In this video, doctor Matthew Johnson, shares his scientific point of view on the medicinal power of psychedelics, with an explanation of the “heroic dose” used to dose psychedelics.

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Who is Dr. Matthew Johnson?

Dr. Matthew Johnson is a professor of psychedelics and consciousness as well as psychiatry and behavioral sciences.

Through his speech in the video, Dr. Matthew Johnson affirms that psychedelics are the only drug that gets people saying they take it once and it changes them for the rest of their lives.

Why Do Psychedelics Hold Such a Deep And Therapeutic Power?

To understand why, it’s important to take a step backward, recognizing the origins of psychedelics.

The psychedelic movement started in the late 50s, scaring society as it was not ready to receive such a deep medicine in such an uninformative way.

Psychedelics have been used throughout many different cultures around the world for many years before being brought to western cultures.

They’ve had an incredible impact on the success of biologists and musicians by boosting creativity and awareness (The Beatles are a great example).

But.. psychedelics became so associated with the counterculture that society got traumatized by its movement and the lack of proper education on the subject – so it all came to a halt.

What Is The Difference Now According to Matthew Johnson?

Now psychedelics are having a renaissance, and the main difference is that the research that is happening now is more medical.

So much medicinal and therapeutic research has already been done, and so much more is still going on.

Through research, it has been shown how psychedelics allow one to perceive a sense of self.

When it is highly dosed, something really interesting can happen.

“This is the most meaningful experience of my life” – people share.

The “Heroic Dose”

Although common misconceptions say differently, psychedelics are very safe – says Dr. Matthew Johnson.

This is why it feels safer to have a higher dose than a microdose or a recreational dose.

When we refer to the heroic dose, we refer to a dosage of 30mg to 40mg of psilocybin (the compound found in magic mushrooms).

Of course, a psilocybin trip with this dosage will be absolutely meaningful and life changing ONLY when taken in a therapy session with educated people who know what to do, how to hold space for you, and whom you can fully trust.

Before going all the way into a heroic dose trip,it is recommended to start with a microdosing journey – this is because microdosing is more gentle and doesn’t require you to be guided. It is a good introduction to the magic power of mushrooms.

During a psychedelic therapeutic session, you will be encouraged to: trust, let go, be open.

1. TRUST the overall process, and trust yourself that you are going to get over it.

2. LET GO of preconceived ideas of what the experience should be and don’t try to control it.

3. BE OPEN to where the journey takes you: go there, with the certainty that it is where you need to be and what you need to deal with.

Psychedelics Allow You to Live it All – It Is a Broad Experience

The experience is so broad – it can be scary or/and absolutely marvelous.

It’s all welcome: the laughter, the tears and everything in between.

What matters is that, in the end, through feeling all the feelings, people get to learn something on a fundamental level.

For example, it is shown that people who suffer from depression after being diagnosed with cancer, realize there is no problem, from the depths of their being, and are able to find peace and tranquility.

This is only one of the many examples of how psilocybin can help people heal – but psilocybin’s therapeutic and medicinal properties are broad.

It is shown how they can help with addiction, mental health, depression, PTSD, anxiety, and more.

Research, as well as people’s testimonies, claim that a psilocybin trip can be equal to 1,000 hours of therapy (you can also read here a more in-depth article on how to self-soothe).

Psychedelics, and more specifically, psilocybin, are a deep voyage within the core of your being, allowing you to ask meaningful and life changing questions that can truly welcome the wildest transformation.

Psilocybin is the most intimate form of therapy you could find BUT, unless you choose to experience a microdosing, you need to experience it with safe guides in order to have the safest and most transformational experience.

Are You Ready To Embark On a Journey Of Self-transformation?

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