to access your higher wisdom and find beauty or solutions in challenging situations.

Psilocybin microdosing truly is a miracle of Mother Earth, gifted to us in support to unveil and enhance the blessings of our human experience. 

Live a Better Life by Being More Present…

We truly believe that psilocybin mushrooms can be a transformational tool in so many different ways, especially when overthinking or struggling with stress and anxiety (which most of the time are consequences of not being present enough). This is why we offer our wide range of microdosing products with the aim to help you and the collective get closer to their highest self, with more ease and depth!

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You can also learn more about us and our offerings, as well as explore deeper the fascinating world of psilocybin mushrooms by reading other inspiring blogs or watching our curated educational videos and podcasts.

May psilocybin microdosing and mastering the art of living in the present moment allow you to experience more joy and bliss in every moment, through living life to the fullest.

*None of the information shared on this website is shared as medical, legal, or professional advice. If you have any concern, consult your licensed physician.

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