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If you’ve ever wondered if it could be possible to reconnect the soul and the mind more quickly and intimately… this video could be for you!

Through this video, our educational words and our private membership association we aim to guide you towards a self-transformational and life-changing journey!

Could psychedelica tools actually be the cure? Let’s dive deeper.

Since the late 1800s experiments have been conducted on psychedelic plants containing mescaline and psilocybin.

Psilocybin comes from classic Mushrooms – Mushrooms were used by ilindigenous from nearly every continent. It is even possible to find mushrooms represented in the most ancient and mystical representations of divine figures all over the world.

If we take a look at the past, it seems like psychedelics were used in the most magical and divine ways…

So why don’t they get the recognition they deserve from modern society?

Psychedelics are seen as dangerous as they encourage people to think for themselves.
Psychedelics and consciousness go hand in hand and this can be scary for those who are threatened by the collective’s potentiality.

Is there evidence that psychedelics don’t have any medicinal value, or is it a fear move?

Psychedelics such as psilocybin, LSD and Mescaline are Not Addictive.

They do not activate parts of the brain that involve dopamine; on the contrary, they have also been shown to treat addiction rather than increasing it.

There are so many benefits coming to life from these substances, there is a lot of evidence that shows they’re not addictive and they have medicinal and therapeutic value.

So, why are addictive and toxic substances legal with widespread medicinal use, while these age old plants with sacred ceremonial histories and no evidence to prove physiological harm are locked?

Is it a war on drugs or a war on the mind?

For roughly 20 years across the world, the prohibition of natural psychedelic usage was firm: no public use, no medicinal use, not even research.

It has been shown that these serotonin plants initiate the growth of new brain cells as well as new neural connections and patterns.

Neurogenesis and neuroplasticity could occur when authentic child-like learning is happening.

The neural growth seems to happen most on the hippocampus which regulates emotions.

New studies are showing that neurogenesis in the hippocampus activated by psychedelics and consciousness might be part of the acquisition of new behaviors and new pattern recognition.

This might be why psychedelics have been so transformative in treating post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression when other treatments have failed.

Now, imagine…

Imagine if you were born again or if all your memories were put on hold and you were seeing the world for the first time, free and clear of cultural conditionings.

Imagine all the explanations of what this world is and why it is the way it is.

Imagine questioning what role you play in all of this.

Imagine what other millions of questions could be formulating while admiring the natural world…

When introduced to the world of psychedelica the mind will start asking deeper and more timeless questions.


Because psychedelics activate that part of the brain they say we don’t use – although we do use it, we are just no able to access it!

Psychedelics and consciousness are connected, since psychedelics help deconstruct all behavior patterns while building newer and healthier ones, as seen from the creation of new neural pathways and the birth of new neural cells.

The psychedelica world has the power to give you insights on how to become a better person, a more inspired human, and a soul with a deeper purpose.

Words will never be enough to communicate the magnitude of the experience.

Why don’t we return to Mother Earth for answers?

Plants communicate among themselves, among humans and among all species.

Could Mother Gaia be the collective consciousness?

Nature is constantly communicating – She communicates through the power of her medicine… The question is: Are you willing to listen?

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